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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salams if you listen to this lecture this sheik says that prophet adam was sent down to jeddah and hawaa was sent down to india? are there any hadiths to prove this?
  2. Salams If Iblees is a jinn why in the quran does it say that Allah commanded the angels to prostrate to adam and they all did apart from iblees? is iblees an angel or a jinn?
  3. Salam Alaykum Does anyone know if donating bodies for use in medical research or teaching medical students is permitted? I was thinking about this because technically if you contribute something to the world of science etc this is sadaqah jarriyah (lasts long after you're dead) so if by donating your body you are helping the advancement of medicine/technology does the same rule apply? Thanks
  4. Salam alaykum I heard of another muslim (sunni) girl that there is a hadeeth or something saying that shaping eyebrows is haraam. Is this true? What do all the marajae say about this... hope this turns into a fruitful discussion :)
  5. Is it haram or makruh? It seems absurd because if one is not actually touching the words then why is this an issue?
  6. Salams I was just wondering whether anyone had a ruling of Sayed Sistani or Sayed Fadhlallah regarding this issue If one is normally resident in place A, but they move to place B for work/study purposes, then live in place B for 5 days a week and return to place A for 2 days a week- is the salat qasir or complete in both places? This is when place A and B are 100 miles apart. Thank you
  7. Salams Thanks for all the replies; they've been really helpful Was just wondering- next time I want to find out the references of a hadeeth where should I look (aside from the actual hadeeth books themselves), are there any particularly useful websites etc?
  8. Salams Does anyone have a reference for his hadeeth? “Islam did not rise except through Ali’s sword and Khadija’s wealth.” I need it urgently please!
  9. Salams What is the Islamic view on purgatory? Do Shias believe that you can go to hell, burn for a bit, and then go to heaven? Or on the day of judgement you either go to hell or heaven and then stay there for ever as there are many ayat that say people will burn in hell and it is their eternal abode etc Please help me with this issue and please have a look at surah 2, ayat 80...
  10. Salams... i am looking for something like this too if anyone has any useful websites/books to recommend
  11. Salams I tried to search this topic but I can't seem to :S So, my question is, does anyone have the tafseer of this ayat, ayat 31 in surah albaqarah It is about Allah teaching Adam (as) the names... so my q is, is the quran referring to the names of objects such as cat, dog, chair, table? Or is it referring to the names of the prophets and imams who will come after him? If you could post ahadeeth as proof of this that would be helpful too. Thanks
  12. Salams Alhamdulilah I did ziyara at Najaf and Karbala and I echo Peace's sentiments about it being the most spiritual place i have been too I encourage everyone who wants to go to ziyara to ignore the media and go for it.... you see such a wide mix of people from all over the world... India, Pakistan, Iran, Lebanon and Iraq (of course) There are many checkpoints everywhere which in a way made me feel safer but all the ladies that search u are so lovely but firm... e.g. i wasn't allowed to take in perfume that i had in my handbag to imam hussains shrine similarly to how you cannot take liquids on a plane If anyone has any further qs then please feel free to ask!
  13. Sayed Ammar Nakshawani will be in Manchester with the IUS www.ius.org.uk
  14. This seems a bit odd How can you dance without music on? Music is too haram!
  15. I use this site http://www.salahtimes.com/Web/Pages/HomePage.aspx I think its a sunni site so I just add 10 mins extra after their stated times That seems way too early It's still pitch black then!
  16. I remember reading somewhere that before some scholars permitted smoking But now there is enough scientific evidence to prove that smoking has negative effects on our health, some maraji3 have declared that to take up smoking NOW is haram!
  17. Haha your 'friends' sound incredibly similar to mine! I told them I wasn't going and they were like omg nooo why, we'll find you a headscarf to match your dress etc. They just didn't understand that I wasn't prepared to go to such places. Some even thought my parents were forcing me NOT to go when in fact it was MY DECISION. Just say no. It will be hard at first but you get used to it. In uni everyone goes clubbing/partying so its just easier to say from the start that you don't do such things and put your foot down. The ironic thing about my prom was as someone said it wasn't the non-muslims that kept pestering me about why I wasn't going- it was the so-called muslims who wanted people to 'accidently' spike their drinks! Anyway, sorry about the rant. I don't see why the end of year party is such a big deal. Just have the courage of Imam Ali (as) and say no.
  18. Salams I know exactly what you mean, especially in the West there is an extra-ordinary amount of peer pressure to attend such gatherings, but in my opinion just because they are school/uni based and based around the end of the academic year it doesn't make them more halal than any other party that is held throughout the year. I never went to such 'proms' because: 1) Haram music/DJ 2) Haram dancing 3) Inappropriate mingling between the sexes/no hijab 4) Alcohol You would be surprised but from what I heard even the so called muslims end up being submitted to the peer pressure of drinking alcohol and dancing/hugging boys when they are there! If I were you I wouldn't go. Also the best tip someone gave me when I made the thread below (see link). Imagine you died at your prom (chances are slim- but still likely!)- how would you then feel facing God? http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?sh...05&hl=party
  19. Salams Will this lecture be recorded and then uploaded onto the internet later? I don't have Paltalk :S
  20. Salams I was thinking about this issue and was wondering why there is so much stigma attached to the offspring of divorced parents? I don't know about other communities but in the Iraqi community there is definitely a lot of stigma attached to being the child of parents who are divorced. Why is this? For example, I know this girl who is in her late 20s and no-one in the community has proposed to her because her parents got divorced when she was a teen! It's not really her fault so I don't understand this cultural concept. Are there any hadiths/fatwas on this topic? Thanks
  21. Salams Thanks soo much for that It was annoying having to click on each post before :D
  22. Salams I always wear hijab (head covering) and try to wear modest clothes that cover my body shape etc all the time e.g. when going to college and just generally out and about. When I go to the local hussaynia (mosque) I usually wear an abaya (saudi style). In my opinion hijab is a relative thing. E.g. in college wearing loose trousers with a longish tunic is seen as very modest whilst in the mosque an abaya is more suitable. It really does depend. I have worn abaya in public (i live in the UK) a few times and found that it isn't really worth the hassle because you can dress modestly with a long skirt/tunic without drawing as much attention to yourself. In some cases wearing an abaya proves to be counter-productive. Just my 2 pence/cents!
  23. Salams when im reading a thread i have to click on each post individually to read what people have written why is this? why cant i just read the whole thread together with all the posts underneath each other?
  24. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4iv08JOwCk...feature=related
  25. Salams I was just wondering whether anyone has recently returned from Iraq for ziyara as I was thinking of going during June/July inshallah. Please share your experiences.
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