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    #58 Speaking the Truth vs Good Manners?

    They always do.
  2. Haram is a label within fiqh, so using it outside that context is faulty. What proof is there that taxes beyond zakat are forbidden? I'm not sure what you mean. Explain further. The rich are only good with money in that they know how to hoard as much as they can for themselves. Also they tend to get rich by inheritance and exploitation more than honest, ethical work, because honest work can't realistically yield the degree of profits they have. That level of wealth usually involves invading other countries for resources, paying workers pennies in the third world, etc. The "trickle down" theory has been largely discredited, despite what the Republican Party in the US says. This was a common talking point of corporations, who argue their wealth is justified (in comparison to aristocrats and nobles), because they are productive members of society. We can see the material, environmental, and spiritual effects of their rule. Its a social contract. You pay taxes to a state, and the state affords protection and services. Almost like your "rent" for living in the country. That's the idea, and its near universal. How come libertarian "tax is theft" governments never get elected anywhere? Because the impulse of humans is to resist anarchy and support order. And this is despite the fact people complain about taxes all the time. The private sector is just as corrupt as the government. Not sure why the government gets all the flack and the private sector is idealized as a better alternative that's better immune to fallacy. Unlike the private sector which is accountable only to shareholders, the government is (in theory) accountable to the public. Yes, its understood that some industries are better suited on the public or private sector. Although I'm not sure why you put health care and education (genuine social needs) as something the private sector should handle. Anyone who has dealt with the American health care system knows how the "market system" has lead to enormous price gouging, untold preventible deaths, and decreased care overall. Not to mention behind in many health indicators. And one final important point. Many instances of "innovation" and "progress" by the private sector are built off the back of public infrastructure spending, research at public universities, and government subsidies, all paid by taxpayer dollars. Think of roads, medical research, the Internet. All started as public sector projects, with companies profiting off them after the fact. They never created these themselves.
  3. Hopefully these people get the help they need. Not sure how people deem what's "absolutely necessary" or not. Looks like the duty for their care will be up to non-Muslims. If there were only Muslims around this area who interpreted rulings as stated above, I guess these ill people would be out of luck.
  4. Reza

    How many carats was your diamond ring?

    Most people don't even know what a carat is.
  5. Reza

    Philanthropy vs. Taxation

    Your country for one.
  6. Salaam all: This is the official thread highlighting important news, announcements, and thoughts from the ShiaChat team. Only staff can post but everyone can read and react. If you are a first time visitor to the site, then welcome!
  7. Before posting a topic, especially on a sensitive or technical issue, it's recommended you use the search function to read past topics on the subject.
  8. Many have given sufficient answers and OP is not responding. I assume he got what he needed. I consider this topic complete. Locked.
  9. Salaam everybody: Here's an opportunity to increase blessings throughout this community and throughout the whole world. I remember seeing old threads from years past about salawat pledges, but this thread will be slightly different. The only goal of this thread is to post the salawat as often as we can, and nothing more: اللّهُمّ صَلّ عَلَى مُحَمّدٍ وَآلِ مُحَمّدٍ Allahumma salli `ala muhammadin wa ali muhammadin O Allah: (please do) bless Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad Rules of this thread: 1. All members are encouraged to post the salawat as often as they like, English or Arabic (but only once per post please) 2. Like as many posts as possible (reciting it yourself out loud while you like the post) 3. No other discussions or statements please, this is purely for salawat only Let's see how long this chain will go, and how much blessing we can all accumulate from posting and liking. More information on the salawat: http://www.duas.org/salwaat.htm I'll get started: Allahumma salli ‘ala Muhammad wa ali Muhammad
  10. Reza

    #58 Speaking the Truth vs Good Manners?

    Because people will reply with: Why not both? So the only way to have good manners is to not speak the truth? How are these two things related at all? etc, etc
  11. Reza

    #58 Speaking the Truth vs Good Manners?

    Making it too simple would increase the chance of misinterpretation and ambiguity. Increasing the detail may lead to bias, but its also easier for people to understand.
  12. Reza

    #58 Speaking the Truth vs Good Manners?

    How would you word it?
  13. Ok, confusion has been cleared. I'm talking about @Faruk earlier statement. I misinterpreted his statement about Arab governments vs people in support of Maduro.
  14. No, I'm talking about when somebody said "not the people".
  15. Another point worth noting. Shias have only been exerting and expressing themselves in the public realm in very recent times (since the revolution), after nearly a millenia of mostly quietism in the underground. So it would make sense a residual bunker mentality may still be prevalent in some places, so reverts discovering a "basement" religion may seem hard to believe. Shias aren't used to gaining large amounts of new followers (they never conquered vast parts of the globe). Give it some time, unfortunately our aqeeda doesn't allow for Genghis Khans or Columbus like figures to force mass conversions. We need a few more generations to do it the proper way.
  16. I think most scholars and rational people understand Qur'an and hadith are studied synonymously in their proper place and context, and not creating artificial barriers. The "Calamity of Thursday", in my limited understanding, is a telling story of dangers of the "Qur'an is enough for us" mentality. Otherwise, Quranism has been dubunked extensively on this site, and I encourage others to read those.
  17. Is this a word you made up? I've never heard this anywhere before.
  18. Reza

    Do any brothers cut there own hair ?

    Looks like a bad idea...
  19. Reza

    First time praying at my local (Sunni) masjid

    Its not the place to pray for the overly self conscious. Only those who can really focus on Allah and value unity can do it. I salute those people.
  20. Reza

    Illegitimate Children

    Government info has the benefit of census data, which gives greater detail and accuracy than any other source trying to collect this information (but Google, Facebook, and Amazon are catching up). In this case, we've heard two extremes, one saying illegitimate birth is rampant, and the other saying its very marginal. Having some hard numbers gives perspective that doesn't match the hyperbole on both sides. Even though statistics are flawed, there's no way a margin of error exists that widely that would support either of these assertions.
  21. Reza

    Illegitimate Children

    I can understand that minority religious groups may be religiously married but not legally married, but don't see what reason why others would have this arrangement (the religious and legal marriage are done simultaneously, or even just legal only). So overall, I think the statistics are fairly accurate considering the majority demographics.
  22. Reza

    Illegitimate Children

    Statistics from CDC (Centers for Disease Control), a public health agency in the US (for 2016): Number of live births to unmarried women: 1,569,796 Birth rate for unmarried women: 42.4 births per 1,000 unmarried women aged 15-44 Percent of all births to unmarried women: 39.8%