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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. You made a general point that religion survives primarily in “insular” economies, and I asked a question using one counter example of a religion expanding and thriving through the opposite mechanism. Here’s another question: when religious texts have been translated into scores of world languages, how is that facilitated? And another: How does the concept of a “globalized” Mahdi fit into your premise?
  2. How did Islam spread from Arabia to Indonesia?
  3. Temporary tattoo stickers exist that can last a few weeks.
  4. I’m not commenting on anyone in particular. Just a general observation that “we’re being suppressed” is often emphasized by conspiracy types to boost credibility. Some people see this as an important prerequisite for the viability of a position. In other words, the more marginalized something is, the higher chance there’s truth in it. That’s a logical fallacy that many have, but won’t acknowledge. The search for truth is hampered by the psychological need to feel victimized and be a contrarian. Of course, the pendulum swung the polar opposite direction can also be problematic.
  5. The Galileo fallacy is a logical fallacy that asserts that if your ideas provoke the establishment to vilify or threaten you, you must be right — "everyone says I am wrong, therefore I am right." That's what seems to be happening.
  6. People in general have difficulties understanding numbers and probabilities, and only see what they want to see. The same people who dismissively talk about a “99% recovery rate” (which is actually a little low considering the high rate of transmission) are the same ones who over exaggerate about 1 in 1000000 chance of a vaccine side effect, or whatever ridiculously low number it is, pretending it’s more pervasive than it really is. If you’re willing to go in a car, then a vaccine is significantly safer than that.
  7. An approach to dialogue cannot be one way only, and that’s the problem with some of them. They only want to talk and preach, but not listen.
  8. Non-Muslims are also tested by God. That interaction was one of their tests on the state of their hearts, and the ability to show decency. And you were tested too with your patience and how you react.
  9. The fact that Muslims exist and have some presence in virtually every country can only be a positive thing.
  10. Putting aside colors for a second, it’s hard to believe that the “existence” of anything is purely dependent on human consciousness. In other words, human perception flipping the switch from “non-existence” to “existence”. A more accurate terminology would be “latency” to “apparency”. Both these terms still imply existence in essence, while also explaining the association with human conscious.
  11. Polygenic traits weaken, not strengthen the significance of genetics. By definition, they are more susceptible to environmental factors.
  12. Translated wavelengths are still wavelengths. Giving it a different name through translation (color) doesn’t change any inherent physical properties of the object.
  13. Something can exist with physical properties (ie certain emitted wavelengths) whether a conscious observer exists or not for validation. The potentiality is still there. And who knows if humans seeing color is the only function of these wavelengths? Maybe it serves other functions. I guess that’s like saying “keys” wouldn’t exist if keyholes didn’t exist. But why does a key need a keyhole to be considered “existing”?
  14. The OP did state that, and the assertion was never that no genetic component exists, but rather arguing against a single monogenic inheritance pattern with a black and white fixed phenotypic expression (ie a single “gay gene” that makes one “gay” or “not gay”). As was mentioned, this dichotomy is a social construction. The genetic mechanism they describe for same sex attraction (polygenic, spread against small foci of many genes, non-Mendelian) is qualitatively weak, and by definition, phenotypic expression in polygenic traits tend to be heavily influenced by environmental factors. In other words, one strong gene vs multiple weak genes is an important distinction.
  15. This is not surprising, as genetic studies claiming to validate social constructs largely fail. No different from supposed racial scientific studies of the colonial eras. Sexual orientation and race are largely sociological. “White”, “black”, “gay”, etc are socially constructed labels for purposes of identity and differentiation, extrapolated from vague sexual inclinations and skin color. Genetics doesn’t provide that “meaning”, society does. Then, through those meanings, habits and behaviors are formed. People can debate the utility and validity of this practice, but history shows many negative repercussions, with gains for some at the expense of others. As far as Islam goes, the only true identity that differentiates us is our adherence to God, with all other traits within the human race considered equally inconsequential. This concept, despite being around since the dawn of humankind, is especially liberating and revolutionary from the perspective of the past few centuries, including today. Malcolm X learned this during Hajj, where all the racial labels he thought were important were not. Everyone was simply brothers and sisters in belief.
  16. The early morning period (4 to 6 am) is the best time to be (fully) awake, no matter what time of year. I can attest to it everytime.
  17. Imagine during Ramadan, spending hours everyday aiding and abetting the spread of a contagious disease, all while pretending to be the real victim. If that were me, I would unregister and repent.
  18. Any one that mentions science, the environment, or health broadly.
  19. Is it actually all a conspiracy, or do you want it to be a conspiracy? Because if you really want it to be, you can cognitively make it so. Proportionality bias assumes that big events must have big causes, and any smaller, mundane explanation is to be rejected, right? Why is the opinion of that one person more valid than anyone else's? Because it conforms to your bias? Because many others have opposite views. Are they to be dismissed as pawns of the conspiracy? Lots of epidemiologists have predicted pandemics for years. Were previous plagues and pandemics in history also staged conspiracies? Is microbiology a Satanic trap? Some powerful people have obviously taken advantage of the pandemic for their own ends, but how was it "planned far ahead"? The level of coordination and expertise to pull that off would be so tremendous, and the amount of proof required extraordinary. Court cases involving the murder of one person can take years of deliberation with data and evidence to prove two people conspired to murder someone beyond a reasonable doubt. But somehow we can reach a verdict on a global health conspiracy after a few videos and articles?
  20. Yes, viruses learn to adapt, so vaccines are made to adapt. It’s a race. The fact that it’s not “one and done” is unfortunate, but I’m not sure why that invalidates the whole concept. The virus is more disgusting than any ingredient. The “vaccine is not 100% effective” argument to justify taking 0% action. Perfect is the enemy of the good. That likely means your immune system is functional. Nobody said that side effects don't happen. But it's much better than getting typhus. We have to wait. More people need to be vaccinated and continue safety measures, and eventually there will be a significant decrease. Unless that process is sabotaged by many people not doing either of the former (hint, hint). Fortunately, I think most people will. Also, rise and fall has multiple factors, of which vaccines are only (albeit one important) factor. SARS is more deadly to those infected but COVID-19 spreads more easily. Although COVID-19 has a lower death rate, the higher transmission rate greatly increases its impact worldwide compared to SARS. (Millions dead worldwide for COVID-19 vs hundreds dead worldwide for SARS) SARS and COVID-19 are both types of Coronaviruses.
  21. Parents earnestly looking out and being cautious for their kids, but also stereotyping and judging others without evidence? Sounds like the “I won’t give money to the beggar because he’ll probably just buy alcohol with it.”
  22. Many pathogenic viruses are known to infect animals first, and through circumstance get passed onto humans. With large scale environmental tampering and destruction (deforestation, construction work, etc), viruses that would normally be shielded from humans can now be released in the open through increased points of contact with these disturbed ecosystems. So in that sense, human activity is contributory. For all we know, the current strain got released because a cave somewhere was razed to make a road tunnel, and humans caught it from infected bats. Just one possibility of many. I have no evidence, just speculation. Too boring for the conspiracy types I know.
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