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  1. Hopefully these people get the help they need. Not sure how people deem what's "absolutely necessary" or not. Looks like the duty for their care will be up to non-Muslims. If there were only Muslims around this area who interpreted rulings as stated above, I guess these ill people would be out of luck.
  2. Reza

    How many carats was your diamond ring?

    Most people don't even know what a carat is.
  3. Reza

    Philanthropy vs. Taxation

    Your country for one.
  4. Before posting a topic, especially on a sensitive or technical issue, it's recommended you use the search function to read past topics on the subject.
  5. Many have given sufficient answers and OP is not responding. I assume he got what he needed. I consider this topic complete. Locked.
  6. Reza

    #58 Speaking the Truth vs Good Manners?

    Because people will reply with: Why not both? So the only way to have good manners is to not speak the truth? How are these two things related at all? etc, etc
  7. Reza

    #58 Speaking the Truth vs Good Manners?

    Making it too simple would increase the chance of misinterpretation and ambiguity. Increasing the detail may lead to bias, but its also easier for people to understand.
  8. Reza

    #58 Speaking the Truth vs Good Manners?

    How would you word it?
  9. Ok, confusion has been cleared. I'm talking about @Faruk earlier statement. I misinterpreted his statement about Arab governments vs people in support of Maduro.
  10. No, I'm talking about when somebody said "not the people".
  11. Another point worth noting. Shias have only been exerting and expressing themselves in the public realm in very recent times (since the revolution), after nearly a millenia of mostly quietism in the underground. So it would make sense a residual bunker mentality may still be prevalent in some places, so reverts discovering a "basement" religion may seem hard to believe. Shias aren't used to gaining large amounts of new followers (they never conquered vast parts of the globe). Give it some time, unfortunately our aqeeda doesn't allow for Genghis Khans or Columbus like figures to force mass conversions. We need a few more generations to do it the proper way.
  12. I think most scholars and rational people understand Qur'an and hadith are studied synonymously in their proper place and context, and not creating artificial barriers. The "Calamity of Thursday", in my limited understanding, is a telling story of dangers of the "Qur'an is enough for us" mentality. Otherwise, Quranism has been dubunked extensively on this site, and I encourage others to read those.
  13. Is this a word you made up? I've never heard this anywhere before.