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  1. :hahaha: l noticed your avatar is not dressed 'lslamic appropriate'.

    What will Tehran/Qom/Cairo/Fes say?

    And shaved legs? Yeah, looks like it.  :ko:

    :rolleyes:"Just an observation."

    1. hasanhh


      @Allah Seeker  Reza has put a lot of time and effort into S.C. Which we all do sincerely appreciate.

      Yet. . .  to razz [definition #2, 'to tease'] him one last time . . . 

      ... nah, he worked too hard for S.C

      Maybe we can find another laid-back image for an avatar for him. We do some extra work this time.

    2. Allah Seeker

      Allah Seeker

      Ratta-ta-tazz .. that's how snoop would say it -  more or less. Yes Reza has put a lot of effort masha Allah. He deserves our citizen support. 

    3. hasanhh


      l cannot draw at all. But l am certain a few of our fellow SCers can. We can encourage one of them to draw him an avatar of his envisioning as a 'thank you.'

      l checked online 'laid back images' yesterday. 0ne had a young man at his desk, but there were also a kangaroo, polar bear and such.

      Who on SC can draw?

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