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  1. By this logic, how about the whole ShiaChat website being haram? It's the same idea on a larger scale. The chat and forums are both publicly viewable and moderated. There are no private chat rooms. You use the same precautions as anywhere on the internet. If you think it's too risky, then get off. This is an honest website trying to facilitate conversation in an Islamic manner, and please don't undermine this with your "legit questions". These are stupid questions posted without thought, and a waste of site space. ' Thread locked.
  2. Reza

    #56 Do You Get Enough Exercise?

    Do You Get Enough Exercise?
  3. Reza

    W.I.M. wimmin

    Another important factor is the “hit and run”, where an OP doesn’t respond beyond the initial post. If the member was sincere, there would be more back and forth, showing resolution and progress of the issue (through the Islamic suggestions of responders). The key for these topics is to show there’s no solution, and that Muslims are helpless squabblers.
  4. Reza

    W.I.M. wimmin

    The cost of making these posts is nothing compared to the possible “benefits”, so I’m surprised there’s not more. Especially text based ones with a much lower production budget than audio, images, or videos. Like Nigerian scam emails, if a million people ignore them, but one takes the bait, it’s all worth the return on investment exponentially.
  5. Most Shia communities in North America will fall under one group or another. Even the large metropolitan cities with diverse populations will have multiple masjids that split along national/cultural/linguistic lines. So there’s no way to avoid it.
  6. Perhaps a smartphone with password protected parental controls that regulates usage?
  7. All their friends have smartphones, and just about everyone around them will. I think they will beg.
  8. [Note from Mod: This topic has been moved to the trash pit. For more information, please review: http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=53738] [Auto]
  9. Reza

    Regarding Immunization and TB Shots

    I answered your question. I said it was deceptive, ineffective, and dangerous. I just didn’t give you the answer you wanted to hear. The responsibility is on you to read the science. If you infect somebody else because you don’t get vaccinated, despite all the evidence, you can’t claim ignorance, then you will be liable on the Day of Judgment for harming another human being without their consent, due to stubbornness. Do you have any scientific or medical education? These questions can be Googled in one minute, and you make it sound like these are profound questions of the universe nobody knows. Vaccines are for infectious diseases (bacteria, viruses, etc). Vaccines aren’t involved in cancers or mental illness except for the few cases an infectious element is associated (like cervical cancer). What evidence do you have it “messes up the body and mind”. Bring your sources instead of mouthing off. The side of sanity doesn’t respect the side of insanity. Your views are dangerous, and can cause undue stress and harm to people, and I’ll call it out every time. Its one thing to harm yourself, but unvaccinated people harm others, and they shouldn’t suffer because of you.
  10. Reza

    Regarding Immunization and TB Shots

    Yes, you are getting off topic. You can talk about other issues elsewhere. Btw the issues with pollution and cancer are caused by more people living longer and a higher population, because of medical advancement. Cancer is increasing because people are living longer, so they are getting that instead of dying off earlier by an infectious disease (which vaccines have been preventing). Yes, destruction of the environment is concerning, and science is trying to address these issues too (although ethics and morality are also a factor). Bottom line: denying vaccines is the same as being a flat earther. Be a responsible Muslim and listen to the science God has allowed us to discover.
  11. Reza

    Regarding Immunization and TB Shots

    Dude, a third of the population of Europe died because of the Black Plague. Untold people have died by preventible disease. It’s a quantity issue. People then died and today they live.
  12. Reza

    Regarding Immunization and TB Shots

    Yeah it is deceptive to falsely claim you are immunized when you’re not. You are required to take it because of herd immunity. Anti-vaxxers always have their “reasons” which are mostly rubbish.
  13. Reza

    Regarding Immunization and TB Shots

    You ever hear of the famous “tie your camel story”? And it’s not a “random scientist”, it’s extensive work by an entire community of people and institutions, including Muslims. Muslims promote science. Or do you want us to return to the days of the Black Plague?
  14. Reza

    Regarding Immunization and TB Shots

    I’m not talking when somebody is dying, I’m saying as prevention, not only are vaccines permissible, it’s everybody’s duty to do it - for your health and those around you. No excuses at all. This is dangerous and deceptive. Firstly, you can’t “clear your blood” unless you use special blood filtering machines, which are needed for actual patients who have excess disease causing antibodies, sickle cells in blood, etc. No “natural cure” will help. More importantly, getting a vaccine, being labeled as vaccinated, then trying to remove it is deceptive and irresponsible. As well as dangerous. If you want to just harm yourself, that’s one thing. But unvaccinated people risk spreading disease to others. If everyone is vaccinated, disease cannot spread, and there’s herd immunity.