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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam. I feel that there should be a way for me to see the list of people I follow on ShiaChat. Right now when I look at my profile information I can only see who follows me but I cannot see who I follow. I think adding this feature would be great for shiachat as many times you want to be able to find certain users who have informative posts, but it's a struggle to find their account again because they may not be that active, and the search bar also doesn't work to search up users... 

    1. Reza


      Click on the upper right hand profile button, go to "Manage Followed Content", and there's a selection there for "Members" that you follow. I hope this helps. 

  2. “Engagement” is a non-Islamic concept imported to many Muslims. It serves a placeholder role for long wedding planning preparations.
  3. Everyone has to get out of their rooms first... Remember most SCers don’t get enough sunlight. I don’t want to meet anyone here. I like the virtual anonymous profile separated from physical life. A more interesting question is, have I ever been in close proximity to a ShiaChat member (or even met), but neither of us knew we were members?
  4. Most married couples want to be financially independent and live away from parents. Ultimately, arrangements like these are temporary.
  5. I think it would be more understandable if there was a firm deadline for the repairs, rather than it being wishy washy and constantly kicked down the road. Married couples have a right to privacy. Where does she say she wants to kick her parents out of the house?
  6. In that time period shortly after the Prophet’s death, a direct, apparent, physical presence was crucial. Soon, the need for that may come again.
  7. Most countries that have significant revolutions tend to have its most ardent opponents (usually of wealthier, liberal type) leave and settle in Western nations. So the Iranians in the West tend to be skewed this way. The same thing for Cubans and Venezuelans. Countries with revolutions tend to release their wealthy, while those that haven’t tend to release their poor. Any exceptions to this? Go to New York, Toronto, or any major Western city and you’ll see some diaspora communities with affection for Shah era flags. I even saw a rally of Vietnamese using the old South Vietnam flag from decades ago.
  8. Trump incorrectly says that his father was born in Germany https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/436995-Trump-incorrectly-says-that-his-father-was-born-in-germany?amp
  9. Where does “economics” end and “social and cultural” begin? People engage in economic transactions, but are also part of society. Economics doesn’t exist unless there’s a social container holding it. Which is why every social transaction can be interpreted as an economic transaction.
  10. [Auto-Reply] This issue has been marked as "Resolved". If you have reasons to believe it's not, reply below
  11. Reza

    Thoughts 2019

    Dermatology and plastic surgery are different fields, and both essential in addressing ailments. Are you making judgments based on actual fiqh readings, or just making assumptions based on prejudice?
  12. Bumping this up. Guests and new members introduce yourself here!
  13. Guests can now post throughout the site. Posts require mod approval. The goal is to increase site participation.
  14. These are mechanisms that predate the word “capitalism”, and are not exclusive to it. Capitalism is not simply private transactions, it’s a social system where the culture is primarily subjected to the forces of capital. Anyway, we’re way off topic.
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