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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Hey I need to ask someone a question on PM but I can't. Its very important please help me.

  2. The exceptionalist “it can’t happen here” mythology is fading away. Turns out the US follows the same laws of history and cause and effect like everyone else.
  3. Banned members have the ability to post as guests due to our open policy. However, if the guest name or post content identifies the previously banned member account, that post may not be approved. All guest post approval is at the discretion of mods.
  4. The total active user base is too small to fragment it into exclusive areas, even just a little. Clubs became inactive because there were too few people reliably posting on them, and were not accessible by non-members. Also fewer people available to respond to your posts. That’s why our focus is one singular public space for everyone, where there’s the highest chance of engagement. If you want to interact with more like minded people comfortably, I recommend a large friendly PM group chat instead, although I’m sure we would benefit from your wisdom publicly. Or, like was said, ma
  5. Staff have an ability to manually recommend a post, which displays the post on the top of the thread. There is no automatic process based on upvotes from what I know. We don’t do it often, although I think it’s most valuable in large multi-page threads where the best posts can get displayed that may get missed by readers otherwise. I can try doing them more when I can. Thanks for the feedback.
  6. But if you want more specifics, I think accounting, business administration, business analysis, business computing, business ethics, business statistics, commercial law, developing markets, economic principles, human resources, international studies, management, operations management, research and technology are all valuable in their own rights. However, finance and marketing may lead you to being involved with unsavory companies down the road, but not necessarily. Also consider health care administration.
  7. I can understand problematic parts of a job, but not sure what issues there would be with most academic degrees, including business. You’re not doing internship in a bank giving interest, but attending classes on theory, writing papers, and taking exams. It’s a worthwhile field of study In our modern world with a flexible job market that hopefully can serve your community in a good way.
  8. All creation is perfect, which is true by definition, in that all the molecules interact properly and their intended essence intact. Veils of affliction that exist in the world only hide and deceive away from this fact, but do not eliminate or disprove this perfection. Our common understanding of perfection is relativistic, and is the approaching point for molecules and souls constantly on the move, away from the evil injustice of stagnation.
  9. https://youtube.com/c/RezaNazarie
  10. I thought about this statement more, and I realized that Shia Chauvinism functions by altering the tawalla to tabarra ratio, making the drink offered too strong and potent for some outsiders from the get-go. When in the fact the Prophetic way would be a calm, soothing liquid, with spice added gradually when appropriate.
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