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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Any one that mentions science, the environment, or health broadly.
  2. Is it actually all a conspiracy, or do you want it to be a conspiracy? Because if you really want it to be, you can cognitively make it so. Proportionality bias assumes that big events must have big causes, and any smaller, mundane explanation is to be rejected, right? Why is the opinion of that one person more valid than anyone else's? Because it conforms to your bias? Because many others have opposite views. Are they to be dismissed as pawns of the conspiracy? Lots of epidemiologists have predicted pandemics for years. Were previous plagues and pandemics in history also staged conspirac
  3. Yes, viruses learn to adapt, so vaccines are made to adapt. It’s a race. The fact that it’s not “one and done” is unfortunate, but I’m not sure why that invalidates the whole concept. The virus is more disgusting than any ingredient. The “vaccine is not 100% effective” argument to justify taking 0% action. Perfect is the enemy of the good. That likely means your immune system is functional. Nobody said that side effects don't happen. But it's much better than getting typhus. We have to wait. More people need to be vaccinated and continue safety measures, and ev
  4. Parents earnestly looking out and being cautious for their kids, but also stereotyping and judging others without evidence? Sounds like the “I won’t give money to the beggar because he’ll probably just buy alcohol with it.”
  5. Many pathogenic viruses are known to infect animals first, and through circumstance get passed onto humans. With large scale environmental tampering and destruction (deforestation, construction work, etc), viruses that would normally be shielded from humans can now be released in the open through increased points of contact with these disturbed ecosystems. So in that sense, human activity is contributory. For all we know, the current strain got released because a cave somewhere was razed to make a road tunnel, and humans caught it from infected bats. Just one possibility of many. I
  6. Hadiths are foundational, not overly technical on the terminal applications of said foundations. Your creation of a wedge between the former and latter has no value, any more than saying a forest and a tree are separate entities.
  7. Why doesn’t din include these things? How do you determine what isn’t part of it? These are mechanisms available to address human affairs ethically and harmoniously (part of din). Not sure what “secular precedents” means.
  8. Why jump to this possibility when the more likely scenario is that in a large country of 330 million people, with abundance of guns and people with all sorts of derangements, that tragic events are bound to happen sometime and somewhere, by probability? Is this possibility so unfathomable that your first inclination is to believe it was staged? That it likely wouldn’t happen otherwise?
  9. There’s a history of Arab (Muslim and Christian) immigration to Michigan going back a century ago to work in the automobile industry. And that community has grown over generations. So lots of families, businesses, and support systems have been established over time. That social infrastructure is appealing.
  10. This is playing semantics. Islam addresses human affairs, and liberal secularism addresses human affairs. So that's the plane of comparison being made. The Arabic word "din" is a totality not probably represented by the English word "religion", so in my view, English words like "ideology", "religion", and "belief" are synonymous with one another, and attempts to delineate them is arbitrary and not helpful. I'll await the classic hasanhh disagree reaction. I'm ready for it.
  11. For some, religion is nothing more than a lifestyle brand and social identity, which they reject because other brands/identities are more appealing or advantageous to their goals or desires. There’s no deep theological inquiry here. Furthermore, “believing in God and being a good person” while rejecting religious practice is not seen as problematic, and is considered a valid take.
  12. Yes, do all the things people suggest, but ultimately, it will happen when it happens.
  13. People have lots of reasons, many of which are based on fearmongerning, misinformation, ignorance of basic biology, and unsubstantiated paranoia.
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