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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I've run my course here lol. Plus school is starting soon so I guess I should focus on that and should focus on bettering my Islamic knowledge too and focus on life just a bit more. Sure thing batman=]
  2. Sallam Alylkum, could one of the mods please deactivate my account please? Sure gunna' miss this place. Masalama everyone, inshAllah Shahr Ramadan treats you well and remember to not go back to sinful habits after shahr Ramadan ends! p.s. AlAjal! my hotmail email is also on my profile page so when those books are ready you can email me or use the email I gave you.
  3. Tima

    Ella Ella Ella ello

  4. Thank you sister! I always thought Sayed Sistani allowed people to kiss his hand, I think I saw a video of it? But the video you provided showed the opposite... So its all based on culture and not religion huh, because I'm sure we have big-time marjae in the past who allowed it. So its not that it's haraam huh?
  5. Sallam Alykum, why do some marjae allow followers to kiss their hand and others don't?
  6. Start with removing music from your interests.
  7. I don't think its actually him, maybe just a follower of him? I mean I can go make one for Sayed Sistani... Do you really think its him when he has an entire country to lead, especially in war-times for Iran now, and him being a religious leader and possibly thinking more about Allah (swt) than the internet O_O?
  8. International warfare finally begins... I wonder what the civilian death count will be?
  9. O_O i hate people like them so much! I'd find it an honor to be called a loser by such people rather than be accepted lol. Man all the people inviting me to Pakistan lol, guys my bland-Iraqi taste buds won't be able to comprehend the amazing and flavorsome food of Pakistan!
  10. Sallam Alykum, I always hear that Ayatullah Khomeini prohibits azadari/tatbeer but then found this video. Is the video legit?
  11. Sallam Alykum, when your life seems stressful and you always come across problems. These are tests... Allah Knows Best.
  12. WS. O_O if you read it to freeze water then of course it won't work.... Some people can walk on water just by saying bismillah.... If you have to ask such questions then you (and probably the rest of shiachat at that) do not have the required faith and knowledge.... Next time use a freezer.
  13. Noone knows at all, why ask us for opinions on this when we know as much as you?
  14. Wasallam bro check this out: http://www.duas.org/matri1.htm
  15. i guess u should tell all ur friends goodbye then before u leave :shifty:
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