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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Asalam o alikum I think we can eat vegetables etc from people of book but cant eat meat because they are non muslim and animals which are slaughtered by non muslims are considered as najis and eating them is haram. All kind of food(vegetable,meat and other kinds of food) from other non muslims except people of book are permissible. But i suggest u to ask your answer from www.najaf.org this is website of ayatullah sistani u will recieve ur answer very soon because i am in doubt what i said at the top are 100% correct or not.
  2. Ask forgiveness from Allah and do toba(promise with Allah that you will not do that sin again).
  3. Asalam o alikum prophet married his cousin zaynab who was the wife of prophet adopted son Zaid.Zaid divorced zaynab.Then after her divorce prophet married her.I dont know the exact reason of divorce But I am hearing this first time that prophet fall in love with some one.Astaghfirullah. Wasalam o Alikum
  4. Asalam o alikum My question is what are the total number of ismatus sughra? People like hazrat zainab(SA), Hazrat Abbas(AS), Hazrat Ali Akbar(AS) who are not from 14 masoomens but they are not like other normal human beings have a great value in shia religion. Sorry for poor english Wasalam o alikum..
  5. ASalam o alikum dear sister read in the tozee ul masail of your mujtahid and still if you dont find your answer then ask this question at his website.May different mujtahids have different opinion about this. Wasalam o alikum wa rahmatullahe wa barakatuh.
  6. First make ur Aqaid(beliefs) strong enough In Towheed(oneness of God), Adal(the justice of God), Nabuwaat(Prophecy), Imamate(the right sucessors of holy prophet) and Akhira(judgement day). wassalam.....
  7. read quran with tafseer(interpretation). Sometimes we dont exactly understand what god is trying to say with us in quran.So sometimes it is dangerous to read quran without tafseer.The best tafseer at the current time is tafseer al mizan. I think after quran the 2nd most famous book in shia islam is najul blagha and i think whole sermons are authentic.
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