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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. "Our followers are of three kinds,one who follows us but depends on others,one who is like a glass involved in his own reflections,but the best are those who are like gold,the more they suffer the more they shine"-Imam Baqir(s)-

  2. Salam,you don't need follow only one. I follow both Syd'Sistani&Wilaytu-l-Faqih.Wa Salam
  3. Salam Fact is that most of them have strong arguments wich they found at Bukhari&Muslim&Tirmidhi&Nesai&Ibn Majah&Ebu Davud&Musnad&Muwata&etc So it is hard explain that we not accept all that narrations as sahih Becuse of that i do 2&4,and if i am able,send them link of Risalatu-l-Huquq Wa Salam
  4. “When you claim to be a lover of Al Muhammad and you abuse your wife,i beg you don’t say you’re a lover of Ahlul Bayt (as),go join other schools,there are other schools for that.”

    -Dr.Syd'Ammar Nakshawani-

  5. Salam No it is not haram.Even if you look some lectures that our scoolars give at west,and female is host,you can find many wear colourful hijabs. I,believe that is not big deal at all.It is just color :) Wa Salam
  6. "If Allah has guarenteed livelihood, then why do you worry? 
    If livelihood is determined then why are you eager for it? 
    If the reward is from Allah, then why do you slacken?
    If the recompense if from Allah, then why do you try to be miserly?
    If the fire is the punishment by Allah, then why do you disobey him?
    If death is true, then why do rejoice?
    If standing before Allah is true, then why do you cheat?
    If satan is an enemy, then why are you heedless? 
    If walking on the sirat is true, then why do you incline to vanity?
    If every thing is predenstined by Allah, then why do you feel sadness?
    And if the life in this world is mortal, then why do you have confidence in it?"

    -Imam Sadiq(s)-


  7. Salam Masha'Allah.It is so nice to see that i am not only one,who think about it. I am not much worry bout sanctions,or any other isue that can arrive. Just,i give myself time,to think about it. Insha'Allah,from january i will start with farsi language lectures. That can benefit me anyway,even if i change my decision. But,somehow i more and mor realize,that Iran dont need me,i need Iran. Wa salam
  8. These two are connected and one can not go without other.I think it is important that most muslims understand this. The rest of your post,are mostly alawi,not shia beliefs.Wa Salam
  9. Open letter to Donald Trump’s stupidity: ‘You can ban me if you feel like you don’t need me.I’m just a professor in Connecticut.Of course, my lawyer might have a problem with it, so you’ll have to ban him as well. He’s a Muslim too, and spends his time fighting for human rights. My doctor is also a Muslim; you’ll also have to ban him.He’s probably working a 30 hour shift at a downtown emergency room saving lives. You’ll have to ban the 3500 Muslims serving in the US Armed Forces. You’ll have to ban shop keepers, engineers, and even journalists like my friend Mehdi Hasan. You’d also have to ban Noor al-Zahra, an infant who came to the US a few years ago from Iraq for medical treatment for spina bifida.She turned out alright, and went back home, but you wouldn’t have let her in the country. Muhammad Ali is also going to have to be banned. He’s the one you took a photo with, it’s all over Facebook.He’s also the one that demanded civil rights and equality in case you forgot. There’s lots more of us you will have to ban, but only if you feel like you don’t need us. Personally, I think you do need us.What else is there to your campaign except insulting Muslims and making people afraid of us? Afraid of school professors, teachers, lawyers, scientists, doctors, business owners, journalists, service personnel, and countless others. Making people afraid of refugees – impoverished women and children – who themselves are victims of ISIS, is your only strategy, and you pursue it while you sit on your billions and in your pricey skyscrapers. My recommendation to anyone who is afraid of Muslims, who is afraid of our beliefs, our practices, our culture – get to know one of us. We’re good people that want to live and succeed at life just like you. We mow our lawns on the weekend. We watch football on Sundays. We love pizza. We’re different in other ways too. We don’t eat pork or drink alcohol. We have five daily prayers in Arabic, that we have to read throughout the day. Many of us have different foods and types of clothing. Get to know us, I think you’ll like what you see. Plus you might make some friends out of it.’ -Dr. Syd' Ammar Nakshawani-
  10. Salam,everyone can and will probably give you different answer to your question. For me greatest satisfaction is pride of knowing that i am Shiat'Ali Wa Salam
  11. Salam We can also made sure that at every part of Earth know about oppression of Shias Translate at bosnian few years ago Number of Shias here can be count at fingers. But it is important to spread truth. Even if that mean for us here that we face with ticked of inovator,hypocrite,disbeliever.If is that coast.So be it! Wa salam
  12. Wa Salam,wellcome brother. Many brothers from Ahlu-l-Sunnah dont know about Jamal,about Siffin,about Karbala,it is not uncomon. If you wanna learn basic of scool of Ahlu-l-Bayt i recommend to start here,at first post Brother that open topic,is done amazing job You have also few nice advices at post bellow. Wellcome again&WaSalam
  13. Salam brother Thank you for sharing Never like him anyway CR7 publicly support Palestine
  14. Salam brother i am fine with her. With rational person like she is,it is easy to avoid conflict,with some others is impossible. That is why i am not get involve into deeper discussion anymore. If i have opportunity to be right or to be kind,i will be kind. At end of day i will not spam your amazing topic,by arguing is youngest man at list of most influential muslims serious!? Or very same man that was raise by Ayatullah Khoei(q.r) and is descend of Imam Ridha(s) know or not know how to name Masumeens,or how to be respective to them!? Wa Salam
  15. I really cannot help myself than take him dead serious as top scoolar Ok
  16. What is wrong about invite Syd' Nakshawani in glamorous space? They should invite him at middle of nowhere and that way intruduce shia scoolar? You know like salafi do,when they give lectures at cousins kitchen. You find that as more practial way to intruduce your scoolar to world? Ofcourse it will be glamorous or at least very nice.It is not only shias that will watch lecture. And when someone outside watch,i wish him to say "this Mawlana is so elegant,so nice". Instead "look at him where is he came from" wich is common coment of non muslims at "salafi shayk". Wa salam
  17. Salam Masha'Allah brother. I will order insha'Allah. I dont know why people are suprised that book have price? Many go at concerts,cinemas,sport events and pay a lot of money,and,when it came to Ahlu-l-Bayt(s) all is expensive. I talk for myself too.If i could find ticket for tonight Juventus game,there is no price that would i consider as expensive. So,why not pay for book about Imam Mahdi(a.j.t.f)? Wa Salam
  18. Today is the day.Derby d' Italia! Forza Juve-Fino alla fine-MM17
  19. Amazing work brother. May Allah S.w.T reward you for effort. Wa Salam
  20. Salam brother.If i must recommand just one dua it will be Makarimu-l-Ahlaq from Imam Sajjad(s) Even all duas from Imam Sajjad(s) are blessing to all of us.That is my favorite if i can use that term. I recite it daily. Wa Salam
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