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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. A "Watta Satta" marriage is when a brother and sister are married to a sister and brother. So, if I were in a "Watta Satta" marriage, my husband's sister would be married to my brother...hope that makes sense.
  2. LOL :) Yeah, I'd definitely say convince your parents - the simplest, (warmest!) and most comfortable way of getting there! Good luck :)
  3. Wembley park has been quite annoying because of all that construction work - with no tubes running on weekends....replacement buses etc! There's one more route I can suggest...and I hope I don't confuse you! You could get the bakerloo line from Paddington to Marylebone. From there you can get a train to Wembley Stadium (station) - it takes about 7 minutes, is better than the tube and this station is probably closest to the conference centre. Only thing is because its overground train....it doesnt run as frequently as the tube - so you would really have to check the timings and all. For that reason you might want to stick to the Wembley Park route - but just thought I'd let u know of this one too!
  4. LOL.....this is just totally hilarious! Made me laugh loads!!! haven't read any others but am sure they're just as funny :D Thanks for posting Hasnain....and great work hamzah - keep it up :)
  5. Brother jiz, We aren't wishing everyone a happy new year because thats what the "stone worshipping" people did and we want to do the same as them...it doesn't have that sort of historical significance or meaning for us....we merely do it because its an excuse to wish people happiness and success, to exchange good wishes - please don't ruin that...I'm sure you could participate by saying nice words like everybody else :) Wishing you a Happy 2005 :)
  6. (salam) Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous New Year! May Allah(SWT) continue to bless us all with the best of health, happiness, success and heaps of love.....and may we all live in peace and harmony. Warmest wishes - - - - - - - HAPPY 2005! :)
  7. syeda_zahra


    (salam) Its a friends network thingy....you sign up and invite all your friends to sign up....your friends invite their friends and then they also invite more friends...and you end up making a huge friends network - something like that anyway! Its just a way for friends to make more friends I suppose. As for being useful....ummm...I guess if you want to make loads of new friends then yeah...its good - otherwise its quite pointless :)
  8. Very good poem - simple and effective. So true as well....this truth applies not just to Engineers, but nearly everyone in any kind of job these days!
  9. Happy Birthday Roya :) May Allah bless you on this special day and always...have a lovely Birthday!
  10. LOL :D Very funny....and quite scary too! :unsure:
  11. (salam) My prayers are with you and your family sister SyedaZahra, Inshallah all will go well and your mum will recover swiftly. Ameen.
  12. (salam) The rule, as far as I remember was: "I" before "E" Except after "C", Or when its in "eigh" As in "neighbour" or "weigh" I don't think it has too much to do with the sound...like the word "receive" has that "ee" sound, but it is spelt "ei", so thats where the rule of "except after c" comes in. But like Friend of All said, the word "weight" has "ei"...and thats where the rule of "or when its in eigh" comes in. Hmm...hope that makes sense :unsure: Just remember that rhyme thingy, it should help....:P
  13. (salam) I'm soooooooo happy - the match was a real pleasure to watch with the family on Eid! :D :D Congratulations Pakistan!! This match made my day! I don't know if I heard correctly, but I think at one point they also mentioned that Pakistan has never lost a match at that ground, which is also impressive :) I agree with you there Friend of All...he was accurate, Inzi, like he said is pretty "under-rated". By the way, it was great to see Imran Khan there as well...commentating etc...he speaks with such authority and assurance, without sounding over-confident, which is admirable. Salman Butt was brilliant....Afridi played well as well, but I really wanted to see him bat too! The match seems a little incomplete without Afridis wonderfully crazy batting :) All in all, a great day, a great match - well done Pakistan! :) And Congratulations to all Pakistanis!! PS. Did you all see the Indian fan praying, who had his eyes closed throughout the match? :o
  14. I've heard that spanish is supposed to be easier than french...but I'm not sure! I would recommend French....I love that language :)
  15. (salam) HAPPY BIRTHDAY bilqisAzZahra!! May Allah(SWT) bless you with a happy and healthy long life....:) Enjoy yourself!
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