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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Aslam e elukum everyone. I hope you all had a blessed Ramadan. Wishing all of you happy Eid from me and my family. Remember all of Muslim ummah in your prayers.
  2. All of you are in my prayers. INSHALLAH KHAIR
  3. I think now I know all the nursery rhymes in the world loool
  4. Awwwww. I am here sweets. Been busy with my son. But I am here. Will definitely try to be active now. Xoxo
  5. Its the worst feeling when your baby is in pain and you cant do anything. I pray your baby gets better soon. INSHALLAH KHAIR
  6. Innallaha wa inallahi rajion May Allah(SWT) give you and your family patience.
  7. This is terrible. May Allah(SWT) give them patience. In my prayers.
  8. Then start with 10 minutes. There are a million videos out there. Start your search now. *opens new tab and searches for 10 minutes cardio videos*
  9. You should try "cafemom studios" videos on youtube. They are very good. They include cardio, core strengthening, workout with weights, yoga etc. It is just a 30 minute routine (one video). I know it is difficult but dont give up yet. Set a target. It is healthy to loose 1-2 pounds a week. So go for it. Want to do it together?
  10. Aslam e elukum. ALHAMDULLILAH very well. Hope you and your family are well too. Yes indeed.
  11. Have you tried Cardio? Jump rope is a good option. But you need to mix it up. Cardio with core muscles strengthening is a great way to go. Also exercise without diet change is of no use. So you need to change your entire diet plan. For motivation I follow a few people on Instagram. I really get in to the zone by looking at the results they have achieved by changing their lifestyle. I am also trying to loose weight, slowly getting there. INSHALLAH soon.
  12. Not really. It just came down from 8 hours to 6. But naps zindabad. Its a great feeling to be a mommy. ALHAMDULLILAH
  13. I love how my baby looks at me :wub: Family........ALHAMDULLILAH
  14. One certainly does. I can devour magnum ice cream anytime even if I don't deserve one. It's just so good. :p
  15. Innallaha wa inallahi rajion May Allah(SWT) give you patience. Always remember this world is temporary. It will end one day. And so will all the hardships we face. May Allah(SWT) be with you always sweet sister.
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