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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Ameen If I ask you who your father is or do you know your father, then are you going to say the same thing, that there is no wisdom in your question and avoid answering it??? I just simply asked you which Sunni are you and why??? What is your belief and faith about Mahdi??? That's all I did, now you seem to avoid answering by making silly comments and turning yourself into a clown. So there is not much wisdom on this site??? Really??? Thankyou very much for accepting, that there is some amount of wisdom on this site, but not much. Check out H.C.Y Forum and you will find wisdom doesn't come any where near that site. AYUBI786 Lols you want to ask me questions but you are using ANY MEANS AND WAYS necessary including my nephew to ask me Signs of desperation I told ya who i am before also you can check my previous posts of whom i follow i have posted on many threads here For the record mr ameen we are all equal in out 4 schools jus minor differences some are salafi etc some are sufi but we are all muslim our fundamentals are the same! Hence when a numpty like you asks me who i am,in a sunni mind the first answer is MUSLIM not salafi wahabi sufi etc but first is muslim as you should know but in your case i kept in with ahle sunnah wal jamaah And as for hcy well........i am not interested in it one slight bit if you think it hasnt wisdom well thats your choice just like this site not much here either matey!!! May Allah swt guide us on the straight path
  2. Rasul the rafida My whole life would be stupidity - if I would be follower of Umar like you ... :lol: AYUBI786 But.......mr rasul rafida.......your life is stupid......because you follow a secret hidden being!! INVISIBLE BEING!! Alien?? Lols May Allah swt guide us on the straight path
  3. Rasul the rafida Ayubi 786 is such an hypocrite let's expose him http://www.shiachat....t/page__st__300 See post Number:→ #321 Is this from Umars Sunnah? AYUBI786 Hahaha typical rasul the rafida way them posts have nothing to do with me insulting they were responses to other posts you FOOL! One of your pals? Lols this explains your whole aqaid try and make false accusations and see if they work A PURE SHIA SUNNA May Allah swt guide us on the straight path
  4. Rasul Ayubi786 you every answer is stupidity... AYUBI786 Lols rasul your whole life is stupidity.....
  5. Rasul Suddenly Ayubi786 got nephew named Uthman trololo AYUBI786 See what i mean brother ibrahim786 We give them answers and they comeback with stupidity! Lols This is typical rasul answer insult them if you cannot win them! Trolol??? I have nephew named HASSAN AND HUSSEIN HECK I EVEN ONE OF MY NEPHEWS is named HASNAIN!! Any trolols on that? May Allah swt guide us on the straight path
  6. Rasul lol there were many Shias which were named Abu Bakr Umar Uthman... AYUBI786 Non zilch i have many shia friends NOT ONE is named as your saying even the name ayesha RASUL I know many Sunnis no one of them has named his son after 'Abu Bakr and Uthman' often they name children after Umar... AYUBI786 Hmmm you know your fibbing here! ???? My own nephew is called uthman!! And its very very common!!as common as umar!! I wonder half of the time if you know what your talking about? May Allah swt guide us on the straight path
  7. Ibrahim786 so its just a coincidence that ali ra named his children abbu bakr umar and uthman even though they "usurped" his khalifah, "beat his wife and killed his unborn son and stole fadak"? AYUBI786 They will reply IT WAS COMMON back then.......but you ask them why dont YOU name your offspring the same like Ali kaw ra and they will say because they were nauzobillah usurpers its their logic!! To Ali kaw ra it was common To these lot its wrong Who follows who? May Allah swt guide us on the straight path
  8. Mr ameen I don't know how old your nephew is but if he's old enough to read and understand a simple question, then he won't be proud of your ducking and diving to avoid the question. Come on! Make your nephew proud by answering a simple question, which Sunni are you and why??? If you can't do it for yourself, then have the courage to do it for your nephew. Show him that you're a man and not a mouse. AYUBI786 going low as possible to get me to answer you is this your new tactic? Is this a another futile attempt by you is this the rafida way? Anyway dont worry about him or me like i said ALHAMDULILLAH WE ARE HAPPY IN OUR PATH AHLE SUNNAH WAL JAMAAH Allah swt shows the way my friend In the meantime You keep thinking in your confused mind what sunni i am And ways and means of getting me to answer your stupid questions May Allah swt guide us on the straight path
  9. Ameen You're just responding on the level of some posters??? If you believe some people are that low, then what kind of wisdom is this, to bring yourself to that level??? AYUBI786 Lols maybe the site itself is for lowly people judging by the remarks on here So there is not much wisdom in this site!! Like your posts should i say!! May Allah swt guide us on the straight path
  10. Ibtahim786 I must say that this thread is hilarious although Im not sure where the thread is going. abit cat and mouse like - 5 shias going after a sunni lol seem you guys know each other personally. AYUBI786 Salaam brother i love your name its prophet as name my nephew is also named ibrahim i also love your posts mashallah Anyway brother this thread is hillarious look at ALL different posters and questions even on monkeys lols It only started because i agreed with brother ambrose and a mr ameen got all hot under collar and started quoting verses and i answered that!! He opens a thread to ask me my belief?? Its not my site!! Stupid thread by a sour person May Allah swt guide us on the straight path
  11. Mr ameen You claim that you are Mr RIGHT, then why don't you show me your MIGHT, rather than being so up TIGHT??? AYUBI786 Lols out of all that gibberish you wrote again with ??? And more??? And more??? This i liked it sounds so you, so child like just like the childish thread its your site you keep asking, but i am just another sunni ,you keep thinking in your feeble head WHICH sunni lols Anyway why should i guide you? Haven't you a guide/imam? Oooooh in your CONCEPT you must be in jahilliyah!! Lols its your site i am here for the show and so far the show is good I am learning from your way of thinking mr ameen May Allah swt guide us on the straight path
  12. Ateef Salam, Get Things In Not Just For the things running on Sahabas get In For the ISLAM... The Sunni/Shia...These are Fiqh Schools.. AYUBI786 Walaikum asalam wa rah matullah wa barakah I am sorry for my naievity brother i am just responding on the level of some posters I have read your posts mashallah you are well learned and know a lot in islam Thankyou for your advice May Allah swt guide us on the straight path
  13. Mashallah brother another great post by brother ambrosechappell enjoyed reading it but.......where is.........Ameen? A M EE EEEN [EDITED] Sorry had to get that in because of the running comments on sahaba ra Oops i hope he doesnt open another thread up Lols May Allah swt guide us on the straight path Note from mod: You are being given your final warning for mocking the Imam (atf).
  14. Kismet110 Nonsense br Ayubi786 - a monkey is likely to be far more intelligent than your good self! Anyway, on the subject of monkeys (and I wouldn't bring it up otherwise but you mentioned the species so this came to mind) can you please explain this narration from Blessed Bukhari Shareef: Narrated ‘Amru bin Maimun: “During the pre-lslamic period of ignorance I saw a she-monkey surrounded by a number of monkeys. They were all stoning it, because it had committed illegal sexual intercourse. I too, stoned it along with them.” Volume 5 Book 58 Narration 188 Now, did this "ahle sunnah wal jama'ah" chappie speak monkey language to know the poor creature had commited an ilegal act? Is it even illegal for animals to have multiple partners? Is it fair to punish monkeys BEFORE the advent of Islam? If we followed this same principle for humans what would be the state of many early Muslims who were big-time baddies pre-Islam? Is cross-species stoning even allowed? What say you on this subject brother? ALI AYUBI786 See what i mean lols the thread started off wanting to know my beliefs then posters come on adding more questions and now you have come along asking monkey questions? What a total farce!! Obviously in your infested mind a monkey is intelligent to you thats why you agree on shia ideaology because your minds can only tolerate this nonsense I aint no zoologist nor are you my dear As for the hadith in question its not that the prophet saws said it! It was a view of A sahabi ra thats it! Its not religiously binding!! Let me explain it to a lil chimp like yourself but first you need to get rid of that monkey way of thinking and think like a human The hadith is categorized as mauquf (lit. “stopped”), meaning that it is a saying traced to that of a Companion®. Therefore, since it is clear that this hadith is not a saying of the Prophet (P), much less ascribed to him, it cannot be a basis for a ruling in Islam. Here is a more detailed one because its only natural for you to quote half hadiths and verses and add your ideology on to it! I had seen in the days of ignorance before Islam, some monkeys who surrounded a she-monkey who had committed unlawful sexual intercourse and they stoned it, so I stoned it along with them. In Fath al-Bârî, Ibn Hajar al-`Asqalânî gives a more detailed narration of this event from `Amr b. Maymûn: I was in Yemen tending the sheep of my people up upon an elevation. A male monkey came with a female and laid his head on her hand. Then a smaller monkey came and beckoned towards her, so she gently slipped her hand out from under the cheek of the first monkey and followed him. He mated with her while I looked on. Then she returned and gently tried to slip her hand back under the cheek of the first monkey, but he woke up suddenly, smelled her, and cried out. Then the monkeys gathered round and he began screaming while pointing towards her with his hand. The monkeys went all about and came back with that monkey that I recognized. They dug a pit for the two of them and stoned them both. So I had witnessed stoning being carried out by other than Adam’s descendants. This is not a hadîth of the Prophet (peace be upon him). It is not even something that `Amr claims he told to the Prophet (peace be upon him). It is just `Amr’s personal account of some things `Amr b. Maymûn saw some animals doing. It is merely his interpretation that those monkeys were stoning the other one as a punishment for adultery. There is no way that he could have known their true motives. There is no Islamic teaching to be gleaned from this account. Ibn Hajar writes inFath al-Bârî : It is not necessary that an event that looks like adultery and stoning was really a case of adultery and capital punishment. He merely described it that way because it looked like these things. It does not mean that legal accountability was being applied to animals. The christian missionaries loved using this hadith against us and your not any different!! So the questions you ask are a waste of time and irrelevant now!!! May Allah swt guide us on the straight path
  15. Power I have never known of a banning for having a low IQ, WHICH I THOUGHT WAS QUITE HILARIOUS :lol: AYUBI786 Lols it just shows your own iq laughing at something stale as that!! Mind you to believe in your aqaid i think i would need a brain transplant to agree with half of them stories i would say a brain from a monkey will put me on your level same as over half of these posters in here you yourself included!!
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