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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I understand that the Prophet went on Miraj. However, there are many shia that beleive that Imam Ali had a role to play during Miraj. I've heard a lot of stories regarding this, and many of these stories seem to be extreeme in placing emphasis on AlI (a.s) that i'm afraid to beleive them because i don't want follow an extreeme. Such as, I've heard that Imam Ali was taken to the heavens before the Prophet and met him there. I've heard a story that the Prophet was offered a glass of milk. A hand reached out from behind a white curtain and offered him a glass, with a couple drops falling to the hand. When the Prophet returned to Earth, he saw the Imam and realized that the hand belonged to the Imam. Another story I heard is that the Prophet was asked whose voice did Allah (S.W.T) speak to you in, and he responded through the voice of Imam Ali. If someoene could offer a hadith to either support of refute these, I would appreciate it.
  2. As'Salaamu'alaikum brothers and sisters, My question is according to Shia Islam, what was Imam Ali (A.S)'s role in miraj? I would appreciate answers backed by Hadith, Qur'an, or confirmation from a respected scholar. Thanks for your answers.
  3. Tell her family, because now you're involved. You don't want the sin to come to you as well, because you had the chance to stop her but you didn't take it.
  4. If you don't mind reading young adult, i would recommend Fault in our stars. i thought it was great otherwise, i would definitely recommend "the heart is a lonley hunter" (if you don't mind a super depressing book). also, read kafka's metamorphosis and then come back and tell me what you think about it
  5. As'Salaamu'alaikum, Okay, so I know that suicide is an "unforgiveable" sin, and that knowledge makes the question I'm going to ask sound stupid. But, that's never stopped me before. So, is there any way someone who commited suicide can be saved? what if this person was not mentally healthy when he/she commited suicide. any information would help. thanks
  6. Salaam sister, When I say that I know what you're going through, you can be assured that I'm telling the truth. I couldn't find a job in my area for the longest time. I'm a college student, and I needed a job desperately. After applying and being rejected so many times, I got it into my head that the reason why I was not being hired anywhere was because of my hijab. It was the first time since I put my hijab on that I truely contemplated taking it off. I came to SC and posted a topic on the subject, mainly hoping people would agree so as to assuage my guilt. what I got instead is what i needed--a wake-up call. moral of the story: after i made the intention of keeping the hijab on, no matter what, I was hired at a company far better than the [Edited Out]py jobs i had been applying for, and I'm gaining experience i could use in future job applications. So, please NEVER doubt the mercy and power of Allah. If He is not opening doors for you immediately, it is because what awaits you ouside is not in your best interest. This might just be a huge test for you, and you need to keep strong, NO MATTER WHAT. Consider Moses. Allah (SWT) protected our beloved Prophet in midst of one of the most evil men in history. And Asiya (the Pharoh's wife), even though she is married to the most evil man of her time, keeps her faith. She is one of the most pious women in history. Asiya did not question Allah why He put her in such a household, but rather THANKED Him that He has maintained her faith, despite her terrible enviorment. Now, by no means am i saying that you should not be dismayed. we are humans, and i have days when I feel like staying in bed and waiting for the world to stop turning. But, such storeis are revealed to us in order to help guide us. In your constant endeavor to research Islam, I would definitely read more about Asiya. and read about Karbala. speaking for myself, reading such stories makes me determined to face my obstacles. It is Allah (SWT) guiding. me. I hope and pray that you pass this test, and are InshAllah rewarded in this life, and the hereafter
  7. sorry about your troubles. Any advise i could give would probably jsut be some platitudes, but I do honestly think that some women also overcompensate right after they get married. like, they might be super aggressive becasue they want to make sure they won't be taken as the meek, obedient partner. but, from what you're describing, she is just manipulative. I think you should do both of yourselves a favor, and let it go. Especially before you have kids. take it from someone that knows, growing up in a household where your parents don't love each other (or even remotely like each other) is tough on a kids psychy. and, if you have girls yourself, you don't want them growing up like their mom. In my opinion, there should be a balance in the relationship. It should be a partnership. if either side is beign overly aggressive or demanding, then it is going to ruin the relationship. You didn't list any, but i would say you should also reflect on your own behavior towards her. Maybe you'll see gaps where you could use improvement. With women, it is WAY easier getting what you want with kindness and love than with aggression and yelling. Because, one, they won't be doing what you said with their hearts. and two, they will hold that resentment forever, which ruins the relationship
  8. eat seafood, like fish and shrimp (i think shrimp might be makrooh...don't know. you could check)
  9. i don't think anyone is claiming it is ineffective. it is just the matter of truely understanding what the emotion "love" means. Its sort of like saying that you hate something. we hear that so much nowadays, the word "hate" has almost lost the inherent strength of the word. same thing with love. we use it so much, so lightly, that (in my opinion) this generation is in large part ignorant to what that emotion really is and how powerful it is. Even Imam Ali said that one should marry first, then fall in love. that is the source the others are using to make that claim. and submissiveness is good to a certain extent. but you can't compare the love of God to the love between men. They are, by their very nature, incomparable. however, i think a mutual give and take would be more the way i would put it, rather than submissiveness.
  10. to a certain extent, i understand what you are saying. however, this is where i see the problem. there are many people, even muslim brothers and sisters, who claim they are in love. then one day they claim they are out of love. if you can understand the boundaries between being "in love" and "out of love" in your mind, by the same logic you should be able to explain what those boundaries are to someone else. i believe in falling in love after knowing someone for a long time. but, in my experience with married couples, that takes a while. however, i don't understand this idea in this generation of falling head over heals in love with someone, and a duration later bieng out of love. you could take it as my lack of experience in such matters, but i just have never been able to understand this
  11. you guys are just warning me on not falling in love. i want to know what came before the realization that falling in love was a bad thing. how did you fall in love. what did it feel like. when did you realize it. what does it feel like to fall out of love. etc
  12. Asalaamu'alaikum everyone, it's been a while since i've been on shia chat. but, i have a question. so i was talking with a friend the other day and she was going on and on about how she's completely "in love" with this guy. so my question is for those that have been "in love." what does that mean? when did you realize you were in love with this person? how do you justify being in love with a bad person, as many woman are. i've seriously had this question for a long time, and i never understood it, perhaps because i myself have never been in love like that (if such a concept exists or if it is just exagerated by western media). I mean i've had my share of attractions towards guys, but i've never been compelled to do something haraam becasue the feeling is just not that strong.
  13. does she have brothers? if they are nicer, make friends with them, and then have them introduce you to her father. but, technically, if a father doesn't have legit Islamic reasons for being against a proposal, i'm pretty positive she can marry you without his permission. but then he probably won't speak to her again, so there's that. Actually, in Islam, it is bad to reject a good proposal.
  14. Honestly, I'm really surprised that people are being so patronizing to this guy. I honestly admire the fact that you are working so hard to make sure you don't sin. I think many young men in your situation would have taken the easy way out, especially if you were brought up in the western culture. I would suggest bringing it up to your parents, emphasizing the fact that you like this girl, but you don't want to do haraam. and, in order to prevent yourself from doing haraam, you want to take this step. Even if your parents don't wnat you using temorary marriage to fulfil lustful desires, you could always use it to get to know this girl a bit better. I would definitely not recommend you do anything drastic before you find out WAY more about her. Yeah, she might seem really amazing to you now, but everyone has skeletons in their closet, some worse than others. It's best to know what you're getting into before it goes too far. But, like I said, before doing any of this, I'd advise you to talk to your parents. Also, when you talk to your parents, I'd avoid telling them all the things you noticed about this girl...it might take the conversation into a direction you don't want to get into. :)
  15. are we back to this discussion again. Actually, I was pretty interested in this thread before, but they shut it down for some reason. I've never used the no no machines but I've heard they don't truely work and that it hurts. I'd definitely be careful where I used it. To be safe, and cheap, I'd just use wax or shave.
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