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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Wallaikum Assalam Dear it is indeed a sign of modesity thats why Allah ordered women to observe it.And I am not surprized to hear from you that you believe that families who ask their girls to wear hijab are fundamentalists because many Muslims think like that under the influence of west because this word Fundamentalism is creation of west for muslims.don't you think its duty of our parents to tell us what Islam orders us to do and what to refrain from?.then it is one's own decision whether to observe that or not.
  2. Thats true.bro.That is what Allah want from us..to be role models for others..InshaAllah we will be guided towards right path.
  3. Thats true.perfection is greatest quality of Ahlul bayt and hence they want perfection atleast to the above degree for their followers too.May Allah make us true shias.
  4. Sis Its seems like you have given words to my feelings regarding this kind of hijab.really it frustrates me too alot when i see muslim women wearing short skirts,skinny jeans and such sort of clothing and then in order to lebel them as practicing muslim women cover their hair alone by wraping a piece of cloth around their head.for them this is hijab as if Allah has commanded to cover your hair alone.if that was hijab then why women from the Ahlul bayt used to visit the shrine of Holy prophet (SAW) during night? why when being taken to syria even little sakina was trying to hide her face too?..
  5. What i have observed about not many women wearing hijab is that they think they will be considered as fundamentalists,it will oppress their freedom and they will look wierd and won't be able to show off their trendy costumes. :lol: .there is also a perception that the women who wear hijab won't be successfull professionals.the main reason of that is lack of understanding regarding hijab.
  6. Thanks alot shiasoul. :) And i request all brothers and sisters to pray for our good result which is expected within few days.
  7. Definately i will share once i found any such websites which are not shared already. :)
  8. Fully agreed with you bro.i too have same experiance that some sunnis especially wahabis consider non-muslims better than shias.May Allah guide them.
  9. Wallaikum Assalam Thank alot brothers Dawood and Qamber Ali for such useful information.that has cleared my concept to great extent.really appreciative help. God bless you.
  10. Yes agreed it is impossible for shias to live in one place.they will not be allowed.we can take the example of Gilgit-Baltistan where before 80s shias and Ismailis were in majority,but in order to reduce their strength people from other areas of Pakistan were settled there and now we can see the result.you can say that Pakistan has become a battle ground of Saudi war against Iran in general and shias in particular. No Pakistan is not a failure.In fact some people are working againt it to fail it.The political culture of our country is dynastic where same old faces come time and again and peo
  11. I wonder still those "terrorist" Americans call Muslims terrorists!!!! they are the greatest terrorists and enemies of humanity.still they think they are civilized.. :mad: :cry:
  12. Well many shias face such people and in my opinion in order to satisfy such people you must have enough knowledge and your own opinion should be clear with references.so unless you have complete knowledge about all such controvercies in history untill then just avoid entering into debate with such people.in the end i must say there are such stubborn people too who never accept your point of view no matter how much proves you give them.they really get on to your nerves.
  13. No i don't think it is possible.there are two reasons for that.First because the economic conditions of Iran are already not so good.second the perception of Iranians about Pakistan is not very good because of the terrorist activities in Iran are being carried out by a group "Junadullah" which is operating from Pakistan.Infact i have heard from the people who have visited Iran that now Iranians look at Pakistanis with suspician.though the fault lies with the government as it has failed to stop all such vicious activities against Iran...it cannot even control atrocities against its own shia pop
  14. Your friend should make his wife understand politely that due to financial problems he cannot afford to fulfill all her demands.he must deal with the situation very carefully.
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