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  1. Salam. I meant the source about the guy being tall and skinny with a long neck. But anyhow, I think there is too much speculations here. Abbas0, you usually write good stuff here, but :Sami and ateef are bringing this a little bit too far. It all feels like a joke and :Sami hasen't brought any proofs for his statements yet. All of these conspiracies are the reason why the Imam(A) return is being delayed. The Ahlulbayt have left behind hadith and we should examine them. And they are perfect hadith. But we should be sure of our statement and most importantly, we should bring proofs!
  2. Why should I not go to school? If I would not have gone to University, I would not be as aware of Islam and shiism as I am today.
  3. Imam Al Sadeq a.s:"Before the Sufyani is an Egyptian and a Yamani" Bihar Al Anwar v.52 p.210 Can This egyptian be the new president Mursi ?
  4. Game092

    Asking From Imams

    Can I say: "YA Allah, FOR THE SAKE OF Imam Ali(A) forgive my sins" Is this allowed?
  5. Yup! That is why, sufyani MAY <-------- have risen already. But personally I think that we have to wait until next year to really be 100% sure AND about this Mursi guy, do you think that he can be the Egyptian prior to the Yamani and prior to the sufyani? And what is his opinion on shiamuslims and on Iran and Syria?
  6. I heard that "Sufyani" is a metaphor. That the sufyani can be a movement instead of a person...
  7. Game092

    M.B.- Morsi Just Declared President Of Egypt.

    Iran supports Morsi! How can he then be a loss for Egypt?
  8. This doesn't matter..because the King has to be KILLED, that's why his health is not important for us...
  9. Game092

    What More Is Needed?

    It means that we should establish our prayers, become better human beings, give charity, seek knowledge and so on, in order for the Imam of our time to come. He will not come if he doesn't have loyal persons standing with him. He will come when we are ready, because he has been ready since day 1.
  10. Game092

    What More Is Needed?

    We his followers have to be ready. It is not us waiting for Imam Mahdi (as), it is him waiting for us to be ready!
  11. Can you please explain Nr2 brother? Banu Abbas ? =)
  12. Abbas0..I think you got the 5 things wrong. The five signs before Imam Zaman(as) is: 1) Sufyani 2) Double eclipse in ramadan 3) The sound from the sky 4) Pure soul killing 5) Sinking of the earth
  13. Brother RiseOrDie! This military drill you were talking about in a few posts ago..what do you think it is about? I mean the one with the Jordan military which is starting soon? Thanks bro for all you posts!