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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. when I was Muslim I used to waste my time doing these rituals. what is the benefit of a SILENT and MUTE: God Dead Prophets Dead and hidden Imam + Friends Angels Jinn anything unseen None of these indicate a communicating intelligent God.
  2. also what exactly is the purpose of a living Imam if he's not there to guide people? not only Muslims but anyone! these 40 day rituals make no sense!
  3. Many athiests and disbelievers came to Islam after meeting an Imam or Prophet, or did that never happen? secondly, if I am a disbeliever now, what difference make then? everything you've stated is an assumption.
  4. thanks for all your replies.... all the wealthy Muslims have this one belief, that Allah provides their wealth and rizq. they thank God for the food they eat and the beautiful life they enjoy. yet when you ask them what of those dying of hunger, where is Allah for them? then it is oppressors of the world that seem to be stealing resources from Allah? I don't turn to science, im not one of those agnostic athiest who thinks science can disprove God and will lead the way. science only describes the process. with Islam or any religion their only proof of God boils down to an argument... primarily this argument, how did it all start? this is just another theory, like a scientist theorizing... where is the proof? please don't point to a bird flapping and a tree and nature as the evidence... why? someone mentioned something about a chair and extrapolating from there. Yes, the universe points to a Creator if we think that everything requires a Creator, however intelligence like ours or higher than ours requires communication. A mute Creator that only spoke to 124,000, now a dead Prophets, out of billions doesn't prove God at all. Some flying angel supposedly delivering messages from God sounds ridiculous. These people still exist, they see angels, should we start taking them seriously as well? Science plus religion doesn't prove or disprove anything for me. Intellectuall theories, which I have read enough of, can remain in the books, where is the intelligent God they supposedly prove? if ppl missed, I said my return to Islam is through these 2 means: 1. If God speaks to me. or (wasnt able to add this OR to my last post) 2. a Prophet or living Imam speaks with me and answers my question. or 3. Something unknown occurs as God wishes.
  5. I consider this fear tactics. Its the boogie monster in the closet we use to scare kids into doing what we want them. I don't believe in a God that is so petty that He feels the need to test His creation and then punish them. This makes as much sense to me as the idea of multiple Gods to you. God now makes as much sense to me as a Hindu worshipping a idol does to you. I think Allah is just another idol made by humans, so what if you don't make images out of Him? Lastly I would tell the Imam is not your God Just and also All powerful? So why does He want to punish me if I can't believe in Him? What difference does it make to Him?
  6. yes, I pray even when no one is around. don't ask me why. fasting has been hard due to addiction to smoking, but I do fast in front of others. I am also giving my children the best Islamic education possible... I don't want them to have beliefs like mine, if they are happy being Muslims, that's great.
  7. its psychological comfort for all the suffering you see around you and live through. its to help you through the hard times... living a hard life has nothing to do with it, the purpose is to make you live a hard life while psychologically imagining an invisible entity is with you all times and will reward/punish you. it allows those in authority to send thousands to their death if needed... even if for a good cause. I will tell you what would make me a Muslim again: 1. God speaks to me directly 2. A Prophet or Imam speaks to me in person in the flesh and is willing to answer my questions. There seems to be a shortage of Prophets and Imams, the one Imam that is supposedly alive is conveniently in hiding...
  8. I had my kids while still Muslim, obviously no longer plan on having more children brother. but currently I feel that I am pretending...
  9. ironically I want to live a more honest life where I am not pretending all the time. and also thats your belief and I respect that, but I no longer see life with Islamic or unislamic lenses. I see life the way an animal is. once an animal dies, do you worry about where it's "soul" will go? you might tell kids their pets go to pet heaven, that is how I see heaven and hell, make us feel good places.
  10. I don't believe in anything nor any theories. I posted this thread in family section, mods moved it to theology.
  11. I would be willing to stay together or support them financially. sorry I don't want to discuss the proof question or why I am currently in this state of mind.
  12. she is willing to help, I no longer want to seek help. I can no longer believe in the unseen, which includes Allah, angels, jinn, heaven, hell, barzakhi life, Prophetic, divinity, miracles, reward and punishment. I don’t find any proof for any of these things and find Islam to be more or less like other religions. I want a different life style and a different life partner... but have decided that I will sacrifice that for my kids etc .. just worried about mine and their future.
  13. my wife is extremely religious, I have tried approaching the topic, I know what the end result will be.
  14. salaam... im a married man for about 10 years with 2 kids that are below the age of 7... I'm 36 years old. I was a devout a Muslim for much of my life, however in the past 10 years I really began looking for the truth. sadly it's resulted in me longer believing in Allah, a God etc... this post is not about my theological problems. I never wanted to be a disbeliever, but that really is the state of affairs at the moment. I havent told anyone about this. I am not too happy in my marriage as I want to do different things but feel like I have to continue pretending to be a Muslim because my wife may leave me, it would hurt my parents etc on the other hand I'm really unhappy and feel like im being dishonest, and maybe my kids deserve a better father than me... (but they may never get another father)... but I would be hurting too many people if I came out and said im no longer a Muslim... any advice???
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