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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. yes that's very true... sometimes i wish I didn't have kids... they r really really difficult to look after
  2. i need medical assistance in quitting, any time i try going cold turkey, withdrawal kicks in so hard... i need some medicine for first 2 3 weeks... i will try to find a doctor, but just wanted to see if anyone on this forum can help... also i have noone to talk to about this, i hope you all can be a shoulder for me and help
  3. I don't know if you gone through an addiction to drugs... it's easier said than done
  4. also it wasn't addicting when i was single and happy... it only got addicting after marriage, i got really depressed, had kids, and tht added to stress and im still depressed... it's an escape for me... i just no longer know how to be happy without it
  5. well anything can be addicting... the studies say i think 10 to 20 percent get addicted
  6. yes cannabis. it makes you feel much better than nicotine, think about that... also not everyone gets addicted.
  7. salaam brother, I am trying to quit severe addiction to marijuana, can you help?
  8. salaam brothers and sisters, is there anyone here that has successfully quit smoking weed? I have been severely addicted for 13 years. The last time I quit i was clean for almost a year. However i would still see myself smoking in my dream even after a year... if anyone here is a medical professional or can help... as my addiction is both physical and psychological. i get withdrawal symptoms if i go without it even for 12 hours... im a chain a smoker/consumer. I would give anything to be able to quit.
  9. when I was Muslim I used to waste my time doing these rituals. what is the benefit of a SILENT and MUTE: God Dead Prophets Dead and hidden Imam + Friends Angels Jinn anything unseen None of these indicate a communicating intelligent God.
  10. also what exactly is the purpose of a living Imam if he's not there to guide people? not only Muslims but anyone! these 40 day rituals make no sense!
  11. Many athiests and disbelievers came to Islam after meeting an Imam or Prophet, or did that never happen? secondly, if I am a disbeliever now, what difference make then? everything you've stated is an assumption.
  12. thanks for all your replies.... all the wealthy Muslims have this one belief, that Allah provides their wealth and rizq. they thank God for the food they eat and the beautiful life they enjoy. yet when you ask them what of those dying of hunger, where is Allah for them? then it is oppressors of the world that seem to be stealing resources from Allah? I don't turn to science, im not one of those agnostic athiest who thinks science can disprove God and will lead the way. science only describes the process. with Islam or any religion their only proof of God boils down to an argume
  13. I consider this fear tactics. Its the boogie monster in the closet we use to scare kids into doing what we want them. I don't believe in a God that is so petty that He feels the need to test His creation and then punish them. This makes as much sense to me as the idea of multiple Gods to you. God now makes as much sense to me as a Hindu worshipping a idol does to you. I think Allah is just another idol made by humans, so what if you don't make images out of Him? Lastly I would tell the Imam is not your God Just and also All powerful? So why does He want to punish me if I can't
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