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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam aleikum, thanks to the answers. What is the Sunni view on this important question? Blessings,
  2. Salam aleikum, I have been wondering about this question for a long time. It is about the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (a). Why was Hussein (a), the beloved grandson of the Prophet (S) killed? what is the answer through a Sunni perspective and what is the answers through a Shia perspective? Many thanks, Seekingtruth,
  3. Salam aleikum, what do you medan by powers of intersession? is this power given by Allah (swt)? Can it be achieved without any reference by name via the sayings of Ahlulbayt? Thanks,
  4. Salam, thanks. What does that exactly mean? How is it understood via the Sunni perspective? Blessings,
  5. Salam aleikum brother, Very nice Hadith indeed. Dear brother, iblees l.a. knew about all this. He was one of The best worshipers of Allah swt. His tawheed was very high. But his tawheed was lost when he did not follow the command of Allah swt. Brother, you mentioned that the prophet saaw emphasised his Ahlulbayt (a). What did he mean by that? Why did he highlight the importance of holding fast to the Quran and Ahlulbayt? This command is the same as the command of Allah to prostrating to Adam (a). The best of worshipers and the one who had best knowledge of tawhid failed, because he did not submit to the will of Allah. The Muslims did so, when Allah, via his beloved prophet, commanded the Muslims to hold fast to Ahlulbayt, the declared war against them, culminating in the brutal killing of Imam Hussein,the most beloved grandson of Peophet Muhammed (saaw). So, my question is, what is your understanding of the command regarding the two elements the Quran and the Ahlulbayt? Blessings, seekingtruth,
  6. salamun alikum, I recommend you that you fear Allah (swt) and that you should focus on how to prepear yourself for the coming of Imam Mahdi (a), and not quarrel about his skin color or his background. For Imam Mahdi (a), this kind of knowledge is useless, what makes sense is if you are a true follower of the truth, or if you are an enemy of Allah (swt). blessings, seekingtruth14
  7. Salam! According to the School of Ahlulbayt (as) the Messenger (S) clearly told the Ummah that there will be twelve leaders in Islam. He gave their names one by one. Even the name of last Imam was given. If you accept that that Imam Ali (as) was appointed by the Messenger (S) via Allah then you will soon realize that Imam Ali (as) had the obligation to proclaim the leadership after his departure. Imagine this, Imam Ali (as) is the leader. Do you truly believe that no one asked the Imam who will succeed him? think of it. Secondly, do you believe that your friend brother ambroschappel will formulate his question clearly and end it with a question mark? (I ask you this because I don’t like to discuss off topics)
  8. Thanks brother! I will post your question as it is: Brother, you clearly said that you had a question. There is no “question mark” in your post. You have raised three points giving your own view of an event and a verse. I gently ask you again to clearly write your question and end it with a question mark (?). The only part where you write that you have a question is the following citation: Where is your question? you are just giving information. A question looks like this: Why didn’t the Prophet (S) deliver the message (5:67) on another occasion which is less dangerous? What kind of danger was expected to happen during the delivery of the message? A question usually ends with a question mark, I don’t see that your “question” ends with a question mark. Please try again. I will be happy to help you.
  9. wa aleikum al salam! I will summarize your points into one sentence: The followers of the Ahlulbayt School of Thought regard verse 5:67 to be of great value. They assume that Allah (swt) commanded the Messenger (S) to proclaim the divine leadership of Imam Ali (A). The verse explains that a possible opposition can occur and that Allah will protect his Messenger (S). The question is: Why didn’t the Prophet (S) deliver the message on another occasion which is less dangerous? What kind of danger was expected to happen during the delivery of the message? Brother, have I summarized your point correctly? Please confirm in order for me to proceed. Thanks!
  10. To brother ambrosechappel: Salam brother! I hope you are doing well! Try to focus on one specific question that you think is hard to understand. Focus on one specific issue regarding the Imamah and we will try to do our best to help you. There are many questions to discuss about Divine Leadership. Choose one of these many questions. Important questions regarding Divine Leadership (Imamah) are: 1. How is a Caliph installed in the Ummah according to Islamic law? 2. Is it obligatory (such as fasting and prayer) to obey the Caliph? 3. How many caliphs did the Messenger (S) say there would be in the Muslim Ummah? etc.
  11. Salam! The sahih hadith interpreting the reveals to us that the specific verse was about Imam Ali (A) and Ghadeer Khum.
  12. Are you saying that Abu Baker was not appointed by the messenger (S)? amazing! Then Abu Baker was not the representative of Muhammed (S).
  13. Christians are more than Muslims world wide. Is there a valid reason for it? What kind of logic do you use brother?
  14. Salam! I agree with you. What is the point with insulting? I mean, let Allah (swt) be the judge. If an individual has many question marks, then we should not insist on them too much. We should only focus on the individuals whom the Messenger (S) commanded us to follow (i.e. Ahlulbayt (A))
  15. Salam! Nice topic! One question which is off topic. Do you believe that Muhammed (S) was the last messenger? I am waiting for your answer brother :)
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