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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Where is this Alavi travel ? is it in tehran ?
  2. I want to go for Ziayarat is Allah wishes soon to iran. I have to visit Qom, Mashad, Jamakran, Ispahan, and if possible Yazd I have never been there so have no idea can anyone help me out here the experiecened users. Im planing to land in Tehran and then by bus travel to Qom and then Ispahan how should i go from there to Mashhad, i dont wana spend much on hotel etc Musfairkhana will do even(as im not booking any hotels what is best way to find hotel as soon as reach), i came to know that very close to Imam Reza Harama there is pakistani hotel which is very cheap any one has an idea. Please guide what is best way to travel, cheap hotel, good and affordable food. And in iranian currency didgits get so big how u track of money, convert everything or just what they ask how it works ????
  3. Best solution for every condition is suggested by starlight, but as it peer based proxy it can be bit slow. But its best thing out there is ur concern about privacy. If ur just looking for unlock few site which are blocked then normal proxies like cyberghost, ultrasurf will do.
  4. ISO format is not readable software for application like GPS, i agree with jawadamin3, u can use demon tool and extarct iso file and see what in there, if there is excutable file like exe just put on sd card and run. If it dosnt work tell us what inside the ISO and we will see what can be done !
  5. There is one setting in expert mode in httrack, i dont remember exactly, I will look into it and get back to u
  6. Dear Brother All of Shia community is facing this problem, specially young once. I didnt found signle reliable source to find online, in real life you (or ur parents) cant just go and ask any one for marriage, as people suggest here go imambaragh and Masjid that dosnt work in Indo/pak and Gulf as like in US and UK. Parents of Girls living in western countries, think asian guys backwards and poor which is like judging a book by its cover. (Or for them Green card is more important than religion and character) In reality indian/pakistani guys from decent families are more down to earth, family oriented. Anways back to point, just it depends on ur luck if Allah has something for you u will finally reach her. Good Luck Brother
  7. On this planet Earth. Thanks freinds alot, though i didnt found any suggestion very helpful in my case. But thanks for helping.
  8. Yaaa brother, assest is bit issue that i have home only as assest and dont which country allows to find jobs there and which just leave within a year like UK, putting a only assest is what is stopping me from loan.
  9. Bro as i told above a collection of rings too but will post soon I have many many rings i will post them as soon as possible
  10. Thanks bro, i went through these and i researched myself too, but only problem is cost of living there as u need to show a particular amount in ur bank befre u can come there :( No brother i didnt given up i keep trying even i apply which dont offer visa even i keep applying maybe someday fate smiles on me :) Yaaa i went through Newzealand and i love the country. It easy to get Silver visa for job search there but for that u need 10lakhs and more for visa for 6 months thats a big amount. Ru in new zealand can u tell me more about there process ??
  11. These are just part Gemstones collection, all gemstones are from Iraq and Iran bought by my parent during ziyarat. I have huge collection of gem ringes too will post that later :) Surkh Aqeeq, Zard Aqeeq, Dur-e-Najaf, one pattern is aslo a type of aqeeq i suppose.
  12. I tried applying to many job but all in vein. I want to migrate for citizenship as soon as possible, i researched on easy way for migration is education but found i can afford education but cant afford living cost its very costly. What u mean non-mainstream european countries where should i try ???????
  13. Same as u brother i want a decent job only, but online no one replies and only few jobs offers visa based job. Brother u got in different country (if u like to share would like to know where) through linkedin and there are hopes on linkedin ?
  14. Thanks alot brother, im looking into this and then if have any question will pm u I tried many jobs but no one replies i dono why they post jobs online :( This not we do, we are learnt community, this done by u wahabis u can kill anyone just for plate of biryani. Sh*theads Ur solution is really promising but i cant do that as u know in our religion is completly forbiden thing. And i personally dont like to shift to UK as its bristishers are most racist in whole world personal experience. Brother living in India has no future even we dont get electricity and basic needs and as shia we suffer from both sides, in jobs and society we suffer as muslim and in muslim we suffer due to shia, so i want to move where atleast have a basic needs. (Life is not as it seems on movies here brothers :( ) But as above comment i feel its very hard to move. Even shia companies in Australia,US and Canada didnt help there brothers to get jobs etc (just my thinking)
  15. Seriously Nobdy know anything about this stranger.
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