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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. whats pathetic and funny about talking about the poor and those who live with poverty. u a pakistani should know what its like to live in a country where the majority of people are probably more poor then most in tripoli or the poorest in lebanon.
  2. the driver of sheikh wahed told the opposite, that the sheikh stoped at the chekpoint, and the "soldiers" insulted him and so he turned the car around and then the "soldiers" shot at his car and murdered him and sheikh mereb. and if this is true the soldires should be prosecutred. also 4 unarmored range rovers now make up an "armed" "convoy".
  3. Their have been constant threats against him and after he left the government their were some immediate threats against him that forced him to leave lebanon, to protect his life and the life of his family. . And salafis in lebanon don't support saad hariri they have their own groups and one of the most now prominent of them ahmed assir is known to be against saad hariri. also saudis don't fund sunni areas because if they did north of lebanon would not be as poor as it is, their are many extreamly rich sunnis as their is poor, manny sunni's in lebanon are actually quite poor and are drawn to an
  4. Rick i'm in the usa by the way, i'm from beirut, and the cia lol, i also work for the m16, kgb, the illuminati and the mossad, you forgot to mention that, a long with your very long credentials i am sure in the "resistance". Noah their are problems in lebanon with sunnis, their are dangerous people who have come into prominence after saad hariri left lebanon, due to threats against him, and now lebanon is missing saad hariri and moderate voices who can calm such a situation, i saw omar bakri on tv during this and it is scary that a lunatic like him or ahmed assir has influence with sunnis and
  5. (salam) i don't believe the hijab or any clothes defines modesty or humbleness or that not obeying the dictations of male scholars who say it is necessary *and who will never wear it* will send me to hell or will harm my chances into going to jannah , nor thankfully my family is not one of fundamentalist who pressured me ever to wear the hijab or any such cloth as a prescription of being a muslim, at least that is me .
  6. rick james so you are a member of hezbollah and from south lebanon, and faced the isralie occupation ? :lol: and whats an armed convey, how many cars did he have, were their machine guns on their cars, most lebanese figures have bodyguards is that an armed convey, and if it was an armed convey why did that armed covney not fire back at the "soldires" who murdered the sheikh, the news is not very clear ? and people should understand that it is because of saad hariri and people like ahmed fatfat and the ulmea of the north that a horrible tragety does not occur, and lebanon does not explode . \
  7. Can Sunnis build masjids in Iran were they can try to "convert" shia's to sunnism or salafism, can the people of az zahar send missionaries to Iran or Iraq to "convert" shia? And hopefully with democracy the powers of ignorance are destroyed and Egyptians become a religious or atheist ? And the slight growth of shiaism was because of Nasrallah and Hezbollah, because the Egyptians are the most ardent people in their support of the Palestinians but with nasrallah slide in popularity because of his stances on Syria shiaism growth in Egypt will not be that much.
  8. Their are people in the lebanese government and their supporters, trying to sow sectarian fitnah and chaos in lebanon to protect thier benfectors in syria, everyone knows who they are, the people who cheer at the murder of an innocent sheikh and his body guard, the people who were happy when cars bombs and bullets killed lebanese leaders, but lebanon is greater then them , and their fitnah and the terroists will be met by defeate in democracy and any place else were they can't just kill their way to victory.......
  9. The Candidates Abdel Moneim Abouel Fotouh Abdel Moneim Abouel Fotouh was the leader of the Cairo University Student Union when he rose up to his feet to accuse then-invincible President Anwar al-Sadat of favoring hypocrites at a public conference in the 1970s. “I am not willing to listen to this talk, because it surpasses the boundaries of politeness...Stop and behave,” responded Sadat angrily. Back then, this tense exchange damaged the medical school graduate’s career; he was denied the right to join Cairo University’s medical school as a professor despite his high grades, he says. Yet, ye
  10. Noah the Arab world is not like the US or Europe and to compare the Arab nationalism of Abdel Nasser to Nationalist groups in europe like the golden dawn, or national front, or the ndp or the kkk in America and so one is ridiculous. Abdel Nasser nor does any real Arab nationalist promtoe the equivalent of the Arab aryan. Saad Hariri uses the saudi for money (like i said he is not infallible) but he does not use the Saudi money to promote a salafi backward state in Lebanon. And when has Saad Hariri ever fought anyone in the south, the martyr rafic hariri was from south lebanon, saida, and alwa
  11. Noah, so pushing for unity among Arab countries makes you the same as a xenophobic genocidal maniac Hitler, are Iranian nationalists the same or Pakistani nationalist the same as Hitler, is the EU a nazi organization. Nasser pushed for unity among Arabs he didn't call for the genocide of every non arab nor was he an anti semite, or xenophobic, and if you can't understand that then thats your problen. Hariri is the best example of secularism because he promotes secualrism, coexistance and democracy in lebanon and i like him, as for gaddafi, he was not a secularist he was an anarchist islamist,
  12. Noah Iraq and Palestine, are individual countries with a wide spectrum on the political level and history to generalize even on those two areas is ridiculous, also Saddam used religion in his government when he was desperate, he was never a genuine secularist like Abdel Nasser who for example for the shia, pushed al azhar to regonize shias as muslims and made egypt a more foward coutry apart from Islam or Habib Bourguiba who created a modern foward tunisia. Noah when you generalize about Sunni Arabs in such a manner it does not even surve your deep hatred for them.. Also did Mubarak just tortu
  13. Rick James I hope Sunni's become secular and keep their religion to themselves, so we can get away from the backwardness which is mixing religion and state. Also the "Sunni" states realized that war is not the answer to the Palestinian Isralie issue and have been working to a peaceful settlement to the palestinian isralie issue which has been undermined by some parties. And where is this thread going where, o poor poor shia, sunni hate us and are just waiting to massacre us all, this victimization by people who have probably never been victimized is utterly pathetic....
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