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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. *Nasrullah strikes tel aviv*2 minutes later : South lebanon turned to ashes. Not a smart move.
  2. It has always been Persian gulf. It just that in the last 100 years or so nationalist Arabs have tried to label it as Arabian gulf.
  3. Long beard is the Sunnah. I assume you would be making fun of the beard of the Prophet SAW as well. because his heard was very long.
  4. We sunnis do not kill innocent people. Rather, its the Iranian persian imperialists and their hizbullah puppets who kill innocent people. We all know how Iran has attacked shia mosques in Iraq to radicalize the shia youth. Iraqi Shias are generally suspicious of Iranian terror groups such as revolutionary guards having influence in Iraq. Iran has tried to replace respected ayatollahs like Sistani, and replace them with terrorists such as Muqtada Sadr. Also, in Hizbullah controlled areas in Lebanon, one can criticize the prime minister of lebanon but one is not allowed to criticise Iran or wilyat al faqih. I hope that the Shias of lebanon wake up sooner than later, just like the shias of Iraq have woken up. The Iraqi shias have realised that Wilayat al-Faqih is nothing more than Persian imperialism disguised as Islam.
  5. You actually follow all of my posts, I am flattered.
  6. The fact that I said please is a good indicator that it wasn't a threat :D
  7. Abdel nasser was a secularist anti islamic person who was for Arab superiority. In Islam, we don't strive for Arab unity or Persian unity.. we should all strive for Muslim unity.
  8. Where in Lebanon? Do you happen to have a house and family in Tripoli or in a different area of lebanon? Noura is a secularist waste of space, she is just as delusional as supporters of the hizbullah terror organization.
  9. It's clear you aren't keeping up with the current events. "Salafis" are here to stay and in the coming years they will be a bigger part of the lebanese political system.
  10. Well, neither of us live in Lebanon. The information you and I both get are from sources living inside the country. It's clear as daylight, those Alawis(the ones that kill the innocent people of bab tabbeneh) need to be [Edited: dealt with].
  11. Good. It's about time the majority in Syria defend the honour of their women and children. As the shaykh said, it is in not in the interest of the Alawi heretics to support the regime.
  12. The prophet SAW would pray on whatever was pure. That's like saying we should all have long hair because its a sunnah. Which is true it is a Sunnah having long hair, but having no hair is also a Sunnah. Going into Sunni masjid and praying without a turbah you are still following the Sunnah. Also, the dirt that the Prophet SAW would pray on is the dirt of Mecca/Medina, not the dirt of Karbala. Yes, All Masjids are houses of Allah, but it's common knowledge that Sunni and Shia both have their own mosques and in those mosques there isn't much tolerance for members of the other sect.
  13. Interesting that, your source is named "Al-Tawheed" but the contents of your post consists of a pure example of setting up partners with Allah.
  14. If you are going to go to a mosque of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama'ah, then don't take a turbah with you. Simple.Just like how, I wouldn't go into a Husayniyat yelling praises for the Rightly guided Khalifs.
  15. A Sunni man was arrested for supporting the Mujahideen of Syria against bashar's thugs. That's what started this conflict. Don't make up lies, have some honour.
  16. Soon, your likes will no longer be tolerated in the middle east. Abdel Nasser is rotting in his grave and hell awaits him.
  17. He never threatened all Alawis. Rather, he said those Alawis (and others) who fight for the regime will be killed. From what I know Iran executed all the people who tried to stop the revolution when the mullahs got in power.
  18. So let me get this right, you want Assad to eliminate opposition movements such as Salafis and Ikhwan so that the future syria will be a secular western state? Let me tell you something, secularism will never work in the middle east. The west has tried to install brutal puppet secular rulers in the middle east for decades and has failed. Middle east will never be like the west, no man in middle east will allow his sister or female relatives to go out and enjoy the freedoms that the so called western woman have. Your whole western style freedoms and BS just wont work in middle east. Should I remind you how the secular godless Shah was overthrown by Iranians? Or how Mubarak, the secular godless puppet, is being humiliated on his death bed right now? Shaykh Adnan Aroor is a great Shaykh, may Allah bless him with a long life. He is truly inspirational, and he definately is a heroic figure to all the syrians I have talked to, no matter how religious they may be.
  19. May Allah help our brothers and sisters in Tabbaneh who are constantly terrorised by the Alawi bashar supporting thugs,
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