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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I wish you all the best and hope you manage to succeed - some people would rather not get married if asked to keep it low-key. Things are so depressing here.
  2. The show Imam Raza's (a ) followers eating rabbit meat in the Iranian series?
  3. What does this mean? the person who is in the last row is the worst if a man, and if a woman she is the best? why? coming late for a man is not okay, but recommended for a woman? side question - aren't women encouraged to not pray in congregation?
  4. that's true - i think they basically get sick of the rituals and unessential parts of religion and reject the whole concept of it. but when difficulties catch them by the neck, they go running back to Allah, shukar alhamdulillah. (at least from among the few atheists I know)
  5. I think it might depend on the context.. if you're jealous of a friend who is more successful than you, that would be evil.. but if you feel jealous when your husband admires another woman it could be justified?
  6. Since marriage is half of faith, and you are supposed to listen to your parents in every matter except religion .. Praying for you ! Kudos to your parents! Mashaállah loved the post. But you're underestimate the pressurizing tactics of Pakistani parents - they would prefer to kill their child than have them "disobey" their will... even in this day and age! No education can free the minds of these crazy people enslaved to culture/tradition/ "what their forefathers used to do" Ugh. hate these people.
  7. :mellow: your question is akin to the Kharijities question to Imam Ali (a) regarding the reason for calling off the battle at the Kharijites' insistence when he knew they were wrong. The Imam (a) is telling Muawiya to judge by his own standards (since he and the participants at Saqifa had chosen to ignore God's and the Prophet's)
  8. if your troubles don't go away, and then you can remove yourself from them - isolate yourself from everything and everyone and alone on a prayer mat.. pray till you are answered? what if he just wants to meet his Lord?
  9. "Ya Imam - peace be upon you You know how much you are loved better than those who think they love you - I would rather you not come among people who do not value you; if the same treatment would be meted out to you as to Imam Ali and Husayn (a) - do not come. We would rather die in misery than inflict an iota of pain upon your pure self. You know best Allah's plan - help us accept it and tread the path you lead."
  10. Pharoah is used elsewhere, like in Surah al Muzammil though...
  11. because it makes Shiísm look like a travesty.. it's embarrassing
  12. We need to eat and drink to survive.. Does your marja say caffeine is haram? I don't think even cigarettes are haram
  13. That's really sweet .. honestly!. . but now would be a very good time to practise restraint and self-control. And learning to love someone grander..
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