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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. As far i know her! she is bit aggressive than him! she argues too much! so i can't say who was right or wrong! as i can't make her uncomfortable! so far she have shared all her problem with me! but never shared her divorce story..
  2. I never asked! since it is her personal space! and never wanted her to get upset or depressed!
  3. I guess he told her that he wants to do nikah! not sure about mut`ah either! I will ask her about who she follow. if she follows Sistani! then i guess it is not feasible if he is not seeking his wife's permission!
  4. She is confused, and seeking help, as well true guidance! as I myself doesn't know anything about rules! and she doesn't want to mess it up again. She believes it is important to check the reality instead goes with will.
  5. One of my friend had divorced, now her husband want to remarry with her! but their are some following problems; 1. Her ex husband is a married guy and still want to marry her. 2. She did not do 2nd marriage. 3. He doesn't want to inform his 2nd wife about his intentions. 4. They are divorced since 2009, so like 18 years they have been apart! Need your guidance!
  6. Ask Mushtahid or Scholars, or read books, which are available on book stores.
  7. Salaam, I am not knowledgeable but can try to answer by asking some basic question. Why Allah required help of His Messengers to spread his words? Why Allah required Messengers help in Quantity to spread his words? Why Allah required Messengers help to Nazul his Books? Thanks and Regards
  8. You may required to give more information about the reciter of noha too. Also try google or youtube.
  9. In my opinion, what ever you did was the past and you should look ahead and have to ask for forgiveness from Allah. One more thing you shouldn't spread to anyone that what ever you did bad or good, because whatever act you did was belongs to you and and should be kept to yourself and to Allah. May Allah Bless you and guide you. Ameen.
  10. Yazid's follower ll do same as their leader did. So what new?
  11. Salaam All, I am looking for The Last Sermon of Holy Prophet (SAWW) with the references of the narrators. I will appreciate if anyone can help me to find it. Regards Abbas
  12. What i have observed that, while you salaam someone the way they reply makes you feel sick, and they feel insult that he/she didnt like my salaam, sometime people pretend that they didnt listen the salaam. As well, people avoind handshakes, if other person doesnt reply, and the person who was willing to shake hand feels embarrass. Today's enviornment has changed the priority, they think for themselves 1st than others respect. Religion became secondary to them as the socialism became 1st.
  13. Mostly people do keep chat to use for reference or to show someone that look what did he/she talk to me or told me! so they keep it to safe themselves. I dont know if its right or wrong, but using it for wrong purpose obviously is wrong.
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