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  1. Went to Cavs vs Toronto Raptors game 4, so had the chance to watch Lebron play live and he is so damn quick for his size. The is something that is kinda hard to see until you watch the man play live, for a person his size, he is very quick and light on his feet as well.
  2. True that, edited the photo, and if anyone asks, no that is not my house. Took 100+ photos like a madman though, this particular one is in front of this rich dude's house, lol.
  3. Brought my first new car, had to make a statement, and as a car enthusiast, WRX was the way to go. Now I can start conversations that my car (with the exact colour) is on the Fast and Furious 8 poster, lol.
  4. Loool, lease for the standard 48 months with haggling the 6 dealerships that we have in the city for Subarus, the average monthly payment is a lot nicer. Plus the WRX hold value really well, so you can flip the blue colour for a small profit when lease is over as well. As for sneakers, I got too lazy and spent that time ( with procrastination) upgrading my skills to polish up my overall professional value at work/resume. There are rare yeezys releasing last week of April though, if luck is with me, I hope I could get my handle and sell a handful. This means you carefully plan and enjoy being a baller .. on a budget.
  5. Goals for this weekend: 1) Lots of test-driving and calling dealerships all over the city, to see which one gives me the best discount, have called and bargained 12 different ones, 3 are in quite the lead. 2) Do my damn taxes! 3) Update my newly created LinkedIn, looking good so far but I can't settle for mediocre, I want to create THE profile!
  6. Why if I ask? I say Toronto is the most live and active cities in all of North America with the exception of NYC and L.A. Our sport teams are something we should not discuss though, lol.
  7. That's it, enough, I have always loved cars since I was a baby, I had over 200 cars as a kid, I owned the toy car scene. I have been driving my old beat up car for ages, its v6 engine is slower than vespa now, time for me to buy a car, here is my short-list in no particular order, what do you guys think: 1) 2013 BMW 328i Sport 2) 2017 Subaru BRZ 3) 2014 Mercedes CLA 4) 2017 Subaru WRX Test driven them all, I love all of them except maybe the CLA now, suggestions, advice and such?
  8. Sorry to have you in this situation my friend, at times our culture and society is embarrassingly backwards when compared with those of other races. But I think something within you came out in your favour and you did not end up marrying this girl. There are red flags everywhere, best to avoid such household. This girl is better off marrying a similar household and a back-and-forth battle be well handled with rather seasoned veterans on either side of red-flagged households instead of it stressing you out in the near future. So don't worry, you are a freakin' Neurosurgeon, the hard part is actually done for you, keep you being you.
  9. Oh God, my Chinese and Korean co-workers surpass Pakistani weddings with ease too. Their dowry and mehr is multiple times the standard desi figure too. Guess I want to be a white redneck from Alabama/Mississippi area now, will they accept me as their own? :O
  10. Yes they said they will, but the valima+giving gifts to girl's family easily crosses $15k CAD (And CAD is like ~70% of U.S dollar nowdays in perspective, lol) Not only is the wedding cost crazy, then the art of giving gifts to multiple people adds up real quick too. Like I am marrying the girl, not her favorite family members that I also must include in giving gifts. Sorry this might be basic questions but I sometimes have a hard time wrapping my head around certain things.
  11. Well my side of the family has barely any elite people in it, the future in-laws to be are elite with elite 'top of the line' families and friends. Like 'dessert shipped from Paris to Toronto for a wedding' elite among other interesting things. And I on the other hand am better off just serving cookies for mine I can't justify spending for one night yo, but everyone does at least 15-25k .. why? I don't get it.
  12. So do people or everyone in this case give cash money or other material gifts just cause they are participating in the wedding?
  13. @GreyMatter Salam Alaikum, Aight guys, real talk, get in here and advise please. I want to see logic in wedding expenses. Now every single thing in my life that I do, I always research lots before hand and commit to it when I see rationale and logic behind it. And for the love of God, I can't justify wedding costs. I am Pakistani if its relevant and my future to be in-laws are kinda elite and would like a good wedding. Good wedding is pretty $$$. Wedding is where I live here in Canada. Now profile time, when it comes to personal finance, I am responsible. I always pay my bills on time, I never incur interest on credit cards at all, and (try to) max my my RSP (retirement fund) and TFSA (tax-free planning) in investments. I work for financial markets/investments for a big bank, so I know all about the financial markets, trends and all the stock stuff. (I have asked all investment questions in personal meetings with Maulanas, so lets not diverge on the legality of it here) So I know finance. Now I spend a lot of money on leisure, sporting events, food, limited edition clothes, hype celebrity sneakers, I like fashion for some crazy reason and ship limited editions from all over the world - now I do save decent amounts. So I do spend on leisure, my leisure! Kinda living the good life within my financial limits, but living MY life, not for anyone. Also the millennial question, we are getting priced out from owning property in a major metropolitan city, student debts, times are hard compared to those our under 30 age in 70s, 80s, mid-90s .. etc, economically speaking. So while I put this out here, I can't justify spending on weddings. What's an event? $15-20k? or more? Like c'mon man, I cannot feed well-to-do family friends/cousins, do decor on the hall, give gifts to family and stuff when I am a relatively a new graduate in a decent working job. Mashallah my work and investments are doing decent, but I can't upfront all this money on a wedding, it doesn't benefit me, it benefits guests who I just meet once a year tops. Who cares about them? I rather buy a fun-driving car for that money, or down-payment some condo (still a stretch) for my long-term benefit than spend 15-20k on ONE NIGHT! Q1) How much was your wedding out of your or your parents pocket? What is considered or below-averge a normal wedding? Please tell me what the costs are? Q2) People will talk, who cares, not me, I would rather have a decent bank account than to spend that no guests, as you know, today's economical climate doesn't justify spending 20k for anyone under 30 unless someone's parents are ballers. So tell me, is my rationale correct, what should i do? Any advice is good advice.
  14. Yes, yes! I added him on instagram and he was the inspiration behind my research, like how is HE getting these rare sneakers? How? Until I found some leads, still far off, will go after these and see what happens :O
  15. That's right. Considering I have locked my considerable savings on risky venture stocks and did just fine, looks like I'll take the risk on this. If you want those hyped sneakers for some odd reason, they won't be available anywhere but in my garage, heh.
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