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  1. Jesus, you guys need to get laid. =| ok. I wasn't talking to you, just so you're aware.
  2. Shukran, what can I say? I'm too good.
  3. ShiaChat helps me understand the Quran and everyone posts Quranic verses. So it has to be ShiaChat because it encompasses everything.
  4. You're a true Lebanese. I'm so proud of you, you're a controversial pseudo-nasrallah. Mash2lah 3layki. LebanesePrincess m3 el 7aq wel 7aq m3 LebanesePrincess!
  5. :D LoL What did the background music sound like? Never read this narration before. I did see it in a Hollywood action movie, though... Second dream: Abu Bakr is indirectly calling you to Nasibism in guise of a heroic ninja.
  6. Thoughts: what is the true meaning of Valentines Day? Christian? Really? I was expecting the term Salafi.
  7. 147. I love Lebanese cuisine. Akl lazeez ikteeer. In particular, at the restaurant 'Arz Lebanon' in Dubai. Inshallah, me and lebaneseprincess will dine there together. It'll be oh so romantic.
  8. Sounds like stuff you'd probably say if you won the MTV movie awards.
  9. Aha you would know, Mut'ah gurl ;) looooool that one was below the belt, I'm kidding of course ;)
  10. Wow, awesome thread and very informative. I'll laugh if absolutely nothing happens, but we can never be sure. Gonna be alert.
  11. LOL what makes it even more hilarious is that it's plausible!
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