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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Appreciate the effort..many thanks @magma May Allah bless you and happy new year to all
  2. Looking Forward to Life :)

  3. the newer toyota camry looks awesome, and its spacious inside, either that, or Audi A6 (not the combi one, dont like it!)
  4. lol, Bruce Lee Of caurse I know who he was..I was just saying that western ppl will prepare an army to defeat the enemy.. asian ppl will take it alone with thier bare hands hehehe asians r cool :D I like the hijabi "fire wall" style, it lets anything through, its sooooo true, but come on, like guys don't do that!!!!!!!!
  5. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL LOOOOOOOOOL I LOVED it, I totally LOVED it, all these armies and then the asian goes "I got this" CoOoOOoOoOoOOOOOoooooL I liked this one, Um Lisa! :D cool one
  6. Assalaam aleykom Honestly, your parents' arguments sound like "yeah sure, who is pious enough nowadays? who will do this nowadays? who is worth the respect nowadays?" OK, no muslims deserve your trust..but what about Allah? will u become muslims to socialise with muslims? or because this is a proper way to worship Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì? this is your starting point...you want to feel worthy the mercy of Allah, and on judgement day, you want to be one of the lucky ones.. so, if they dont accept it because muslims are no good, they should accept it because Allah is ALL GOOD :) about all the details (islamic rules) u mentioned, if you dont have the same responsibilities as others, why would u get as much help and aid as others? if the man gets more money, he must spend it on certain things (we get less but spend it on shopping basically) he can't punish as he wish, there are ALOT of regulations, one of them, if it shows blue marks on her body, he will be punished or "disciplined" and why he can punish but not vice versa, because he is suppose to answer for her ALL needs, but she doesn't need to.. and so on and so forth, Allah (swt) knows how complicated human interactions are and so the rules are not like 1+1=2 Allah explains how to make 2 out of many 1/2 + 1/2 + 1/4 + 1/8+ and so on so on.. Otherwise, I agree with all what AR2011 has written above Just my opinion cheers ...Aaand with La'nat Ma Man too
  7. aha, OK. lol, so someone has already seen the similarity?? good Im not the only one with wild imagination! thanx bro and if u can find the same comparison but with the clock tower at night with the lights on :D
  8. LOL, OK its not 100% match but still u can see some similarities.. its actually even more similar in the pic I quoted..I didnt like that pic at all cuz all I saw was the eye!!!! :D hehe and even the light the clock sends out evening time, I read somewhere its so strong and reaches many kilos far away or so! ! it also sends light vertical into the sky..summoning decepticons maybe?? LOL well, I do like funky modern buildings and I do think this tower is cool ALONE, but it looks awkward together with its environment, it doesnt fit there!! and by the way, in your pic, the tower looks more grey..in reality its brownish...the eye!
  9. Assalaam aleykom in this pic, it looks like the EYE in Lord of the Rings, with the eye being so high and huge and everything small in comparison.. is it a plan to make mecca look evil? the association is too strong, for me at least!
  10. thanx alot for sharing, important to clarify what's going on.. so it didnt go to parliament..but there is "someone" trying to even suggest it? anyway, the terrible part is already there, someone, some scholar with some few followers, did issue such a nonsense..and he was the same to permit alcohol, so why is he still around? why dont ppl just leave him? does he really have followers? Fighting us from within!
  11. La ilaha illa Allah.. dead??? really? alcohol while pregnant?? was alcohol permitted for non-pregnant to start with! no khul3?? when I hear about these kind of debates and fatwas, I only think this is the way enemies fight us..from within! Some ppl they call themselves muslims, but they give really really awkward fatwas! and some other ppl do believe them! I mean who would tell a pregnant, yes u can drink alcohol? why? to increase misbuilding and genetic diseases in muslim communities? to have children that dont know what halal and pure is, since they were baked with haram in thier blood?! I will not kiss that baby until 40 days have passed, LOL..poor baby
  12. bissalaamah inshaAllah I was there once, and its sooooo beautiful, u will love it yes, take loads of pics please.. cheers Thoughts: Woke up with the feeling I had already baked an awesome plan to be executed....spent the whole day wondering what it was all about!!! Really! Thoughts: It feels like I've been here for aaaaaggges, and only 335 posts?!?!?!!?
  13. Assalaam aleykom Congratulations sister, inshaAllah the best future for you together and lots of babies :D about being nervous...its ok, dont be nervous of being nervous..and if you awkward things becuz of that, let him know..better he knows that u r nervous than he thinks u r "weird".. if you spill hot coffee on his shirt...tell him u r nervous if you dont remember something he told u to do..tell him u r nervous if you meet his family and u r too shy to talk and be ur social...tell them, dont let them think u dont like them.. just be ok with urself being nervous and I think he understands that.. cheers
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