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  1. So much to do... -_-

  2. Your signature makes me feel guilty half the time I am on here you know :(. You post everywhere so I have to do sujood every few clicks. :P

  3. I would rather sit and day dream all day than start studying -_-

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    2. Muhammed Ali

      Muhammed Ali

      Lol. Well while you daydream, work out ways in which your nafs will find studying less boring.

    3. Crimson


      I have, and the answer is nothing. I am going to suffer for the rest of my educational days :(

    4. Muhammed Ali

      Muhammed Ali

      Become an expert in finishing work just before the deadline. That is what I did.

  4. I really don't get the logic in people when they post a question or their view and then people answer their questions, provide them with explanations with sources and detail, but still go on and on...

  5. Dude how did you manage 616 posts in just 16 days?

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    2. Anisa Bandeh Khoda

      Anisa Bandeh Khoda

      616 posts in 16 days... That is around 40 posts a day... can't be too difficult. kidding WOW thats madness.

    3. Crimson


      Yeah it's a bit too much.

    4. Khadim uz Zahra

      Khadim uz Zahra

      You should try checking the guy who has the most posts on all of Shiachat. He posted a picture on Thoughts showing 800 something posts in one day! No wonder he has 32,000 + posts and is still leaps and bounds ahead of even the oldest members, despite being inactive now for quite some time.

  6. People here need to mind there own business. Who gave them the rights to say what people should do...

    1. Crimson


      People just push and force you into thinking in a specific way or stopping things. It's too much.

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