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  1. Never stated you were going to walk a way did I? I was showing you that we can get married at any age we want without taking your pathetic opinion because that's what worked for you. There is no point arguing if we aren't sinning or doing anything bad. That goes for everyone that's going against peoples opinions here, no one said anything bad so to trying to change them.,
  2. Wow, you got us wrong again.... "If everyone thinks like you".... We are humans, each born and raised with different interests, its what makes us unique. Yes okay so our imams married through a very hard time does that mean I have to? Does that mean I have to suffer too? Why should I marry through a hard time when I can have a peaceful life and enjoy every aspect of it including marriage. Please read my posts and open your mind a little bit then you'll see what I am trying to get at. Are you dumb? You wanna say im acting like a jew come say it to my face and ill make you look like a jew. I was just showing you where you lacked support in your argument, people have guts over the internet. pfft. Seriously feel free to compare me to anything else but that.
  3. Lol, yup. They simply have no reason to force their opinions on us about when we should get married, I'm following Islam without doing anything wrong, no need to listen to them lol.
  4. And you haven't got a hadith about the prophet saying if you get married at 30 you have sinned and you have not completed your faith. But let me tell you something and im sure you know this, the prophet said you should get married when you want and are ready to take that responsibility, so :P
  5. Omg. The fact that my dad got married at the age of 36 and he has his own houses, been all over the world and a family of 6 does make you think that your point of view is wrong. By wrong I mean that it doesn't fit everyone's lifestyles of tastes. If you can understand that we all have different goals, like and dislikes, ambitions, etc, you will get what I am saying. I can get married when ever I want and Islam doesn't say you sin if you do that, maybe I don't need a wife to feel that companionship at that age, but maybe you do? See what i'm trying to say. You could have got married at 16 and I don't care because that's what you wanted and though whats best for you. I can get married at 30 because that's what I wanted and I thought is best for me. Yes I keep saying everyone is "different" because that's true. Your rule and the prophets rule doesn't work for everyone. These rules change at different times, you cant use the prophet as an example for everyone who is going to marry. Like I said we are at a completely different time and everyone has different priorities so I'm sure you agree that it's best for anyone to get married when ever they want and when they feel satisfied to do so and when they want to bear that responsibility, right?
  6. The b... is the one giving his personal opinion... but the normal person is the one trying to change the persons opinion. You make sense.
  7. Never said you did, but calling me an angry sister makes you look like a retard. No offence.
  8. Angry sister? Why are you still talking to me. And why angry sister? Why not angry brother? Having a hard time with the girls eh, but telling me when to get married.... FAIL.
  9. The things you say that are empty, are the things that I will even HAVE to consider when I am married... see my point? There is no need to rush my marriage and ill be in education when I am 23... Let alone specializing in the profession I choose so don't worry about my social life. I don't need advice from anyone on this forum of when I need to get married. My dad got married at 36.. guess what? He's more than satisfied with his life.
  10. Accept I am a male from the UK that doesn't take advice from low lifes, that tell other people when they should get married without knowing anything about the person and base it of their own interest. You sound like a typical old man that can't accept the fact that people have different things that they aim for in life. Your on SC telling people when to get married? Are you for real? Do yourself a favor and read the title of this thread.
  11. Dude, how many times do I have to say WE ARE GOING TO GET MARRIED!! So we will complete the other half of our faith! Life back when the prophet and the imams lived is DIFFERENT. Everything was different.. We young people have it bad. Price of houses, we get taxed for breathing, lack of jobs, education system has changed, priorities have changed..... Read my damn posts then comment. I'm just repeating my self. None of us never stated that we weren't going to get married and no where in the Quran does it say that getting married when ever you want is a sin. We aren't sinning and we are living happily. That is this life.. Live happy as long as you don't sin and thats what I am doing.
  12. I don't know how to put it for these people. First of all, just so you know, I will get married when I feel like it and want to and that is not going to be in my youth years and when I am in my 20's. Marriage will never be healthy when you force yourself to marry so you don't sin. By that I mean just because people think I might end up doing haram in the future I have to get married at a young age, that's how a 10 year old would think. Why on earth would I be lonely lol? If you're antisocial and can't make some friends then that's your problem plus I ain't some 70 year old that can't go out the house to socialize. Instead lets be logical. Why would I want to get married when I don't want to? And think about it, if I got married when I am in my early years, lets say 20, do you think I am going to give my wife a good time? No, why? Because I haven't done nothing I wanted to like the things I stated before so I will properly end up putting the blame on her so unhealthy marriage already and then I will get a divorce, good thing? Why would freedom make me I slave to my nafs? I don't really see why me enjoying the life I am giving without a wife has anything to do with sinning. The people who have the idea that marriage at a young age is the way are the people who never had goals and unique ambitions that they want to achieve in their lifes. Why should young people throw away all their goals to get married because realistically I wont take my wife into the mountains to camp for a weeks for example. I won't take her to visit other countries in the world because she's probably not interested and I ain't paying. Whats there to rush? Enjoy 30 years of your life and hopefully you get 30-40 years of dealing with BS? No harm done and everyone is happy. Everyone has different things they want to do in life and your opinions don't fit some peoples tastes or lifestyles.
  13. Lol trying to get back at me with my writing, and no, a paragraph is a paragraph, I don't need to write it in sentences for you. I'm pretty sure you can manage to read a paragraph.
  14. Quote me where I said I am going to pick what I want from Islam and I am going to sleep with any girl that gives me the chance too, drink, take drugs... do I need to carry on? The things I want to do without carring what the other person thinks about or considering is traveling everywhere, watching what I want, eating what I want, buying what I want, living where ever I want... Stop trying to be some wise man because you ain't. This thread wasn't made for you to come on here and teach what you think is right just because the prophet done it. The prophet said that we shouldn't marry unless we are ready to take the responsibility. I ain't and I don't want to, so actually I'm following Islam and enjoying my life, lecture people somewhere else.
  15. Lol I agree with Lebanese Princess, I am not going to waste my youth. These years you will never experience again so why not enjoy then doing what ever the hell you want to and it's funny how people think we're just going to go clubbing and go get laid... people only think that because it's what they would have done or have. We could simply enjoy things such as making food for our self, not caring about how much money we spend on what and on who, doing whatever we want without having someone saying "I don't like you doing that" or "No we're doing this". Marriage doesn't necessarily complete your life and just because our imams or prophet set an "example" that it does it doesn't mean it will work for everyone, god created us to have different opinions and thoughts. I will actually have a better life in my 20's if I am not married. Me personally, I wouldn't get married till i'm done with my education which could be till I am 24 to 32 depending if I want to specialize. Instead of getting married or having kids ill go around the world with a group of friends or alone to experience what nature and other parts of the world are like because when I get married, I ain't buying two tickets and maybe tickets for the kids, that's just stupid so why rush into your life when you can do things freely with out want a bee buzzing in your ear 24/7 and kids putting restrictions on you. So for the people who came on here to say why we should get married should just exit this thread, some of us have different priorities and goals in life than just getting married and having a family. Our life will never change after we are married so why rush into it? Were gonna lose 10 years of BS? Most of the people here telling us to get married are the ones that can't hold them selfs back from doing sins such as sexual activity, not everyone is like you. Don't bother saying everyone will do it because the "shaytan" is there, homie I turned down several options and avoided other haram things. So for me, education and personal life comes first :)
  16. Are you kidding me? Your calling a muslim a zionist and that he works for them? Who let you of your lead? What a kafir, your as bad as them and you'll probably fight along side the dajjal. You sinned twice on this thread so how about you shut the hell up and i'm guessing your a typical sunni that wants to kill all the shia. Even though I cant say this, but hell is made for people like you, traitors and ignorant pets.
  17. Young Muslim people can't get married. It's simple, if you want to do good in your education and set your life up, you don't get married. You should not get married while your in university or you will have a nice shinny scalp when your done, while you apply to retake the course. If you wanna struggle with life and have a fly following you around nagging, demanding and complain in your ear 24/7 when you can hardly live of the job you have, let alone raise a family, then you should get married. This is how life is like now. And I bet you most women that say they want to get married block and blow every chance they get because the guy isn't their "soul mate".
  18. Hello everyone, I have a simple question to anyone that's been on SC for a while. Are there are threads here that say why Sunnis hate and don't follow our imams? I don't want bias or unreliable information hence why I am not searching the internet. Also if anyone does know of any site or article that is good, please share it. I still don't understand the background fully so hopefully ill learn here.
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