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  1. Assalamu Aalaikum Every year the Sistani seems to be alone regarding as to when ramadan starts and when eid is. Members from my family follows several different marja's and so in our house hold, in the same country UK we have people starting ramadan at two different days... Which means two different laylatul qadrs and possibly two different eid days. Sistani left us in the dark yesterday till 1am and it seems quite disorganised. If the moon was spotted in some parts of the US, I have some family there who sae it, and was spotted in the middle east in Saudi and other countries as well as Fadlallah's marja3 saying ramadan started on Monday, why didn't the Sistani agree with them? I mean surely there isn't a 24h difference between the middle east and the UK or the US and the UK... How can we possibly have two different Ramadans within the same country? Shias seem very disorganised and this happens every year its frustrating because it ruins the whole experience for the family and friends, specially when we have different eids. I think I will fast with the Sunnis next year if one of our marja3 starts on the same day as them because that's most likely right. According to this http://www.timeanddate.com/moon/phases/uk/london it was at 0.8% around 12am on Monday 6th so that would have meant ramadan started on Monday right? I am really concerned because I don't want my qadr to be on wrong days because my 19th, 21st and 23rd will be different from those who will start fasting in Tuesday. If we see the moon quite a bit larger than it's supposed to be today in the UK would that mean we should have started on Monday and therefore have to repeat the day?
  2. So since I don't have control over what I create when working for a company and I can't simply just leave and try find another company everytime they are going to develop a game I am not allowed to take part in, I shouldn't go into that field? However I am still in doubt about creating and animating 3d characters and creatures in games. As well as if I am allowed to create fantasy/scifi games... I have emailed my marja but they usually gave very vague replies that is often copy and paste or rushed due to the amount of questions they get asked.
  3. So what if I work for big studios by which most triple AAA title games have at least some violence in them or other areas of shirk (fantasy and scifi), etc, would that be okay too since it's just fiction?
  4. In the case of racing games the only thing that might be haram is the music so if you turn that off I don't see the problem? But I'm talking about development. As a programmer I don't have control over what game I will have to program.
  5. Assalamu Aalaikum, I have been wanting to get into game development for a while now but I am having trouble finding answers for my questions. I am not sure if the career choice is halal due to previous things that I have read. First of all, with game development there is obviously game art that has to be produced. Characters that resemble humans/animals are produced and animated, sometimes by hand but mostly done on computers. I might also note that these characters don't have to resemble humans accurately, forexample characters in pokemon, other animes, or classical jrpg style, etc. Is it haram to produce such images and animate them on a computer because I heard it is haram to try and copy Allah's creation but I am not sure in what context this applies? What if the characters produced don't actually exist, as in they are not real people, or if they are mythical creatures, etc. What if they aren't appropriately dressed in the sense that they are not islamically dressed? What if the game has elements of haram in it such as sex related things or simple refrences, swearing, shirk (which is popular in a lot of fantasy/scifi games as they rule out the existance of God or create a false one, etc)? All games have music in them these days whether they contain lyrics or not, music is always there. The music could be just instrumentals (games like skyrim, etc) or contain lyrics and other 'modern' intruments, would the game be haram then? Also if the above things are haram, would the same rulings apply to other fields such as manga/anime/cartoons. Manga/Anime is done by hand and then animated (not sure about western cartoons) so would they also be haram? Any help is greatly appreciated because I am struggling to find the right answers, according to the Shias anyway.
  6. Thanks a lot for your reply, the links have been extremely helpful.
  7. Assalamu Aalaikum, I have been listening to this lecture and it has raised some question which were not answered in the lecture. From 30:35 to 32:00 he states that there are these rewayats where there are surahs for every cures. He then states that there are 5 surahs which will help you with your rizq but doesn't say what they actually are, does anyone know what they actually are? He then says this information can be found in several commentaries but I can't seem to find anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated and if you have time I recommend watching the lecture.
  8. The "a lot poorer" is what scares me the most.
  9. If music doesn't invoke emotions then no one will listen to it. That's probably it's main purpose. However what exactly is 'too much'? Also I am not sure if rock music is the type of music that is scholars say is allowed. It's more about the classical, instrumental backgrounds (movie, tv show, game soundtracks), etc. Correct me if I am wrong.
  10. Ahh university life and freshers week... I am also starting this September and moving out of home. I think we should just tough it out. I developed my will power and it's gotten to the point where even though I am so sexually frustrated it's 'normal' for me now. I think I would feel very weird if I wasn't. Also, as for the drinking part I know a guy who doesn't drink (non-Muslim, also British) and he had no problem what so ever. His social life is great and he fits right in and his reason was that he just prefers to be sober and likes soft drinks and juice. You just have to be comfortable around people who drink as 99% of the people you'll meet, work with and live with will probably drink. I don't know what it's like for you but me, personally, I have 0% desire to drink. I have been around people drinking quite a bit but it doesn't phase me at all. Also you don't need to have sex to fit in, trust me. As long as you don't come of as shy about it or whatever no one will care(that's highschool stuff), honestly. When people ask me why I am still a virgin I just say religious reasons and another jokey reason and everyone moves on. Just train yourself to not see women as sexual objects and a way to 'release' all that tension. The way I did this was to read up on Jannah, the houris, etc. Also helps with times when you end up seeing a really beautiful women you just think to yourself imagine what Allah has for me if I just follow his rules for these few years and it becomes so easy. Now as for your actual questions I can't really help you there. No one knows yourself better than you do. 1) If you have a hard time controlling your desires and fall into sin then the most logical thing to do is to avoid going out with them to those places and keep the interaction only for studying and other work related reasons. This also applies if you feel like you might fall into sin if you do those. 2) Same as number one. If you have good intentions, know you will not fall into sin, etc, then it's fine. Also, if studying try to do it in a public place, such as a library and not alone in your room. 3) You can have mutah when ever you want but in my opinion you should just tough it out man. Save that experience for the one person. That's just my opinion but it's completely halal for you but the problem is finding a partner. 4) I wouldn't leave the house. Staying in your room isn't such a bad idea... I mean the girl is your flatmates guest right? So maybe pop out to get a drink or a snack from the kitchen, say hello and whatever head to your room. If they ask just say you have studying/course work to do or whatever. Perfectly fine. Also if your flatmate is 'that' type then he will probably be glad you left :lol:.
  11. Both, and it really depends on the game too.
  12. The way I see it is that it must be like forcing a straight person to marry someone from the same sex...
  13. How much is it per person in the UK? Also is it permissible to pay more so in your case if you can't find anyone that gives 3.48 you pay in a little extra or double if possible?
  14. Yes I follow him because there are issues present in today's age that I do not know if they are right or wrong, etc, etc... however moonsighting and illumination? If family stated that they saw the moon in two different countries but I couldn't because there was clouds in the way doesn't mean I will ignore them and fast on Eid because my marja3 differs. What I am trying to say I follow my marja3 but also use my common sense. I don't know if you believe that Eid can be on three different days or you are simple asking me why I am not following the Sistani in this regard so we will leave it at that.
  15. I follow Sistani and my Eid is tomorrow (I live in the UK). I am not being stupid enough to celebrate Eid on a different day when they are celebrating it in Iraq and Lebanon with a 2 hour difference in time zones. Pathetic. Even if they were all the way in Australia which is a 9 hour difference it wouldn't mean Eid is magically on a different day because there were clouds in the way of my telescope or sight... Some of my family and friends celebrated on Friday, some of my family and friends will celebrate tomorrow and Sistani wants me to celebrate on Sunday? I feel it for these ulama when they pass away... they should be crying in fear because no way is Eid al Fitr on three different days, one of them is wrong and they will pay for it. Eid is tomorrow, the moon is at 2% illuminated and my family in Lebanon sighted it so good enough for me. Eid Mubarak everyone (well what's left of this so called Eid).
  16. I can just about make noodles without runing it.
  17. I want to try Chinese food but haven't come across a halal restaurant yet :/. As others have stated it's halal if the animal has been slaughtered according to Islamic law. Restaurants usually have halal signs somewhere on the entrance or menu but you could always ask his in case they haven't got any signs but it's halal.
  18. What? If it's 2% today doesn't that mean eid is today?
  19. So you say that they had so much knowledge that we can't comprehend (about astronomy I am guessing) so therefore much more than we know today and they decided to keep most of it to themselves rather than share it with everyone? My point is 1% and + illumination means Eid... now I am not sure if the ruling is that you have to see the moon or know (for a fact) that it is actually Eid due to calculating the moon phases. Also I fear Allah, which is why I question things.
  20. The Prophet of God and the Imams did not have our modern knowledge of astronomy to be a 100% sure that the new moon has begun... so they had no choice. If they were here today I am pretty sure they would use their intellect and reason and use what we know today about astronomy in order to declare when Eid is. So what you're saying is, if the prophet (saw) was alive today he would still wait till he can see the moon even if he and everyone else new that it was already 1-2% illuminated? That sounds pretty reasonable doesn't it?
  21. The Shia in Lebanon fought Israel on multiple occasions, most recent being 2006 war.
  22. You don't seem to understand that 1% means eid, where you see it or not. So according to you the prophet (saw) knew that it was eid (1% illuminated) and chose to wait till the next day and announce that as eid... yeah okay. If the Prophet (saw) was alive today I am pretty sure he would use modern knowledge of astronomy to state when Eid is. What... but by then it would be around 8% illuminated!!!!!! That's pathetic.
  23. Nonetheless it's still eid even if it was 1-2% illuminated?
  24. I am still going through this at 19 years old. I have learnt to control myself a lot more over the years and so I have been abstaining from this sin for a while now. My best advice is that don't let yourself think that the temptation will decrease with time, it won't. Your will power will simply increase. I struggled with dealing with my sexual desires because I thought my urges will decrease with time and when they didn't (sometimes increased by a lot) I would just give up as I would see no progress. Then I started to realise is was more about training your will power and improving your self-control which gave me a completely different mind set to this aspect of my life. Temptations are almost all around us and everyone that's our age and living in non-muslim countries is suffering just like you and me. We just need to develop our self-control to a level that can deal with our desires and it won't happen over night. Set yourself goals (number of days), start small, and make your way through them. Lower your gaze (at all costs) but don't come of as a freak just look away as if you don't care. Control your imagination and day draming, can be hard at first but try it, makes a lot of a difference. Lastly, just persevere until Allah allows you to get married.
  25. Human eye? In this modern age we are still waiting to 'see' the moon? Can't we simply calculate it? The moons cycle isn't going to change so why can't we simply use reason and science rather than looking up at the sky and simply hoping the sky is clear...
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