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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, is this place a Shia mosque throughout the year?
  2. Salam, Eid Mubarak but isn't Eid tomorrow? I know all the Shia hujjaj did Arafat yesterday but there are no Eid prayers today :/
  3. Salam, I have gotten a hold of a book about 'wizardry' which includes case studies, theory and its use in history. Does this fall in the category of learning about black magic and can push me out of the fold of Islam? I'm just genuinely curious to see how it was used in history and to spot events that occur around me or when they happen in the near future. I hear a lot about black magic whether it's from the Qur'an or cultural taboos but have no idea what it is. when to spot its use, when someone is being falsely accused, etc. We know there are some entities, powerful figures,
  4. But It's still the same moon and same horizon (we all share it)? How can there be two different days for Eid for the same moon? So are you saying that all those who follow Fadlallah, Khoei and Sunnis are wrong? And if Sistani and Khamenei different on certain regions/countries, one of them will also be wrong and therefore those having Eid on Friday in the UK (Assuming Sistani says it's on Saturday) are incorrect and have in fact missed a day of Ramadan? If that is the case then I should technically refrain from wishing Eid Mubarak to some one my family members as they are incorrect?
  5. Can someone explain to me how Eid is in different parts of the world on two different days? Logically speaking the way the Sunnis do it and Fadlallah makes the most sense. How can there be Eid in Southern Europe or the Middle East but not the United Kingdom? It's one moon... so if we were to assume the world was one country and these man-made artificial borders between countries didn't exist, would this rule change? We all share the same horizon and if the moon is visible in one end of the world then it should apply to the rest of the world... just because we can't see it with a naked eye and
  6. The last point is very true. If you are at university you should have witnessed what they are like first hand, animals, literally. That's basically every guy in university and probably even before. How does that help? I mean if a guy is posting on a forum for help evidently it means he can't marry even though he's desperate for it.
  7. Salam, Your situation is pretty much exactly like mine. I am not going to tell you to do mutah because just like me you are probably aware that it's pretty much impossible. I have not heard of a single family that allows their daughter to enter a mutah relationship (I heard of someone who tried asking a few families before, he was ridiculed) and how would you even go about finding an older divorced woman who would want to do it? As for a non-Muslim, that's also pretty much harder since to meet one you'll need to 'date' of some sort and them explain it to them and hope they don't run away
  8. Unfortunately this is one of the tests for most Muslims in our time, specially if you are a male and live in a western country. With all the expectations and requirements needed such as degree, high paying job, hefty dowry, expensive weddings and engagements, etc... It all has been designed to create hardship. I personally believe this is an intended test for this generation and probably the next. As a 21 year old I suffer from this daily and will probably do so for the next 5+ years but there is definitely no way to justify masturbation unless your life is truly in risk (i.e someone has a gun
  9. So what if a country has a different time zone? How does that justify fasting another day when its one moon. Fasting a day KNOWING its eid does not seem very comforting specially since two members from my household are bit fasting today because they follow a different marja... Its pathetic. Since Ayatollah fadallah is different from all other marjas in this regard would this mean he is wrong, surely someone had to be wrong?
  10. I don't get how there can be two eids though? Surely its one horizon and it's one moon. Based on a few moonsighting websites the new moon has been born and it has a 1% visibility. Knowing this how can I fast tomorrow here in the UK when I know the month of Shawwal has started? Would this mean at the start of Ramadan we had two laylatul Qadr's on earth because Shia's started at different times using this logic? Also why has Fadllalah's marja issued Eid to be tomorrow? Can I use my own logic and not follow Sistani or Khameni, I just feel this is so illogical.
  11. Salam, When making dua it is said that Allah (swt) will either answer the dua of a person, or he will save it and reward them in the after life or he will divert an equivalent evil away from them. Is it good to make dua for everything that you might want/need even if they are worldly things such as a car, phone, clothes or anything of that sort that a person may want? Or is it only recommended people stick to bigger issues like asking for Jannah, find a spouse or get married, for good health and maybe a job? Also, if a person makes dua but he doesn't really mind if they are not answe
  12. It is not wrong to assume that no one should be unmarried by that age but you would actually be suprised at the amount of unmarried men in the late 20s and early 30s. I know a few myself, but that is their test. It is difficult, most definitely. I just turned 21 a month ago and I struggle and am frustrated almost all the time but I'm sure it will be worth it eventually.
  13. But then you claimed that anyone that does not sin are liars or acting out to be saints..?
  14. For some people, the fear of Allah and the desire to attain the highest levels of paradise are more than enough to abstain from haram sexual acts. Don't lump us all into the same group as you.
  15. As a guy who probably has a higher sex drive than most people I can assure you that it is more than possible to deal with this test. This is a test. It is a difficult test but it is still a test and if it was impossible to deal with until marriage then this test will not occur on the scale that it does. It's all about mentality and how you use that energy. I was like you at first and though it was impossible to not relieve myslef for the next 10 years or so but it is actually very possible. Once people take the requred steps it becomes easy. First lower the gaze, then stop day dreaming, t
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