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  1. Ya Allah... Those with racism in their hearts wont enter heaven with that of even a mustard seed of it. Hope you guys can truly understand that.
  2. Maybe the sufi position was the most non bias of all positions. With Abu Bakr r.a. being the political sucessor and Imam Ali a.s. being the spiritual successor. If Imam Ali a.s. would have taken the political sucessorship from the start there could of been complete break up at that time between jealousy of the banu hashim and those tribes whose great warriors fell at the hands of imam ali a.s. Why should a political successor-ship be so important if the spiritual is more important than politics? Now this has nothing to do with the traitor muwaiya or his sons etc.
  3. Yes akhi I saw that just now. Jazaak Allah Khairun.
  4. I think its best to just practice tuwaquf outside of people that werent muwaiya etc
  5. Salaam, sorry for the title, was to draw some attention not really accuse. I wanted to know why our sunnah wal jama3 brothers/sisters say salaam right to left to end prayer if it would end up turning their head from facing the qiblah? I know of the hadith etc I used to be sunni. My questions is you guys viewpoint on that matter.
  6. Salaam, Is this thread in relation to another brother on this site? Because if it is please refrain from doing so
  7. No we don't consider the first three to be rightly guided lol they were all wrong and uthmsn was faasiq
  8. Fiqh -Zaydi/maliki/ jafari Aqeedah - Zaydi Possible? I do it lol
  9. What? Uthman was the worst of them all completely. Abu bakr and umar are not as bad as uthman who installed his family members into key positions and laid the way for the rise of of the ummayds. He introduced more bidah than any of the previous two, and sunni cannot even defend him like they can abu bakr and umar. Uthman isnt talked about as much because he is known for all the bad he did and the sunni hadith back this up especially with his misuse of zakat. I mean it was abu bakr son who conspired and helped kill uthman. If we were to go back in time you can notice the less talking about in history of uthman because they common consesus between historians on both sides was that his government was corrupt.
  10. He died a shaheed akhi while the prophet pbuh was still alive.
  11. Akhi from what I know, they are said to be muslims in this doonya while becoming kafir on the here after. The second opinion is that they are forgiven because they truly think what they are doing is correct so this opinion is a matter of niyyat. Now heres my opinion. They both are muslim. They both want to just pray to Allah swt and we have hadith here and there containing multiple ways to do it. When you pray to Allah swt your main goal is to just do it correctly so you can do as commanded yet with all these interpretations and things it has made it harder on the believer. I believe Allah swt is just and inshaAllah will forgive all of us if our prayers are done incorrectly.
  12. Please respect the posting without any open ghibbah please, mod when you read this please this post of mine and your post in reference to mac arc'y. Last time I checked he still Shi'a.
  13. Assalaymu alaykom, Does any one have information on them outside of Imam Rassi Society? And don't start pasting wikipedia stuff or stuff you know thats minor unless its detailed information please. Jazaak Allah khairun.
  14. I'd say either Australia or Canada. With Switzerland as a close third. If none, then maybe some latin american country where its cheap to live with nice scenery.
  15. Off-topic but since you are "revert" from sunnism, do you take part in the Muharram self-flagellation rituals? How about tatbir (rituals with blood-letting) ? [You do not have to answer it if you don't want to] Matam yes i do. Tatbir? No. And I'm not sure honestly if there part of aqeedah. "Imam and occultation: you might have an incomplete understanding of this. The Imam is very much alive and a working at shaping this world, but not in front of people. He is working "behind the scenes" so to speak, in many forms, one of which is guiding many of the top scholars who have guided us for over a millenium. Again, the worth of our Imam is incomprehensible. It is like the water left on a needle after you take it out of the ocean, and comparing it with the ocean. This goes back to the Imam's perfect relationship with Allah, and our (my) very flawed one with The All Merciful" I dont believe any of these beliefs. ^
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