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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Paye Meadows, KPK Lulusar-Dudipatsar National Park. It started snowing in middle of August, Everything became grey. snow has covered those famous red flowers. After few hours, weather became better and snow started melting Dudipatsar lake. It is also called Queen of lakes. It looks like this without snow (Not my picture)
  2. I think Pakistan is quite cheap if a person knows how to travel properly. I recently made a solo bike trip to some of the northern areas and it costed me less than 200$ for 7 days. I will post more details about my trip in a separate thread/post.
  3. Tour to Fairy Meadows, GB Region, Pakistan. This mountain is called Nanga Parbat aka The Killer Mountain because of the large number of mountaineering deaths. It was considered an unclimbable mountain during winters. However in 2016, it was climbed for the first time in February. I woke up at 5 am in freezing cold just to capture this moment because the camping site owner told me that when first sun rays hit the top of the mountain its looks like the top is made up of gold and man, he was right. That was pretty awesome to witness.
  4. I believed that my family made a human ladder all the way up to the clouds and then God handed me over to them.
  5. Same thing happened with Moulavi Ismaeel Deobandi(I am not sure though), a revert shia, during a munaazra with a sunni Scholar. The sunni guy trapped him on the pronunciation of وَلاَ الضَّالِّينَ . He made a point by saying that you have read that word wrong and true pronunciation is close to د instead of zuaad. To which Moulavi ismaeel said, "Ap ki biwi ko mard(مرض ) lag gia ha, us ka kuch kijiye". Sunni guy became really mad.
  6. ok This is the funniest meme I have sewn in a while.
  7. Thats uncommon. Usually it happens in school. Anyway i dont think its because of dua. There are million of other reasons. Best way is to ask them why they are behaving like that.
  8. Bollywood movie about a guy who was forced to marry an overweight girl but later on they fell in love. I think its a good movie as it challenges the perception of getting attracted to other sex on the basis of looks instead it propagates that sometime your true emotions for someone make them value you and changes their perception. Acting of lead roles is good. 7/10. Story of struggles of middle class in india. Here is its summary from imdb. Four lives intersect along the Ganges: a low caste boy hopelessly in love, a daughter ridden with guilt of a sexual encounter ending in a tragedy, a hapless father with fading morality, and a spirited child yearning for a family, long to escape the moral constructs of a small-town. Two stories- one involving a father-daughter tormented by the orthodox architecture of a small-town, another following the musings of a young couple from different castes, meander along the shores of the Ganges, as the river of life touches them in different ways, destined to coalesce at the Sangam. Good direction and acting. 8/10.
  9. so i watched a few films in last few days because my exams are over. Story is not that extra-ordinary but the direction and cinematography is unbelievably good. Especially the second half which has all the war scenes. 8/10. Recommended if you like war drama and action. Its quite rare that Hollywood could create a good drama film. Direction is okay. Plot is interesting. 7/10. Recommended Icelandic movie about a 40 years old guy who still lives with his mother, how he builds relationships, challenges faced etc. Its a fairly good movie. 7/10. Recommended.
  10. Life of Imam Hadi (PBUH) is a life filled totally with resistance and struggle; characteristics of this honorable Imam include: martyrdom in young age, Jihad throughout his life, struggle on the path of God without any condition and restrain, no fear from difficulties, no fear from powers and tyrannies, dignity and calmness for the sake of God, servitude and modesty towards God.Leader of Revolution 5/8/1981
  11. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajeoon. Beautiful Parachinar bleeds again. My deepest condolences to martyrs families. Khuda unhain sabar ata farmaye. shias are children of lesser God in Pakistan.
  12. Try not to die with cuteness. Baby Rhino ^_^ Baby penguin
  13. salam. Kindly check your inbox.

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  14. meri raye k mutabiq Sirf ek baat ka khayal rakhna chahye aur wo yeh k kahin naam lene ki waja se urf e aam ma koi gustakhi tu nahi ho rahi aur aya koi jhooti baat tu un se mansoob nahi ki jaa rahi.
  15. i am neither good in English nor Urdu. So expect a lot of mistakes but anyway here you go brother. Dont ask the status of Malang(a term used to define a lover).They are of unique colours. They cannot live without cursing enemy of Ali (AS) [chants] First Malang who came in sindh, Mola Hussain (AS) blessed him. He(that malang) turned that forest in to paradise, and hosted Majlis and Matam. I will not hide anything from momineen today. Everybody get ready. By becoming pride of Syeds, By becoming voice of truth, Dog became Eagle (Referred to a famous Sufi personality of Sindh Hazrat Laal Shahbaaz Qalandar) He is true servant and has high status. second servant whose name is shah Shams. He has black cloths and has hopes from Ghazi (AS) and says that Father of Hassan (AS) is a true Imam. These are servants but show me someone better than them. I will leave my sect if you do so. /couldnt hear this line properly even after hearing it again and again/ Lovers of Mola Ali (AS) has come, they have unique behavior. One lover whose name i will not tell. He opened his shop under Alam of Ghazi Abbas (AS). He has not roof neither has any items in his shop. He make people shout chants and burns hearts of enemies. He makes houses made of clay and trade paradise against them. Thats all.
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