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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam, I was wondering whether 'Free Betting' Is halaal. This is the case when betting companies give out free money e.g. £10 and let you bet on what you wish. In this case you never lose any of your own money. Is this permissible? This was the question I sent to both the offices of Ayatollah Khamenei and Sistani but not replies yet. Any one know the answer or could contact them for me. Note: Also sorry if another one of these topics exists
  2. I was really moved by his speech. It truly makes you reflect: "We’re all losing a fortune every moment. What’s the fortune? Our life. Moment by moment you and I are losing this fortune. Our life is burning down like a candle every moment; it’s perishing. So, what have we gained in return? If we believe in God, do good deeds and help others, then this fortune is gone but we have gained better things instead. It’s like you go to a shop, when you come out, your money is gone but you've bought things. What’s important is what you purchased is worth the fortune." Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei 06/24
  3. SA, Which Monopoly do you speak of? Monopoly the game or the economic theory?
  4. "Muhammad (SAW) is not the father of any man among you, but he is the Messenger of Allah" Anyone know what is meant here? So the prophet is not our Father? (metaphorically)
  5. SA, Were Rumi and other famous poets Shia or Sunni? At the time their was Sunni rule and they were possibly Sunni by force. But many Shia Shaykhs believe they practiced taqqiya and were Shia. Allama Tabatabai believes Rumi was Shia. Any proof for these?
  6. What do they have in common? oppressing the people of Bahrain? Seriously? What about: Obama Netanyahu King Abdullah King Hamad Kissinger.... The list goes on and all those are fine. I don't wish to look at it like this.
  7. A great A great article indeed. Here is the European one, stats presented are from Europol. I made this thread so our Muslim brothers and sisters could reply to those who claim all terrorists are Muslim. Thank you for your input. Peace be upon you
  8. Assalmu alaykum, As an Econ-Politics student I want to make the General Politics and Current Issues section more active. What is your opinion on this statement: "not all Muslims are terrorists, but (nearly) all terrorists are Muslims" note: this is not my opinion. Is this unquestionable? Do facts show this? Sad but true? What do you think?
  9. Very nice, However, in the poem it states 'wine'. Is there wine in heaven? (the same wine in this world with the same effects)
  10. I didn't ask the question, I agree the question is not right, but why answer it?
  11. Please someone answer this and tell me something is wrong! 9 السؤال: هل يجوز النظر إلى صور الخلاعة قصدا ، إذا لم يحدث أي شهوة ؟ الفتوى: إذا لم يكن مثيرا للشهوة كما هو المفروض في السؤال جاز، والله العالم. This question was asked to Ayatollah Khoie Translation: Question (9): Is it permissible to look at Pornographic images intentionally if it does not arouse Lust? Answer of Ayatullah al Khoe’i: If it does not as the question states then it’s permissible, Allah knows best.
  12. Salaam, I was looking to see if anyone knows where I can find a lecture on Yajuj and Majuj from a Shia Scholar in English/Farsi Thank you.
  13. Assalamu alikum, Firstly, going back to the subject. Ayatollah Sanie was in house arrest because he called President Ahmadinejad a '[Edited Out]' - (I have the source if any one wishes for it) Ayatollah Shirazi clearly isn't. He holds one of the only mosques in QOM that do Zanjeer or Tatbir. Ayatollah Wahid (Where did you hear this from!) obviously isn't he is a very influential individual in the Islamic Republic, couple of days ago he sent a letter to Ayatollah Hashemi supporting him as a Presidential Candidate. Seyed Roohani is the same person who denounced the Islamic Republic when Ayat
  14. Salaam, In Surat Al-Muminoon: 23:5 and 23:6 It states: Who abstain from sex, Except with those joined to them in the marriage bond, or (the captives) whom their right hands possess,- for (in their case) they are free from blame, Two questions here: 1. You are allowed sex with slaves? 2. what is meant by whom their right hands possess?
  15. Thank you all, I will have a look at the books mentioned and come back with more questions.
  16. Peace be upon you, "Why do I exist?" and "For what purpose am I here on earth?" "I have created the jinn and humankind only for My worship." [Quran 51: 56] Firstly, why does God need us to worship him? - As we all know he is complete and all-powerful, meaning he doesn't need us. Secondly, why do we need to worship him? - So that we can enter heaven and not hell, but God is all-knowing and therefore knows whether we are those who will sin or those who will worship. If God has Only created us to worship him, then why do we go to school, college, work or wars. Why don't we just find a spot
  17. Salam, Yes, I agree with you. Ayatollah Khamenei says something that I'm feeling with every bone in my body: "Many years ago the Great Satan caused dispute between us and our neighbors (Shia and Sunni) but today their aim is to cause dispute in our own family (Shia)" - think about it carefully and have a look at some threads and peoples opinions and you can completely see and feel it. e.g. Khomeini vs Shirazi Followers e.g. Nakshawani vs Yasser al Habib and many more.. May Allah solve our problems. Inshallah, Directora
  18. Salam, Firstly, Imam al-Khomeini is highly loved by us because after hundreds of years a man stood up for the oppressed Shia in Iran and the world. A man who Shia's around the world were proud of to call him their Leader. A great man who fought the enemy and generated an Islamic (Shia) Nation which today influences world politics. For many years the Shia in Iran were scared to visit Imam al-Ridha (as) but today Millions travel to Mashhad and are proud to say that they are Shia. He presented to the world that if We (followers of Ahlul-Bayt) want power we can achieve it. This is why we Love hi
  19. ^^ Salam, Many Iranians today call Ayatollah Khamenei 'Imam' (only this title is not given to him in the media) Others like myself use the Iranian version of 'Imam' - We call him 'Rahbar' which is the same and no different in meaning. (Media uses 'Rahbar' not the Arabic term) Hope you understand. Directora
  20. Salam, Unfortunately, It is present certain individuals who are against Imam al-Khomeini in politics are using this thread to attack him. Iranians use the title 'Imam' for Seyed Khomeini only to mean 'Leader' (only that) Don't make something so simple into a complex argument on whether he is masoom or not. He clearly isn't and has made mistakes. I remember on one of his Lectures he accepted he made some mistakes in the books he wrote when he was young. (Shows how great this person is) The Shirazi Family who have always been Jealous of the Love Iranian and other Shia people had for Imam Khome
  21. May Allah Bless the Soul of Imam Khomeini. How can one hate a person who generates a nation; which today is the source of power/wealth of Shia Islam. Please, If your not Iranian or don't know the politics in Iran don't speak about them. The People who were killed by the order of Imam Khomeini, were people who killed many of our Ullemaa in Iran. Long Live Imam Khamenei and the true Shia's of Ali
  22. This is really irritating me. Look the translation is wrong and weak. I know Farsi and he says that People do not need to cry loud and start to scream (because in Iran they usually do) and he says there is no difference between one who hits himself harder to one who doesn't.
  23. Yasser is a poison which must be removed. It is because of him that many of our Brothers are being killed in Pakistan, India and Afghanistan. Yasser Habib is creating disunity rather than unity. A Person who Speaks rudely about our True Leaders such as Imam Khomeini, Seyed Hassan Nasrallah and Imam Khamenei and says they are doing damage to Islam while he is safe in London destroying the peaceful image of the Shia by Slandering and insulting others.
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