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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. So you mean to say that 3 Rakats of Maghrib and 4 of Ishaa are an innovation? Because there is no mention of such in the Qur'an. Refer to verse 56 of Chapter 28 , if you are of sound mind, you shall understand half of the answer. The other half is that it's not his or anyone else's job to guide you. Its only the job of Rasulullah SAW in his capacity as Messenger of Allah AJ and whoever is present as his representative at all times - to guide you towards the truth. You, pitiably, are cursing the religion of the Qur'an by branding it false.
  2. Salaams Brother and Sister, My friend requires the Dua e Kaamil (not to be confused with Dua e Kumail) in a transliterated form of english as he cannot read the arabic script. If any one of you guys have the dua in such a format, I earnestly request to provide it to me. Shukran, Wassalaam
  3. need the translation of the first bait
  4. Salaams Brother Viceroy, Its indeed a pleasure to interact with such a scholarly person as you. I shall shortly post the genealogy of Imam Ismail b Jafar al Sadiq AS Shukran
  5. Shukran brother, I had to do the Muzakarah today and I took note of this valuable piece of advice to make the speech livelier. WS
  6. Salaams Can you post extracts from Sherh ul Akhbar which claim the genealogy of the Mother of Maulana Ismail b Jafar thus and the writings which contend that Maulana Ismail b Jafar AS and Maulana Mohammad b Ismail hid in Syria? Shukran This is because in the Sherh ul Akhbar I posses, the mother of Maulana Ismail b Jafar AS is named as - Fatimah bint al Hasan b al Hasan b Ali b Abi Talib AS. Is this name contradictory? My opinion tells me that it might be possible that the nuskha you must be using would have faltered in a 'yaa'.
  7. Salaams, I have to give a 30 minute speech on the topic - Al Mumin mir'aat ul Mumin - A believer is a mirror of his brother. I brainstormed on certain things such as - To discuss on the origin of mirrors and their general day to day use in philosophical light. A man is a mirror of his own soul as his character is reflective of his belief Imam Sadiq's saying - Be unto us silent missionaries A brother in Iman should share his brother's feelings be they in sorrow or happiness so that he becomes like a mirror for him Any more suggestions of What's and How's regarding this speech? This is the first time I am giving such kind of a speech and I would love it to be understandable to the public. Shukran , Wassalaam
  8. Maybe they will drop their missiles on those 20 pieces when they try to infiltrate. :D
  9. The TS is referring to what he heard about Talaq al Zihaar - wallazeena yuzaaheroona min nisaa'ehim, ma hunna ummahatohum. Someone said - how can one differentiate between his mother's censored and his wife's censored. Is this even supposed to be answered? Although it trespasses the limits of common sense, I will try to answer it. Dear brother, it is just to similarize the concept and does not suggest it to be factually correct. Hope you are clear in your mind.
  10. Salaams, Yes brother, thank you for a warm reply. The usage of expression varies according to individuals and your post has indeed clarified your stance regarding that. Shukran Jazeelan. Also thank you for being kind enough to propagate a sense of scholarly debate, rather discussion with someone much junior to you :) and also lastly shukran for the sharing of this anonymous tarikh. Was Salaam A thought regarding the authencity of this Tarikh keeps cropping up in my mind. It has been mentioned earlier somewhere in this thread that Chroniclers have been attributed historically to the era they composed in for eg. Abbasid, Umayyad and Fatimid. My doubt begins from here. If the anonymous Tarikh is indeed named 'Tarikh al Islamiyyah wal Fatimiyyah' - then - the 'Fatimiyyah' would only be used to portray the Tarikh as a one endorsed by the Caliphate, which is apparently lacking substantially with regard to the matter - which conflicts radically with Fatimid viewpoints. Or is that the Tarikh has been called Fatimid just to identify its timeline WITHOUT implying that it has been endorsed by the Caliphate and that it is an independant work of someone who is not in compliance with the stance of the Caliphate with respect to the interpretation of Islamic History?
  11. is this abbreviation supposed to give rise to the thought of you being sarcastic - because of the ethnicity? Brother, recall the endings of al Anbiyaa - وما أرسلناك إلا رحمة للعالمينI am a seeker of knowledge - from whoever wishes to impart it - I am certainly not here to indulge in debates regarding differences of sectarian religion. I would appreciate that from your side too brother, although you may continue with your prevailing sense of magnetism in dialogue. Shukran, WS
  12. Salaams Sister hameedah,No, that graphic has not been made by me although I have noticed the mistake in spelling long time ago. I am well versed in arabic grammer and literature and would never that kind of a mistake ever. My scrutinization tells me that 'Kajim' has been written by someone of a eastern gujarati background because there the consonant Z with the sound zee is often replaced by the consonant j with the sound jee. Salaams brother viceroy,I am sorry to disappoint but unfortunately, I am not the one who has contributed in the creation of that page and neither have any substituted any references on that page. I have done minor edits like changing the (wrongly spelt) name of al Imam al Mehdi from Ubaydullah to Abdullah.
  13. salaam brother, this is wiki material with some of it edited by myself. what does tarikh al fatimiyyah say about this chronological events? also, as u have appended, Tayyabi Ismaili sources contend that al Imam Mohammad b Ismail b Jafar sired al Imam Abdullah al Mastoor also known al Taqi.
  14. Salaam, am yet to read the successive posts after the first one in which you have quoted my text. I also read that the whole point of posting extracts from the mentioned chronicle is to enlighten on perspective unheard, unorthodox, different from the usual. I will read the middle posts carefully tonight. I just need to verify something from you. Although I myslef am doing it, you might already know about it and must have looked into it too. The birthdates of Fatimid Caliph Imams pose certain problems for specially with regard to the Calipahte of Al Imam al Muizz and his successor Al Imam Al Aziz. The dates offered in the Khitat confuse me a bit. Also cross checked it in Muntaza (may elaborate about this book if you are unaware of it) but seems that the latter's author has used references of Khitat itself. Please can you research something regarding it?
  15. Taiyyabi Ismaili sources explicitly mention Ja'dah b Ash'ath al Kindi as being married to Maulana al Imam al Hasan b Amir Ali b Abi Talib. Mentioning this as have read before in this thread which consider Ja'dah as not being his wife. Also I, being a student of Fatimid Literature and History, have noticed that texts endorsed by the Caliphate do not match, in certain places, with the Tarikh brother viceroy has been posting. I shall compile such conflicting issues from this very thread and post them later on. It will give a better insight. Shukran
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