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  1. ان كنتم تحبون الله فاتبعوني يحببكم الله If you love Allah, then follow me (prophet Mohamad) so Allah love you. It is pre-condition to islam. This because they followed that which called forth the Wrath of Allah, and they hated Allah's good pleasure; so He made their deeds of no effect. They followed what angered Allah and disliked Allah's ridwan, So Allah voided their deed. 47-28 Love and hate is essential and hard core of aqidah
  2. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-11-14/plaza-hotel-s-secret-backer-is-a-qatari-royal-with-big-ambitions
  3. From war to war, from a political mess to political mess, from migration to immigration to refugees. Muslim countries are not allowed to advance. This is against the best interest of the west. Yemen lends world bank 6 million dollars annually. The text on bus reads: Kuwait>Baghdad>Amman>Sham>Beirut>Quds>RamAllah>Nablis>Jenin. Alexandria, Egypt: Stopping a boat carrying Europeans who tried to enter Egypt illegally, looking for better life standards. Iaqi Dinar used to worth 486 US dollars. Cairo was awarded as most beautiful city in the world. What is called :Minds Migration is a very worrying trend of the immigration of intelligent Arabs/Muslims to the west, depriving their own countries and enriching the other countries.
  4. XD Imam Jum'ah Some translators will read Imam as Amam = in front and Jum'ah as jam'ah = gathering XD so in front of group
  5. prophet advice was "ان جائكم من ترضون دينه و خلقه" When a man who you are (subjectively) pleased with his religious-ness and manners, marry them off. It is the islamic ruling of compatibility. To find a religious compatible person to your religiousness. Often times, boys indulge in all sorts of haram then go around looking for extremely restrictive marriage. I am not saying that your case, but im saying that's that is a very incompatible and can lead to many problems. Similarly if the girl is non religious and was brought to a very religious husband family. Nither she nor your family will feel good being around each other. So find someone who is as religious as you are and your family. If your family women wear hijab they may know of others. If your family women do not wear hijab and you are not that practicing person, bringing a religious person to this environment is not fair. Maybe if she is wearing hijab and accepted you, she will remove it because she accepted you as an (open minded) person with family which does not mind the removal of hijab.
  6. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5081085/Saudi-Arabia-s-Prince-Al-Waleed-puts-two-hotels-sale.html
  7. Aussallie nafilataS subh qurbatan lilLaahi ta'ala
  8. shia version of historical events and they mean is like the modern (true) conspiracy theories. People rejects them despite evidence because " it is illogical that gov goes against its values doctrine and citizens".
  9. In Sha'Allah she makes it out without need of drugs. I hope that too for everyone on chronic need for medicines. It is called Hope and believe in Allah's mercy that He guide us as human to find better solution. Also a hope and believe that Allah is capable of the impossible and He can grant her cure despite everything else said by professionals. instead, why is it that anyone who recommend faith and spirituality is branded as lunatic hollier than thou? Isn't this judgmental? This thread is not only about Psychosis. There are others who are going through hardships and minor depression. But even if it is about psychosis it is worth noting that medicines alleviate the acute attacks and ameliorate the chronic effects but even on medication some get a relapse, the disease can hit harder after few years despite medications. Which is why if you read the medical literature, the medications part is left to the end of literature and the rest of paper or book or chapter talks about other methods. If pills were all that is there, all that literature would not exist. It is not a black and white situation. Some take pills and do not get back their lives. Medications efficacy are always under evaluation and better therapies are sought. We go with what we have now but we should be always hoping for better. Also, those who made it out on medication on this site are believers. They have faith and they are spiritual.. It is known that those with faith have better prognosis than those with no spiritual discipline. This is in scientific journals and studies had been done. It is proven, not hollier than though talk. Also, to have access to pill, to have supportive family , to have power of will to beat up the illness are all by the grace of God. It si worth thanking His, Hamd and Tasbih and empower our trust in Him hat He takes care of us. This help up to recall these sad days with hope instead of gloom. To say "I had to go through bipolar and i made it out, Alhamdullilah" is certainly better than " F* God, F* religion, i had gone through S* . If it was not for pills i wont make it" < because when relapse comes and medication fail or when family and friend avoid the patience due to their ungratefulness to their support or when health care access is blocked, the patient will be left to their bitter short slightness. Trust me brothers and sisters, the religion you have and the faith in your heart is a gift that so many who suffer wish they have it . Never take it lightly. Never take a prayer of a believer lightly either. It reaches the heavens without hijab. Lastly, This is a religious forum. There are many who have access to pills but they still feel hollow and want something extra. They may seek support from religious community in anonymity. If we did not give them that, there is no need for us to be here. We can spend time on any other site that gives the conventional modern medicine advises.
  10. Now , there you go. Nothing like a weekend to improve the mood and regain sanity. Did you have a walk in nature? good job !
  11. I fail to see where everyone disagree here looool what?
  12. Laith.. lol you went to Zeyara to talk to girls XD anyways. Glad you are doing great! Just invite us when you find your pride.
  13. When someone is under stress and is not sleeping enough, and is anxious all the time, they get paranoid and fight or flight system of the brain is on all the time. They find a fight in everything and everyone is fighting them. Healthy, wealthy, women, chiildren even teh flies. Get some sleep. I met many clients who went through the horrors you mentioned. I've met war survivors, rape survivors, domestic violence survivors and sufferers etc etc. Only their belief in Allah has saved them. They who say that. They leave me speechless after telling about it and I just cannot hold the question : How did you become tough enough to go through that?. Usually they will tell about how the faith saved them and the prayers. Let them be. Allah is watching us all and taking care of all His creation, Monad, but you need to find help bro. Do it before it is too late. Do not feel ashamed, do not feel discouraged and do not claim to be super human. Someone out there will help you, trust me.
  14. Privacy setting like: Members can post. Non members can read. Membership is moderated. Would be nice if Members can reply only and moderators can start new topic. Not sure if that's possible Or if Blog privacy can be set public but club stay closed I know im a nut.
  15. The title makes me feel im carrying something on my back and people are staring at it! How to change privacy setting of a club?
  16. How to change privacy setting in a club?
  17. I was. I am Trans now. You should use special pronoun to refer to me.
  18. Actually, professionally, it is advised not to take any life changing decision (marital, family, job etc) while in depression or clinical anxiety episodes. The same advise is embded in teh Ja'fary fiqh, the man who announces talaq upon his woman should not be doing it under the eat of the moment. It is not accepted as legal talaq if done in such situation. This advise is based on the belief that life stressors are many and various and will not stop occurring as long we are alive. Facing them by running away from them or denying they exist or letting them eat us inside out is part of our poor coping mechanism with stress, and stress management. There are many humans who went through hardships and marital issues without falling to clinical depression or anxiety. Falling into a clinical depression then recoving from it should alarm us to manage our stresses better and improve our coping mechanisms, not to blame it all on external factors because external factors are not under our control. We just do our best with our own self, the rest of what we cannot control we leave it to Allah. Wish you the best.
  19. trying to figure out how clubs work currently.. your request to join is noted
  20. I think i'll go for a club. But what are the Quran studies you are talking about XD?
  21. it is a philosophy based on some observations. It can work at some point and not work at others. Take infections and antibiotics for example. Bacteria causes infections and bacteria releases antibiotics which we use to kill other rival bacteria. It is somewhat homeopathy but it isn't exactly it. I'd read homeopathy books in my leisure times, I love to read about savvy observations, but it is not a science on its own. Study something more solid.
  22. There is cure in Ahlulbayt words, also Du'a Alhazeen by Zain Al-Abedin for those depressed due to sins. Sometimes though, those in extreme depression lack the ability to concentrate enough to recite long dua or find the words too harsh on them due to the burden of worries on them. For that, Istighfar is easy, can be said at any moment, any place. Remember that this simple zikr saved prophet Jonas from the Whale. In Islamic literature, depression is called Hem and Ghem. It is has been narrated from the prophet that he said: ( Whoever started reciting Istighfar a lot, Allah will make a way out for him from their worries and a solution for their obstacle, and will provide them with rizq (be it money, children, spouse etc) in a way hat never occurred to them. روي عن النبي () أنه قال: (مَن أكثر الاستغفار: جعل الله له مِن كل همّ فرجاً، ومِن كل ضيق مخرجاً، ورزقه من حيث لا يحتسب) There are other measures, some are already recommended by psychiatrists but they had been advised by Imams like this advise from Imam Ali (غسل الثياب يذهب بالهم والحزن، وهو طهور للصلاة). Wearing clean clothes, ward off the worries and sadness, They are also pure cloths for prayer. It is an advice to take care of yourself. Remember that islam consider soul as sacred and consider health and well being as gifts from God that should be cherished and taken care of. One have no right to ridicule or humiliate themselves by looking dirty or un attended. So pushing yourself to be responsible for this gift that God give you is a step towards God and repentance. Always remember that small steps towards God are rewarded by huge cut in distance. In a Qudsi hadith "Whoever come closer to me by a measure of a shibr, i'll come closer to them by a measure of a dira'a'" Take shibr as centimeter and Diraa as a meter to understand the analogy. Islam goes beyond that even. It says that acting up as if nothing is wrong is better that acting as if the world is against you or appearing as shabby and unclean and sad (which is why i dislike emo culture and music cullture that promotes that sort of look to life) عن الإمام الصادق (عليه السلام) أنه قال: (إن الله تعالى يحب الجمال والتجمل، ويكره البؤس والتباؤس.. فإن الله عز وجل إذا أنعم على عبد نعمة؛ أحب أن يرى عليه أثرها، قيل: وكيف ذلك؟.. قال: ينظف ثوبه، ويطيّب ريحه، ويحسّن داره، ويكنس أفنيته.. حتى أن السراج قبل مغيب الشمس: ينفي الفقر، ويزيد في الرزق). Imam Sadiq said:( Verily, Allah loves beauty and beautification and dislikes misery and pretending to be misrable. Verily , when Allah bestowed on His servant a gift, He likes to see the effect of that gift on them) The Imam was asked what did he mean, he said "( clean your cloths, use perfume, improve his house and tend to his garden, .... even turning on a lantern at the sunset ward off poverty and increase sustenance". Sometimes we are faced by sudden temporary low mood, sometimes we are raided by low mood for long time. Imam Sadiq says" If you felt worried without a reason, wash your head. If worries kept attacking you, then say la hawla wa la quwata illa billah frequently" عن الإمام الصادق (عليه السلام) أنه قال: (من وجد همّا فلا يدري ما هو؛ فليغسل رأسه!.. وقال: إذا توالت الهموم؛ فعليك بلا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله). Ahlulbayt also pointed out to the food as a therapy. Imam Sadiq said that black grapes helps in depression روي عن الإمام الصادق (عليه السلام) أنه قال: (لما حسر الماء عن عظام الموتى فرأى ذلك نوح (عليه السلام)، جزع جزعاً شديداً واغتمّ لذلك، فأوحى الله إليه أن كل العنب الأسود ليذهب غمّك). Trusting God: One of the therapies that Ahlulabyt pointed out to is the certainty. One should not live in doubt about God. You should be certain that He is with you, taking acre of you. In the hadith, Allah is more merciful and compassionate about you than a mother on her newborn. You just need to trust Him. It is all it takes. Remember that during hajj, of all the acts and rituals, ahlulbayt say that hajj is Arafah, although there is no specific ritual on Arafah day. Poeple go to the mount and they start praying to God to forgive them. In the hadith it is said that your certainty that God has forgiven you is what matters. It is how much you trust Allah and believe in His power, justice and mercy. (واطرح عنك واردات الهموم: بعزائم الصبر، وحسن اليقين.... ومن التوفيق الوقوف عند الحيرة، ونِعْمَ طرد الهموم اليقين .... نِعْمَ الخلق التّكرم) Imam Ali said:( protect yourself from worries by patience and good certainty" Imam Sadiq said ( If everything is Qada and Qadar, then what's the sadness for?" Remember that from the good trust in God is to believe that every test and trial He puts you through is for your well being. In Hadith Qudsi " I am amazed by my believing servant, wherever I directed him to, he only comes with good, or make good out of that situation" There are more hadiths from ahlulbayt about this.
  23. the freedom tax https://www.theguardian.com/media/2017/nov/08/saudi-prince-sells-21st-century-fox-stake-in-blow-to-murdochs
  24. In one of the popular proverbs here a saying that goes something like this" wrap your finger with plaster and each person will perscribe for you a medicine". Depression as clinical diagnosis is the state in which a person stops doing their daily activities, stops eating, sleeping, washing and shaving. They stop to be connected to this world and live in a dissociation with reality. They will not react to external signals such as : a depressed parent will not take care of their child. Child may die. In these extreme cases, medicine is used to stop the depressed from harming themselves and others. It is not a luxury choice, it is a life saving decision taken by a certified psychiatrist. A depressed person who did not reach that level, the level of dissociation, and is aware of their state of mind but their daily life is compromised (poor grades, low productivity at work etc), they need to seek help from professional psychiatric who will put therapy plan for them and list all possible and appropriate methods. For people who are coming online seeking help, we can only state what's been known to be effective on everyone from every culture, age group, economical status and social status. Cheap effective affordable ways that one can recommend are: Spirituality, a walk in nature, good food , good sleep, good company and good social support. No one can push a depressed person to take any of these measures, not even the psychiatrists, it is all upon the person to pull themselves up and move on. Stigma is to see someone crippled with depression and yell at them: sort yourself! Then when they try to seek help from professional they call them weak. Asking for help is not weakness. Obviously no one in this thread is doing that. In the outside world, they may call those who seek professional help weak, but not those who seek these simple methods which are at large a very socially acceptable. A worthy note: They found that cognitive therapy which is done by specialists has same efficacy as talk therapy by trained nurse which is also has same efficacy as simple chat with friend. No one should under estimate the power of kind words to those under extreme stress.
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