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  1. اني اريد امانا يابن فاطمة

    مستمسكا بيدي من طارق الزمن

  2. keefon el7lween? In-sha-Allah mnee7een?

    1. Laayla


      Alhamd'Allah dear sis.  Insh'Allah you are well and in good health.

      How are you feeling?  Mishtaqeen!!  Lay hal ghaybaa? Allah waf2ik 

  3. ما مـرّ بي قـلـقٌ إلا و أنـقـذني.. ”بـيـتٌ“ يحـوّلُ أحزاني لأفراحِ..

    سيفتحُ الله باباً كنت تحسبهُ.. من شدة اليأس لم يخلق بمفتاحِ

    يا فرج الله

  4. دع المقاديرَ تجري في أعَنّتها
    ولا تبيتنّ إلا خاليَ البالِ
    ما بين غَمضةِ عَين وانتباهتها
    يغيّر الله من حالٍ إلى حالِ
    يا فرج الله
  5. TIMAAA sho hal ghabbee ya Sitna! Waynik? Keefik? Keef 7abeeb el-alb? Keefon el3asafir?

    1. Tima


      Heyyyy. How you doing???? I'm all good.... life is chaotic ( :p ) 

  6. (أُشْدُدْ) حيازيمك لِلْمَوْتِ             فَإنَّ المَوْتَ لَاقِيْكَا
    وَلَا تَجْزَعْ مِنَ الْمَوْتِ                إِذَا حَلَّ بِنَادِيْكَا
    كَمَا أَضْحَكَكَ الدَّهْرُ                 كَذَاكَ الْدَّهْرُ يُبْكِيْكَا

    Discipline yourself to accept death for death is certainly will meet you

    Do not get panicked from death when death arrive at your door

    Do not get fooled by days even when they are always siding by your side

    As days made you laugh, days will make you cry as well

    Imam Ali poem

    Peace be upon you Ya Amiral-Mu'menin.

  7. You're a honey, blame not your sweetness


  8. Salam,

    This is a good read to understand Shia position from history in general:


  9. hey, you can reply to profile! then you can reply in the forum

  10. @Ruq Salamz haha, now me, you and Apo all are unable to make new threads, make replies or reply to status in our profile feeds. Brilliant! We should start a competition of who makes the best status! Otherwise this is really boring.

    1. Ruq


      Yes, i must admit im getting ever so slightly impatient ..post-73242-0-08656600-1352736939.gif

  11. @Abbas. :( nope! Unless there is special cleaning for Safari, clearing history and cookies did not solve it.

    1. Chaotic Muslem

      Chaotic Muslem

      oh it works now 0.o, this is weird. Are you sure there is no restrictions on posts per 24 hour or something? Cuz the box just appeared while i was browsing.

  12. can't reply to status either 

    @Abbas. i just did the clean up and the sign out,... i cannot reply 

    1. Abbas.


      Did you close the browser as well? I sometimes have the same issue and this is what I do to fix it: 

      1) Close all windows.

      2) Re open the browser>Clear all temp files

      3) close and reopen the browser

      4) Sign in and it's all fixed.

      Try this again.... meanwhile I'll try to think of some other manual trick

  13. make it your business or your tea will turn to clorox  @Abbas.

    1. Abbas.


      heh sign out, clear temp files of your browser, close the browser, reopen and sign in as follows: 

      Username: Chaotic 

      Password: (Your password)

  14. hmm

    Restrictions on number of posts per day lol? Though it is cool but is it really ? or is my reply box being bugged?

  15. guys, the main page is corrupted. I can't view the main page.

  16. حديثكم يميت القلب

  17. what happened to your purple pony?

  18. Layla, how are you hun? How is Lebnan and the kids? Planning for more kids I see :) May Allah shower his blessing upon you and your family

    1. Laayla


      Assalam Alikum lovely lady. Lubnan meh, boys know how to have fun. Give them bottle caps and they know how to play with them. Thank you habibti for your du32s. Nothing now, maybe in the future. I need to lose the weight first. What about you? How is your health & family? How are you spending your summers? M3 Salamah, FE AMIN Allah

    2. Chaotic Muslem

      Chaotic Muslem

      Don't lose weight then gain it XD at least try the tommy exercise and make it will turned because when you get pregnant later, your belly will look like your belly in your first pregnancy.

      I am alive alhamdullilah, nothing new under the sun.

  19. Salaaam! How are you flower? It has been a while since we talked. May Allah bless you.

    1. AhlulBayt_313


      wa Alikoum Salaam, How are you CM? Flower? Yes, it's been a while..

  20. رب اوزعني أن أشكر نعمتك التي أنعمت علي

  21. غافر الذنب و قابل التوب شديد العقاب ذي الطول لا اله الا هو إليه المصير

  22. Salam and congratz. Dear, since you are red now, can you unregister me, please.

    1. Hameedeh


      Salam. Thank you. You have been unregistered per your request. Take care.

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