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  1. obviiously i was not talking about the incel cult obviousy i am not endorsing the cult obviously i am not hinting at the cult at any point obviously this deaf people talk is not going to be fruitful salam. close my account too please.
  2. I also do not like the cults culture: Emo, Nerds. Geeks, etc etc. But .. yes but... these cults gain momentum from a growing social problem. Look at Emo culture, it started some decades ago but wher eare we now? Suicide is leading cause of death in US. Depression and mental health is worst that ever in human history globally. We can be all proud and feed our ego but i prefer to be honest rather than blind. Yep women can be incels too if peeps around just wanted to throw some hidden insults, if that makes them feel better, yep they can be incels in the modern definition of the involuntary celibacy. And yes it comes at costs on mental and social health of many. You can mock and ignore all you like, or you can review 30 topics of "i want/i dont want to get married" on SC alone and test the mental health of the internet population yourself.
  3. I try not to be a literalist be it in religious matters or none religious matters. If we took the main behavior of the incel definition without associating it with any online or offline community, a certain race or certain nationality, we will be discussing a real issue that is often recurring theme in many "i want to marry" topics in SC. It is better not to bury head in sand and it is better to address the matter: 1- unable to find a romantic or sexual partner despite desiring one 2- Discussions are often characterized by resentment, misanthropy,[1] self-pity,[13] self-loathing,[14] misogyny, racism, a sense of entitlement to sex, and the endorsement of violence against sexually active people 3- Other thoughts that might be missed by the wikipedia Lets pick up 30 "i want to marry, i cannot find partner" topics in SC, made by 30 different accounts and see if we can find that theme in them. I might had been unfairly generalizing when i said 99% of males, obviously i was joking as always, but i wont say that the inceldom is a white supremacist phenomena. It has much to do with global urbanization, education system, gender blender, work and employment ad probably other socio-economic factors.
  4. USA suicide: https://www.cdc.gov/vitalsigns/suicide/index.html France suicide: https://www.thelocal.fr/20180206/in-france-a-person-commits-suicide-every-hour-so-what-needs-to-be-done Both countries re plagued with the ill mental health of its citizens. It is still very shocking that he decided to commit suicide in holy mosque in holy month. As if he is testifying that he disbelieve in God's mercy and God's might and power to change situations. I am not underestimating the amount of pressure that was upon the man that lead to such fate, on the contrary, I am saying that if we do not stick togather with those going under stressful times, gave them ears at least, we are pushing them to the despair ourselves.
  5. Salam Thank you for sharing these posts. They carry a good general advises and reflections, but they lack practical steps to change the mindset needed to lift the spirit out of the dark pit of anxiety and depression. What I am mulling over now is the conept of "Tafreej al karb" the word karb in Arabic means the sever stress. alleviate the karb or tafrij alkarb from a believer is considered one of the highly rewarded deeds in Islam. In the Hadith it says "whoever alleviate a sever stress from upon a believer, Allah will alleviate his stress in the day of judgement." I'm looking for practical way to do it in this day and age.
  6. Salam, Recently, I've been looking at backbiting from different perspective. I work in a very stressful job and very sick work environment. Almost everyone is burnt out, depressed or have one or another mental issue (They are sane, just mentally worn out due to stress). I've been noticing pattern of how to spot person in burn out, they often start talking negatively all the time about almost everyone in their life including themselves, among other things. From high moral grounds, what they do is unjustified, but for me, I start to see them as victims rather than the criminals. It is ethically unsettling situation because I feel i have to give them an ear to ease their stress, carry some of their burden, but at the same time, It makes me feel that i'll be dragged to same pit if I let them charge me negatively all the time. I thought of ways to help them without having to listen to the negative talk. I started by making a presentation about cognitive distortions. The ways of thinking that makes us sad and depressed. I was trying to give them insight into the problem many of them are in, so they can help themselves. But talk is easy and their situations are really bad. This all brought me to the conclusion of emotional intelligence, how to measure it, how to enhance it and will it affect how people cope with stress or avoid to be source of stress to others? Any idea?
  7. It is the victory of fantasy over realism that distances the American public from the horrors of war. https://www.rt.com/op-ed/429168-syria-saving-private-ryan/ I enjoyed reading her reflection on the Hollywood's version of war vs the reality of life, and how people can be convinced by mere myths even if they were logically implausible.
  8. salam i hope you are all doing great. <3
  9. the amount of peace in this place does not belong to this world. Imam Hussain was forced to leave mecca under a threat to kill him even if he was holding on the clothes of ka,bah , i cannot even imagine that. This place has a grace that forces even mushriks to take care of it and honor it, those at the time of imam hussain didnt even have that much of fake attitude. i prayed for you all
  10. salam, it is ok, you are not alone. And it is not your fault. Something is simply not right that makes many people feel not good. But there are simple steps that can at least clarify your mind a bit and makes you focus again on living: school, social life and taking care of yourself until Allah decides when we should leave this world. Until then, we should wait elegantly. Start by cleaning your room. If it is clean, re arrange it again, just because. Try new hair cut or reward yourself with anything that is totally selfish. Nothing fancy but very personal. Go and walk, walk and walk and walk. Delete most of your social media accounts and apps, keep it to the least possible minimum. Enjoy old style conversations with family, friends or even strangers. Try to find that activity that will put your mind in trance state? That feeling when you were a kid , playing alone and is totally fine and enjoyable while making castle or the feeling of driving a car or bicycle on long road? idk what activity that put your brain in trance mode but try to find it and activate that mode. Finally, when you are ready, try to find a meaning in life. I do not mean a meaning of universe or why we exist, but a meaning in an activity : helping someone, developing your self, helping your family by helping yourself instead of becoming a burden on them, expressing the gifts that Allah gave you like skills or talents etc and finally: quit junk food, canned food, fast food , eat fresh food that has no hormonal alternating materials.
  11. Totally disgusting Totally disgusting Totally disgusting Totally disgusting Ok, though WE as CONSERVATIVE muslims MAY agree on the no makeup rule... The concept that the only reason for makeup is explicit sexual act is disgusting. JP went from 70% agreement to -20.
  12. Thank you brothers and sisters. I am contemplating a solution and i hope it works, praying for it to work!
  13. Salam Your prayers is badly needed. For safety and fear and worries.
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