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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله


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  1. I love you babe!

    Thank you for being the most amazing wife and mummy in the world m'ashAllah!


  2. No we can't as we have principles derived from Islamic justice that we stand by and will not either for the same reason. The exploitation of the poor is completely at odds with the teachings of RasulAllah(SAWS) and Imam Ali(AS).
  3. Salams. Hubby and I are considering(and I emphasise considering) moving to Canada as we have had many positive things about this country. I am told there is a sizable Shia community and seem to be more practising than they are here in the UK(sorry fellow Britons, but you know what I mean :P ) The health care appears to be good, which is vital as both my husband and I have health complaints and so this is one of the things we are looking into before moving any where. Does any one have any advice for a british muslim wanting to move to Canada..? Example: how are Muslims treated in Canada? Wh
  4. Thanks, but could you translate that to English for me? Jzk Zara
  5. Truly inspirational and moving account bro! Just out of interest, is the advice you gave this Christian friend the same advice you gave me? Salams to you and a very belated Eid mubarek. Zara.
  6. Salams all! Not quite sure if this is the right forum, but I am trying to find the reference in Bukhari where alyahis salam is mentioned after Imam Ali's name..? I am curretly engaging in a debate with some Sunnis in this matter, but am not sure about the pariculars. Any help would be greatly apreciated. Jzk, Zara.
  7. Salaams Zara, please send me a message.



  8. Salaams Zara, it#s me, Shakeel.

    I want to apologise for what's happened between you and me, and I hope you'll do likewise.

    I know we have our differences but as I said, apologies

  9. [Note from Moderator: Please note that - as the sister says - the attached video contains graphic images and is unsuitable for children or people who will be disturbed by these images. Please view at your own discretion] Salaams Please read this thread over at MPACUK, sign up and join in the discussion as there are only three of us Shia over on that forum and the Wahabbi machine will try to rip us to pieces as they usually do there. http://forum.mpacuk.org/showthread.php?t=33921 This matter is too important to let it get swept under the carpet as though it isn't happening to our brothers an
  10. Zara, do you honestly think you (and your fellow heretics) are following the Prophet's (saaw) line ?

    Lol !

    Do you know how much the posters hate you and your ilk on mpac ?

    oh, and let's hope Iran get's a taste of the US/UK/Arab alliance :)

    The animals in Iran need to be restrained - I think they're getting a bit too big for their boot

  11. Correction: Those who follow the Prophet's line are anything but heretical.

    We know where our loyalties lie.

    Grab an education, rather than just yourself!

    Oh and a word of advice, any more Shia bashing will be reported on here too..then you will have NOWHERE to talk tripe!

  12. Zara, do me a favour and tell that shia heretic ('nik' I think his name is), that 'yes', I am on a five-a-day' ;)

  13. Salaam

    I found you here lol.

    How are you doing?

    Reading this forum's posts make me happy that I'm not alone. Anyway I'm still active in mpac to respond to Jahili Takfeeris!

  14. Eid mubarak brothers n sistas in the deeeeen, wishin u all a happy eid & a successful year,

    keep it halal, n remember me in your duas.

    tc, ws.

    itemas -e- dua

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