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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  2. That's like saying bad or logic. Indirectly sayin love is bad and logic is good.
  3. My father had given me his older benz 3 years ago, it now has few problems. The fix cost is gonna be around 2k. Should i get it fixed or sell the car and buy everyone's favorite toy Toyota My father says to let it go. But I really love my car.
  4. Man works really hard, you have to look after home. Tell him you need feelings from him and you love him, and you appreciate his hard work. Don't fight, man works really hard for his family. Wives often think men are out chilling, in reality men are too worried for their family. They want to come home and sleep in peace, after getting by another day - in life's book of limited pages. Inshallah everything will get better، show your appreciation for him.
  5. Yes prosterity is very very important.
  6. A family friend is in her early 30s and I'm just in my mid 20s. I have never spoken to her, just saw her photo as my parents are trying to find her a husband. I have never seen her in person because I stay away from guests. How wrong will it be to go that road? The consequence(s) of marrying an older woman. All the hadiths look sweet of prophets and imams and of their wives. But we are not them and this time period is very different. Are brother here have done so? Please share some important points from your experience. Salam Jomme bekhair enshaallah!
  7. Irony the person who gave this nice speech on hell-fire. Apparently he didn't really care for hell-fire. (curses be upon those - who hurt Ali and Nabi in this world and hereafter) reason
  8. Don't panic, You're smart, brave and knowledgeable. Her family is trying to provoke actions from your side, so they can make a case against you. But since you are clean, You have to keep it that way for now. Ask someone elder to speak to her family but I doubt they will listen. So you only have one choice - Marry her if she loves you. And once she is married to you, let the Australian police take care of these people. By International Law and the Australian Law - you two are protected.
  9. Waiting Eyes fluttered through the long night, salty and wet. You came and left, as did every breath. I was happy O dream of my desire, You will come encrusted, in sapphire. Reticent eyes shying to ground, you will come, smiles abound. Yet in my restless heart rise, tides of gloom. The lonesome shehnai (a musical instrument like Clarinet) cries, through my house of blues. The leaves rustle and I think you have arrived. My devout prostrations I think, reached my beloved. Vigilant through the night, the stars now need sleep. There was a hope of your arrival that now sinks deep. The dawn awake from its slumber shone. O breeze you came, but you came alone. My darling the enemy of my sleep, object of my worship, master of my soul. Please come, so my worship and desires may meet. Please come, so death may come, at your feet. (Makhdoom Moinuddin) English Translation by L K Atheeq
  10. The poet is a doctor who follows the Hindu faith from India , He expresses his veneration to Imam Ali in this poem, which he recites at the presence of Ayatollah Khamenei The morning breeze brought to me a salutation from Ali Now I am on the path like the rest of non Arabs to become a servant of Ali I, with all my shortcomings how can I write a poem that can cover the scope of the meaning of what Ali stood for Like a little kid that learns the concept of love from his mother I am yearning to learn the meaning behind the Ali's words and deeds Our salutation upon Ali the trustee of the Messenger Our salutation upon all the prophets and our respect for Ali I was saved from the ropes of this transient world when like a little bird of prey, I was caught by the Ali's wisdom Ali Ali come to the Ali the high and Ali the highest (in station and proximity to God) whose holly name has sweeten all the seven spheres of reality "Dont destroy your inner self like the dead hearted animals" I am entranced by this gold nugget from the saying of Ali Ali is the king of the temple of love and oneness of God All humanity would be intoxicated if they drank from the goblet of love from the hand of Ali The way that Ali lowered himself at the presence of God in total humility and stood up for truth Is the example for the people who stand up for truth or face down in humility(before God) I am delighted that my poem has the scent of boturab As the mornings and nights take their pleasant Aroma from the Ali's breath May God grant me success so like all other noble men I can shout that Ali is my Master and I am his slave
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