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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I pray that any brothers or sisters in our communities that experience attractions to the same gender hold fast to the Rope of Allah SWT and ask for the intercession of the Ahlulbayt (as) in identifying the core needs that underlie these attraction and enable them to be met in a halal way and that they keep away from haram, addictive activities that will sink them further into this addiction. I wish we could have helped Brother Ali Raza [son of Firoz and Siddika Jessa] sooner.
  2. Peace be on you, Is there anything we can do to reach out to this brother and his family to help him come back into the fold of Islam? Of course it is absolutely imperative and right to forbid what Allah SWT has advised against for our own success and safety. But at the end of this there is now still a very lost and confused and now isolated brother out there. Could we help and support him in anyway with his struggle? Maybe we could fund a ziyarat trip for him to Kerbala so he can seek help from Allah SWT and the intercession of the Ahlulbayt (as) - obviously IF that's something he wa
  3. Peace be on you Al-Moqanna, Its a hard thing to comment on though. I mean, none of us has any alternative point of reference given that we've only ever lived our own lives. So to say that you've never felt less than a man presupposes that you've already lived a life as a fully heterosexual male and now, in this life, you are certain that you do not feel any different in your masculinity to how you felt then. Please correct me if I've misunderstood. But you are right, everyone has different issues that has resulted in their homosexuality. The more people I listen to, the more I realise ther
  4. Peace be on you Sister RuQaYaH, May Allah SWT reward you for your kind words. You're totally right about our Islamic Religious Scholars sometimes not being clued up enough about the psychological causes of homosexuality to be able to effectively provide a solution. Some, alhamdulilah, are beginning to explore psychology so inshallah that is changing. We are in dire need of Muslim psychologists to help our communities in this respect. Alas, from the removal of homosexuality from the DSM registry and the vicious gay-activist movement that seek to expel psychologists who help counsel people fro
  5. Peace be on you, Thank you for your comments. I wouldn't really look on it as a transition based on will power. I'd perhaps look on it more as a 'progression' or 'growth' based on correctly giving your mind what its looking for in the correct way. You see our bodies are trying to 'identify' with the same gender in order to complete our own gender identification. This is something ever child goes through naturally. Young boys bond with older men (fathers, brothers, other boys in play) and they all go through that "ergh, girls!" stage. This is natural gender self identification. They grow
  6. Peace be on you, May Allah swt reward you for your kind words of support. With Muslims who have gone down the slippery path of trying to reconcile their homosexuality with the religion, it is often a case of not having access to enough knowledge about homosexuality and its causes. You see, there is so little information out there, and when it does surface the gay-activist movement is quick to stamp it out and bury it under the guise of 'homophobia'. It isn't homophobia. Its simply trying to look into the cause of homosexuality because the "born that way, just accept it" argument is not suff
  7. Peace be on you, May Allah SWT reward you for your kind words, I'm sure there's a hadith that says there is nothing better than for you bring happiness to a believer's heart :) This journey has taught me so much alhamdulilah (and more to come inshallah). On the battlefield of Kerbala Imam Hussain (as) said to Allah "keep on taking until you are satisfied" - sometimes we need to lose everything to realise that He (swt) is all we love and all we need and all there is. May Allah swt take care of you
  8. Peace be on you sister, Yes I do alhamdulilah. You see once a man's core needs are addressed and met he then starts to identify himself with the world of men. He becomes a man among men, one of the guys as it were. It is only then, when he is comfortable in his own masculine skin do he start to see women as the opposite (whereas before they'd been over-familiar), different, mysterious. Being in an Islamic environment really helps when a women's beauty is actually concealed. Over exposure to the feminine leads to over familiarity with the feminine which isn't conducive to the homosexual's h
  9. I agree brother. Perhaps its because, to be honest, a lot of people don't have the answers on how to resolve it. So all they can to is condemn and walk away. Removing homosexuality from the DSM by the American Psychiatric Association was one of the worst things that could have happened (in terms of halting the research into the causes of homosexuality). If you look into the reasons why is was removed, like anything these days, it was the result of political lobbying rather than any logical reason. Feel free to explore the NARTH website into their articles that describe the reasons behind t
  10. No brother I'm not a troll. Although I look pretty bad first thing in the morning.
  11. Peace be on you, This post is to offer hope and support to Muslims with unwanted same sex attractions who are struggling in the way of Allah SWT to live a halal/chase life. My condolences to the world on the departure anniversary of our Holy Prophet pbuh and Imam a.s. This is my first post using this account as I'd like to remain anonymous (I'd like to get married someday inshallah). So a few days ago I watched a lecture that asked us "what are you doing to prepare for the 12th Imam's (a.s) re-appearance". And it got me thinking "what can I actually offer in the way of assistance to him (a.s
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