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  1. Temporary marriage is not to be conceived as a sexual relationship. However many are driven (primarily) in both permament and temporary marriage with the goal of fulfilling their sexual needs
  2. Sisters do you realise that women in general act different during wearing a hijab in the east in comparison to the West.... Can ony one with the experience of waering a hijab in both east and west entertain us with her experience, emotions, feelings, reflections on wearing the hijab in both east and west ....Can she underline the main differences between both hijabs in terms of emotional status, feelings, social status, politics, etc
  3. Not expecting idealism The husband must not expect the wife to be ideal and the reverse applies, because no one knows everything except Allah and just as the husband did not marry the ideal wife, likewise the wife did not marry the ideal husband. Hence, one of them might meet, in the course of his or her life someone who is better for himself(or herself), but that does not at all mean that one desires what is not meant for him.
  4. JANANA... can you share your experience with us...
  5. can you kindly send me a contact.... i cant chat yet, have 19 posts to hit
  6. If you are or know any English speaking shia in Najaf from both sexes willing to introduce shiasm to others please get back to me asap..... Its urgently required especially for ladies....
  7. The wife seems to row model her dad unconsciously and he seems to row model his sisters unconsciously... Thats very possible....
  8. Love of Allah is what i meant..... One of our late scholars use to say : Love is the right step towards performing obligations and duties. Obviously he he is talking about love of Allah, which is reflected on all forms of love
  9. Salutes and salawat to sister hameedah... (but Allah demands that our physical needs be satisfied through marriage) Absolutely precise, thats why our motivation towards marriage in general should be obeying Allah's demands and fufulling our natural needs.....
  10. An important question a person should ask himself before approaching someone to propose for Mutaa Marriage is what is my Drive... Your Drives could be 1- Having Sex and fulfilling your sexual desire 2- Fearing Commiting sins like adultery or masturbation 3- An emotional need to communicate with the opposite sex 4- An intention to know the other party better before permanent marriage 5- Achieving a better emotional balance after being over occupied for hours and days with sexual thoughts 6- Satisfying the need of the other partner who happens to be in serious need of a mutaa relationship 7- A desire to change partners motivated by lust to have new sexual experiences 8- True attraction to the other party, and to need to have a legitimate relationship to express, discuss and decide where the attraction would lead to Many drives could be noted here.... However, it is essential to ask an important question? Where is Allah closer to my Drive? Am i driven by lust or love of Allah? Is my approach and drive morally correct when weight by my heart? Is my ego controlling my drive or is it something closer to morals and ethics? These questions are important noting that wisdom does not claim that every halal is to be performed.....
  11. This is a Frequently Occuring Sin (FOS) by many immigrating families... I would not expect one of our imams to legitimize this behaviour. However in some cases it might be acceptable if a persons life, family is in danger if he does not lie... But in gerenal being dishonest is a vice... Think of this brothers and sisters before approaching immigration or seeking political assylum somewhere in the west
  12. I believe that such subjects should be discussed in an intellectual manner in order to avoid feelings interfering in between
  13. Many converts convert to Islam with 100% positive feelings towards muslims which makes them fragile emotionally when faced by Dissapointment in dealing with Muslims.... Generalizing that all muslims are good is not a wise thing to do.... In general, muslims do not necessarily represent Islam... Infact one of our scholars once said, it might be easy to become a muslim but hard to become a human being... Many muslims still need to focus on the struggle against thier vices and negative deeds.. I heard of alot of converts being dissapointed with him muslims behave is some cirmustances Any Encounters to share? How did you deal with that encounter? Do you have any advice to give to recent converts?
  14. What do you think of women asking men for marriage or for a relationship? In a narrated hadith a women approached the Holy prophet and asked him for a spouse? The Holy prophet was pleased with her behavior and said to her; you are truly a free women!!!! How would you view a women asking a brother for marriage or for a relationship??? Does this issue differ from society to society? Why would'nt you feel comfortable in certain societies of pitious women asking for a spouse? Is it driven by religion or social norms? Which is given a proirity here?
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