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  1. I'm quoting hadith bro, Why don't you quote some hadith where the Imaams (as) praised Sufism and tasawwuf and Irfan? If you don't have any then why are you defending it and still calling yourself Shi'a?
  2. I'm stupid because I disagree with you and do tabarra of you because you think it's halaal to marry & sexually satisfy oneself with infants. Right, I guess that does make me stupid. Moving on. Do you have the source or not?
  3. Let's listen to the late Grand Ayatollah Mohammad Shirazi
  4. Bro, this is nothing new. These ideas have been around for a very long time. Countries have been redrawing borders ever since they had borders, and citizens are always complaining. I don't know why you think this is some new phenomena.
  5. Sorry I could never do it justice, but there is a brief biography for both of the scholars at this link [Mod Note: Link no longer works. Removed.] Muhammad Shirazi (may Allah grant him mercy) is dead, some say he was assassinated. Brother satyaban, I think you would benefit a lot from learning about him inshallah, one of the few great people of our time.
  6. (wasalam) If you listen to the lectures, then you would learn the real science understood by someone as knowledgeable as Sheikh Yasser as opposed to the Bakri-fied version served up by many people claiming to be Shi'a today.
  7. I know you love your rijaal and sciences, so how about you bring the Arabic source for these hadith? Don't hide behind our disagreement as a means for avoiding the question.
  8. (wasalam) I know you love your rijaal and sciences, so how about you bring the Arabic source for these hadith? Unbelievable. So according to Haydar Husayn, our leaders hide behind pillars, advise us to keep women uneducated (don't teach them to read and write)*1, and allow us to use infants for masturbation*2. Please teach us more of this wisdom, our cups are empty without you. References for my above comments: *1 *2 Haydar Hussain mashallah brother, please continue your wonderful Taqiyyah, don't let anyone know about Latam or Tabarra, but let's publish articles about treating women like sexual toys, even if they're infants. Mashallah. Lanatullah 'ala Kuffar wa Nawaseb
  9. (wasalam) The nature and angels and everything around us are Allah's creation. Consider the following hadith: Al-Kafi H 321, Ch. 17, h 1 Ali ibn Ibrahim has narrated from al-Mukhtar ibn Muhammad ibn al-Mukhtar al-Hamadani and Muhammad ibn al-Hassan from ‘Abdallah ibn al-Hassan al-‘Alawi both of them from al- Fath ibn Yazid al-Jurjani from abu al-Hassan (a.s.) al-Thani or al-Thalith who has said the following. "I heard the Imam saying, ‘He (Allah) is the Subtle, All-aware, All-hearing, All-seeing, the One, the Self-sufficient, Who does not have any children, is not any one’s child and there is no one similar to Him. Had Allah been as those believing in similitude (al-Mushabbihah) say there would have been no distinction between the Creator and the created, the inventor and the invented but He is the Inventor. There would have been no distinction between Allah and what He has given body and form to bring into existence. In fact, nothing is similar to Him and He is not similar to anything." I then said, "Yes, may Allah take my soul in your service, but you just said, The One the Selfsufficient, that no one is similar to Him. Allah is One and a man is one. Are the two not similar in oneness?" The Imam replied, "O Fath, you said something impossible. May Allah grant you steadfastness. Similarity is in meaning. In the case of names they are all the same. The names refer to the nominee. When it is said a man it, at the same time, is a report about one body and not two bodies. In fact, man is not one thing. His parts, colors and the color of his colors that consist of distinct parts, that are not equal. His blood is different from his flesh. His nerves are different from his vines, his hairs are different from his skin. The black things in him are different from the white things therein. The same is true of all other creatures. Human beings are one in name but not in meaning. Allah, Great Whose Majesty is, is only One and no one other than Him is one. There is no difference, imbalance, increase or decrease in Him. Human beings are created, designed, compounded of different parts and various substances. Only when combined becomes one." I then said, "May Allah take my soul in service for your cause, and grant you happiness, would you explain to me the meaning of your words "Subtle and All-aware? Explain it as you just did with the One? I know that His Subtlety or kindness is different from those of His creatures but I like more clarity." The Imam said, "O Fath, we said He is Subtle it is because of His knowledge of the delicate creatures, may Allah give you success and steadfastness, so you should consider His creation. Consider His design in delicate and not so delicate plants and other creatures like animals, small and large such as flies and cricket and smaller ones that even eyes can not. Because of their small size no one knows which is male and which is female, which is new born and which is old. We find tremendously delicate things with signs of His Subtlety, in their desire for reproduction, running away from death, collecting what is good for them and what is in the depth of the oceans and on the barks of trees, in the wilderness and desolate places. We find more fastidiousness in such animals and their ability to communicate with each other, and what their offspring understand from them, their transporting food to their young and their colors, red along with yellow, white along with red so fine that our eyes are not able to catch for their very exquisite shape. Our eyes are not able to see them and our hands are not able to touch them. All these show that the Creator of all such marvelous creatures are Subtle Who is kind to all the creatures we mentioned. He has done it without instruments and means. Every designer and manufacturer builds and manufactures some thing from something but Allah does it from nothing." See the link in my signature for an amazing insight to reflect upon insha'Allah.
  10. Al-Kafi H 349, Ch. 22, h 4 Muhaamd ibn abu ‘Abdallah in marfu‘ manner has narrated from Imam abu ‘Abdallah (a.s.) who has said the following. "Once Imam Amirul Mu’minin addressed the people in the Mosque of Kufa from the pulpit and a man called dhi‘lab a very good orator and brave in heart said, "O Amirul Mu’minin, have you seen your Lord?" The Imam replied, "Fie upon you O Dhi‘lab, how would I worship a Lord whom I would not see?" The man said, "O Amirul Mu’minin how have you seen Him?" The Imam said, "Fie up on you O Dhi‘lab, the eyes are not able to see Him physically but it is the hearts that see Him through the truth of the faith. O Dhi‘lab, my Lord is subtle in subtleties but can not be described by means of subtle matters. My Lord is great but can not be described by means of greatness. His greatness surpasses all greatness but he can not be described by means of such greatness. He is Glorious in His Glory but He can not be described in terms of thickness. He is before everything and it can not be said that something was before Him. He will be after all things but it can not be said that there is something after Him. He willed the existence of things but not by means of first thinking about it. He comprehends things but not with a great deal of efforts. Things are not mixed with Him and nor is He indifferent about them. He is clearly manifest but not with contacts and changes. He shines but not in the form of being found out with eye sight. He is far but not in the form of distance. He is near but not in the form of nearness. He is very fine but not in the form of physical fineness. He exists but not after nothingness. He acts but not because of being forced. He measures things but not by means of movement. He wills but not by means of thinking. He hears but not with tools. He sees but not with instruments. He is not contained in place and held up in times. Attributes do not limit Him and slumber does not seize Him. His Being was before the time and His existence was before nothingness. He was before eternity. His giving the sense awareness prove that He does not have the tools for sensing. His giving substance to the substances is proof that Himself is not a substance. The existence of a contrary to everything is proof that there is nothing contrary to Him. His giving nearness to things is proof that there is nothing similar to Him. He has made the light contrary to the darkness, the wetness to the dryness, the harshness to the softness, the coldness to the heat. He combines their transgressing and separates their closeness. The separation among things is evidence of the existence of the One Who causes separation in them and their combinations is evidence of the existence of the One Who combines them. It is jus as Allah has said, "We have created everything in pairs so that perhaps you may take heed (51:49)." He has made a distinction between the before and after to show that there is no before and after for Him. The instincts show that the One who created the instincts Himself has no instinct. The time is evidence that there is no timing for the One Who made the time. Things are hidden from each other are evidence that nothing hides them from their Creator. He was the Lord when there was nothing to enjoy His Lordship. He was to be worshipped when there was no worshipper. He had the knowledge when there was nothing to know. He was hearing when there was nothing to hear." In other words, Allah created everything, nothing existed eternally except for Allah. So, according to the Shi'ite philosophy, what you are saying is wrong to us. But you're free to think that of course, it just means you aren't accepting the words of the `Aimmah (as), and therefore reject Islam.
  11. Most important question to ask your Sunni friend Why did he refer to Shi'a as Kafir? He said you went from one Kufr (Hinduism?) to another Kufr (Shi'a)? Ask him what about Shi'a makes a Shi'a a Kafir, and ask him to bring evidence for his claim. If you aren't a Kafir then what is he worried about? Then the most important question for me, before I establish any discussion with "Ahl al Sunnah" (Bakris) Ask him if he believes the Prophet (sawa) can be bewitched? Sahih Bukhari, Book #53, Hadith #400 Narrated Aisha: Once the Prophet was bewitched so that he began to imagine that he had done a thing which in fact he had not done. Refutation to this idea below: So if he believes the Prophet (sawa) can be bewitched, then show him all of the evidence against his saying. And show him that only Zalimun say that Prophet (sawa) was bewitched, is he sure he wants to believe that and become a Zalimun? If he believes the Prophet (sawa) wasn't bewitched, then he should re-evaluate his beliefs (Sunnism)... Until he understands who Muhammad (sawa) was, then how can he lecture anyone? He is trying to convince you of truth when his prophet is under the control of Shaytan, naudhubilah.
  12. There are many objective atheists in the world, surely this wouldn't be a secret for 70 years.
  13. Imaam (as) says "Sufis are not from us" Sufi says "Sufis can be Shi'a" lol?
  14. Yes, the family of Grand Ayatollah Muhammad Shirazi (who is in the world records for writing the most numerous of quality authoritative books) are shunned because they are strict in their beliefs against deviation. There is even evidence of assassination and foul play against him and some members of his family. You can investigate this all on your own inshallah. There are a group of scholars and Shi'a who love Grand Ayatollah Muhammad Shirazi & G.A. Sadiq Shirazi, but they're a minority amongst the Shi'a.
  15. It has been reported that our pure Infallibles (peace be upon them) condemned the one who adopts the philosophers and Sufi’s path. When Imam al-Sadiq (peace be upon him) was asked about Sufis, he answered: “THEY ARE OUR ENEMIES, WHOEVER IS INCLINED TOWARDS THEM THEN HE'S ONE OF THEM AND WILL BE RESURRECTED WITH THEM. There will be people who claim they love us but they are inclined towards them and they try to be like them, call themselves with their name, and say what they say, WHOEVER IS INCLINED TOWARDS THEM HE'S NOT FROM US and we are innocent from him and whoever rejects them and refutes them he's like someone who performed Jihad against the disbelievers with the messenger of Allah (peace be upon him and his pure family)” (Safinatul Bihar, by al-Muhadith al-Qummi, vol. 2, p. 57). MOST DANGEROUSLY, THIS SATANIC APPROACH LEADS ITS FOLLOWER TO BELIEVE IN THE CONCEPT OF ‘WAHDAT AL WUJOOD WAL MAWJOOD” AND THEREFORE TO SHIRK. The following Hadith of our master Imam al-Sadiq (peace be upon him) is one of the useful ways to refute this concept: “God is absolutely independent of all His creatures and all His creatures have absolutely nothing in common with Him. And to whatsoever the expression ‘thing’ is applicable is a creature except God and God is the Creator of everything, blessed is He, naught is as His likeness and He is the All-Hearing and All-Seeing”. (al-Kafi, vol. 1, p. 82). After reading the above, I don't know how anyone can say anything good about Sufism when the very word itself has been demonized by the Imaams (as). The riwayah from the Shi'a hadith are very clear, that Sufism and these philosophies are a deviation and are abhorrent. You can dress Wahdat al Wujud up all you want and try to make it sound like "Pure Tawheed", but you have absolutely no basis in Qur'an and Hadith to do so, and in fact are contradicted blatantly by Qur'an and Hadith. Honestly, after reading the above hadith, one must be very brainwashed to continue associating with Sufism in any way.
  16. I agree Izrail, The people who are calling for death sentences are not from us. Take a look at this site [Mod Note: Link no longer works. Removed.] You can see "peace, non-violence" articles and books written by this scholar. He is opposed by the majority of Shi'ites today because he is against the violence and deviation prevalent amongst too many people who call themselves Muslim. You are right, there are many times where the Prophet ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)) and `Aimmah (عليه السلام) were peaceful even to their enemies and weren't calling for death, but today everyone is so hostile and bitter, it's unbelievably un-Islamic. This is why we're all waiting for a Savior to return, the Mahdi (ajtf) who will come with Jesus (عليه السلام) and set everything right.
  17. “Never reject a hadeeth, regardless of being narrated by a khariji , qudri , or marji attributed to us , may be it has some truth in it which you may not have grasped” Al-Kafi, Kitab-ul-Hujjat, Chapter 101, Hadith, no. 2. (Urdu Version) It is from Al-Kafi and I agree with the above narration. This is a problem with people who rely on Rijaal, that we have too much evidence against Rijaal in the first place. Here are two examples: Narrated Shaytan: "Allah is Ar-Rahman, Ar-Raheem" If we skip the text and look at the narrator, we would say "This narrator is untrustworthy! His sole purpose is to mislead mankind! Reject his narration!" Rather, we should look at first what is being said, and compare it to the Qur'an. Then we can compare it to other similar ahadith (which we know to be true/accurate), etc... But if we just study the Rijaal, then we would reject this hadith which would be rejecting the truth, which the Imaams (as) warned us against. Next, another example would be a trustworthy narrator saying something which contradicts the Qur'an, it doesn't matter who the person is, what is being said is contradictory to the Qur'an so we are advised to reject it immediately. I agree with their summary at the bottom of their article:
  18. Yes, and I don't reject Taqiyya. But it isn't a license to lie, and you don't cover up all of your books and reject all of the evidence and resources all over the internet when a Bakri confronts you, and you don't cause so much confusion in the Ummah that nobody even knows what Shi'ism is anymore except they think that Shi'a are all liars. Read my original post, because clearly you just closed your eyes and responded blindly without acknowledging any of the hadith I posted.
  19. Please, no need to be immature, read the following very carefully... Myself, and Sheikh Yasser al Habib, openly OPPOSE this fatwa allowing you to derive sexual pleasure from infants. This has been discussed on this forum a lot, and a lot of people agree with the ruling, that it is halaal to do.
  20. What? lol two questions: Will you give your infant daughter or sister in marriage to someone who will use her to fulfill his sexual needs (as per Khomeini's fatwa)? How does my question (#1 above) make me associated with Bush, or on a payroll from New York or Florida?
  21. Oh, I think I am beginning to understand now. You're upset at me because I refuse to believe that it is halaal to put your penis between the thighs of an infant? I understand your frustration now. Will you allow your infant sister/daughter to be given in marriage and someone to use her for sexual purposes? If you say no, then you agree with me and have been insulting me out of a natural self-defense mechanism when your ideology is brought to question. If you say yes, then I believe you are the one who is delusional and I suggest you to see a professional psychiatrist.
  22. She has been talking about the topic at hand, she has posted A LOT, and has had to respond to too many people, I think she deserves respect for writing so much and being open minded. I've seen her concede to several points we have made, it even appears that her opinion has changed since her original post.
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