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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Look, There are different stages for all different aspects of life. You might have better salat and 'aql than your friends, and they might have better ikhlaas... Marrying without looks is ikhlaas and hikmah, being able to pierce the veil of the illusion of this dunya. Click the link in my signature and read that, inshaalah it will put this dunya into perspective as the illusion it truly is. Once you realize this, then everything becomes small & insignifcant except for Allah, which is why we say "ALLAHU AKBAR" but we don't understand it fully. Thus, all that truly matters is that which brings us closer to Allah, everything else is bad, and we cannot say it is good or we're lying to ourselves. But everyone struggles (jihaad) for these different levels and areas of self-improvement. Do the best you can and don't feel bad about yourself, Allah is al-Wadood most Loving, He doesn't want to see you suffer, but He wants to free you from the chains you place on yourself.
  2. No I didn't. The Imaam (as) is explaining that his knowledge is knowledge of all past, present, future, in his own words. What spin?
  3. "You" = The Shi'a You're exagerrating his statement. He is merely saying that "look what happens when a group of people come together for a common cause", in this example he used land because the whole topic is land. Jihad is not just fighting, you clearly have chosen only one definition to misquote him. He is saying, very clearly, that it will require a lot of hard work, speaking the truth, being ridiculed by people like yourself and many on this thread, being cursed by people like you, and being murdered by Bakri terrorists for speaking the truth. That is Jihad. It is a struggle to speak the truth in the face of adversity. He is not saying "years of picking up weapons and killing people" He is saying "years of being killed and defending yourself and your families for speaking the truth" I'm disappointed you're so brainwashed by propaganda that you misinterpret the word Jihad. nonsensical statement which we do not do or believe at all What about the TREATY OF HUDAYBIYYAH... you JAHIL, do you even know what you just said? Then consider your hypocrisy... Khamenei says "it is haraam to curse the wives or sahabah of prophet (sawa)" Then you quote this verse. Ironically, Khamenei is allies with Assad (nasibi) We are following this verse because we are speaking out against falsehood from the books with honesty. You are disgusting, you're blatantly twisting what respected Sheikh Yasser al-Habib is saying and you are pretending to know his intentions. He is not greedy, I know him personally, he is very humble lives in a small condition with struggling income and finance and pours his heart and soul out to his community to help encourage memorization of Qur'an, learning Arabic, studying history and hadith, knowing the sciences... May Allah forgive you and guide you for your venom against this person who you have no evidence against except prejudiced hatred. Compare our words to your words sincerely and reflect inshallah. Who are the takfiris? The "Shi'a dude" at the bottom is our respected scholar, Ayatollah Sayed Mujtaba Shirazi, brother of the deceased Grand Ayatollah Sayed Muhammad Shirazi.
  4. Listen, I understand Wahdat al Wujud. When you say "Allah is the causer and sustainer, the one who makes you exist and keeps you in existence, without Allah you do not exist" I agree! And we should leave it at that... But, Wahdat al Wujud doesn't leave it, Wahdat al Wujud continues: "Allah manifests in His creation, His is the light of the heavens and the earth! We interpret this to mean everything is mystically Allah in a deep way." And this I disagree with. Do you believe Allah is manifested in feces? When you see feces, do you think about Allah etc? That is Wahdat al Wujud, that is kufr. Naudhubilah. Muhammad wa Aale Muhammad (as) fought, killed, were killed. Were tortured. Were spit on... We're following Sunnah and destiny. You're swimming against the tide my brother.
  5. I made some dawah videos on youtube and she contacted me to say salaam and congratulations on my conversion etc... I convinced her that cult was not true after speaking to her before we married. I had been reading Bukhari and was spending hours and hours every day doing so, the truth came to the surface very quickly and I had to show her as well. She is Shi'a. I'm not radical akhi, I just follow the books and wait anxiously and patiently for Imaam az-Zaman (ajtf). I speak the truth inshallah and I enjoin good and forbid evil, I expose misguidance wherever I see it, and I try my best to combat the forces of evil however I can. If that's radical then the opposite is just plain lazy and more fearful of Creation than the Creator. Jazakallah khayra, ameen to your du'a, may Allah bless and guide you and make you happy always and give you good in this life and in the hereafter, ameen. (wasalam)
  6. The Imam (a.s.) said, "Whatever takes place during the night and during the day, one matter after the other matter and one thing after the other thing to the Day of Judgment." This is clear is it not? To the day of judgement means future as well as present as well as past. Why are you limiting it when the Imaams (as) did not limit it in all of these words?
  7. It's sad that nobody can have an intellectual conversation anymore without someone claiming to be a gnostic and then exploding with emotions when someone wants to discuss their ideologies with them. Wahdat al Wujud is kufr, stop promoting it, case closed.
  8. Indeed we (Sheikh Yasser al-Habib and group) don't curse anyone who doesn't curse. A kafir is a kafir, by the same definitions as any Muslim really. You set up partner with Allah knowingly, you're a Kafir. You believe in Wahdat al Wujud which implies that Allah is manifested in poop, you are a kafir. You believe that Abu Bakr isn't such a bad guy, you are a Batri. However, we do have a hadith which says "Anyone who doubts the Kufr of Umar is a kafir" which I've read before. @ thenamelessone I think your post is appealing to emotion and not reality. Reality is, all of our Ma'soomeen (as) were murdered brutally. The Shi'a can expect no comfort. You seem to think we can all live in peace and harmony, that is impossible without the Mahdi (ajtf), until then we must stay on Haqq and endure the suffering inshallah.
  9. (salam) So it has been thoroughly proven that Khomeini and others allow baby fondling. Note that I follow Grand Ayatollah Sayed Sadiq Shirazi who doesn't allow this, and Sheikh Yasser al-Habib wrote a damaging response to these claims saying: "In regards your question (sexual pleasure from girls under 9), this is crime islamically, this particular fatwaa doesn't exist in the chapter of temporary marriage, however it is an issue in the chapter of marriage in general, and it has been agreed by everyone to allow to marry baby girl; but forbid to have any intercourse with her and any who didn't reached puberty otherwise it would be permitted to consume the mariage." Sheikh Yasser al-Habib explained that Bakris (as well as the likes of Khomeini) allows leg rubbing and intercourse that won't hurt the infant! But we do not prescribe to this view and strongly oppose it as sin.
  10. I never said I want to side with zionists and I never said I trust them. Don't be ridiculous and stop lying against me. Go pray and relax and then come back when you've decided to calm down. You're not making any sense. If Iran were a true Islamic country then: 1) Ayatollahs wouldn't be in prison 2) Mahdi (ajtf) would be here already! Who are you fooling? The fact that Iran claims to be a Shi'a nation and Mahdi (ajtf) isn't here just shows that it's a bundle of lies. Look at how many "pious" "scholarly" "Shi'a" ayatollahs there are in Iran, now tell me how many true Shi'a do we need before Mahdi (ajtf) comes? You know the riwayah? Exactly.
  11. Ever heard of the expression "Truth is on the side of the oppressed" ? Shi'a love using it, especially Khomeini's group... And yet, how many Ayatollahs and Marjaa have been oppressed, tortured, imprisoned by the WF? Are you aware of Grand Ayatollah Sayed Muhammad Shirazi? He was imprisoned for disagreeing with Khomeini, for example. Do some research inshallah, read the Qur'an first, then some hadith, then you'll know when you come across an unIslamic concept such as Wahdat al Wajud from Ibn Arabi (which Khomeini believed in devoutly)
  12. Bro, people are murdering each other living side by side, so why not separate them? They are separating themselves, they need leadership to step in inshallah. I'm not saying it's perfect, but something has to be done.
  13. Because if you look at that map... 1) Shi'a control all of the Shrines of the Ma'soomeen (as) 2) Sunni Iraqi's get their own territory so they can lessen the violence inshallah 3) Mecca and Medina will be for all Muslims, not just Wahhabis who beat you if you cry near a grave 4) Israel is shrinking Many good things about that It's not perfect but it's better than what we have today Stop worshiping Khomeini, anytime a leaf falls in Iran you guys act like an earthquake just took place and become so emotional. Iran isn't perfect, we respect the country and love the people as we do any place, we're happy they try to be Muslim and Shi'a, but there's still a lot wrong when you can't express your views there if they go against Khamenei
  14. I think you missed the point of my post. The very fact that the people who claim to have spiritual knowledge talked about it is enough to refute Wahdat al Wujud. Did Salman (as) reveal his knowledge to Abu Dhar (ra) ? No. So what sort of knowledge could Khomeini possibly have that he reveals it? One who has the knowledge, doesn't reveal it. One who doesn't have the knowledge, reveals misguidance. Khomeini revealed, therefore he didn't have the knowledge, and he is only misguiding. Simple logic. I mean seriously, what double-standards... These people will do taqiyya and call for you to be polite and respect Abu Bakr, and erase hadith from books, just for politics... But they won't do taqiyyah to hide their Wahdat al Wujud beliefs, they openly print literature about this kufr.
  15. Doesn't Iran kill apostates also? Or is the internet lying again?
  16. (salam) Someone please translate this fatwa. Is it by Khamenei or Khomeini? ãÓÃáÉ 12 - áÇ íÌæÒ æØÁ ÇáÒæÌÉ ÞÈá ÅßãÇá ÊÓÚ Óäíä¡ ÏæÇãÇ ßÇä ÇáäßÇÍ Ãæ ãäÞØÚÇ. æÃãøÇ ÓÇÆÑ ÇáÇÓÊãÊÇÚÇÊ - ßÇááãÓ ÈÔåæÉ æÇáÖãø æÇáÊÝÎíÐ - ÝáÇ ÈÃÓ ÈåÇ ÍÊøì Ýí ÇáÑÖíÚÉ. æáæ æØÆåÇ ÞÈá ÇáÊÓÚ æáã íÝÖåÇ áã íÊÑÊøÈ Úáíå Ôí‏Á ÛíÑ ÇáÅËã Úáì ÇáÃÞæì¡ æÅä ÃÝÖÇåÇ - ÈÃä ÌÚá ãÓáßí ÇáÈæá æÇáÍíÖ æÇÍÏÇ Ãæ ãÓáßí ÇáÍíÖ æÇáÛÇÆØ æÇÍÏÇ - ÍÑã Úáíå æØÄåÇ ÃÈÏÇ¡ áßä Úáì ÇáÃÍæØ Ýí ÇáÕæÑÉ ÇáËÇäíÉ. æÚáì Ãíø ÍÇá áã ÊÎÑÌ Úä ÒæÌíøÊå Úáì ÇáÃÞæì¡ ÝíÌÑí ÚáíåÇ ÃÍßÇãåÇ ãä ÇáÊæÇÑË æÍÑãÉ ÇáÎÇãÓÉ æÍÑãÉ ÇõÎÊåÇ ãÚåÇ æÛíÑåÇ¡ æíÌÈ Úáíå äÝÞÊåÇ ãÇ ÏÇãÊ ÍíøÉð æÅä ØáøÞåÇ Èá æÅä ÊÒæøÌÊ ÈÚÏ ÇáØáÇÞ Úáì ÇáÃÍæØ¡ Èá áÇ íÎáæ ãä ÞæøÉ. æíÌÈ Úáíå ÏíÉ ÇáÅÝÖÇÁ¡ æåí ÏíÉ ÇáäÝÓ¡ ÝÅÐÇ ßÇäÊ ÍÑøÉð ÝáåÇ äÕÝ ÏíÉ ÇáÑÌá ãÖÇÝÇ Åáì ÇáãåÑ ÇáøÐí ÇÓÊÍÞøÊå ÈÇáÚÞÏ æÇáÏÎæá. æáæ ÏÎá ÈÒæÌÊå ÈÚÏ ÅßãÇá ÇáÊÓÚ ÝÃÝÖÇåÇ áã ÊÍÑã Úáíå æáã ÊËÈÊ ÇáÏíÉ¡ æáßäø ÇáÃÍæØ ÇáÅäÝÇÞ ÚáíåÇ ãÇ ÏÇãÊ ÍíøÉð æÅä ßÇä ÇáÃÞæì ÚÏã ÇáæÌæÈ. http://www.leader.ir/tree/view.php?parent=n6910&catid=13〈=null "The remaining Alastmtaat - Kams with desire and the annexation and Altfajiv - there is nothing wrong even in the baby." That's google translate. Someone can do better inshallah, it sounds pretty disturbing when Google says it.
  17. Just love Khomeini and all of your troubles will disappear... Repeat this until you believe it.
  18. Is there a right way to perceive sexual satisfaction from infants?
  19. Consult your marja'a and look for evidence. Do you know what Valentine's day is? Saint Valentine... We as Shi'a have enough of our own events to commemorate, mourn, celebrate... Do you celebrate Christmas and Haunika and Easter and Passover and Yom Kipur? Just curious.
  20. Is that really a Sunnah? That one in the bottom middle reminds me of my favourite childhood icepop...
  21. (salam) I apologize if you have ever perceived hatred from me, wallahi I have no hatred for you. My questions are genuine, without any hatred involved akhi. The "cardboard cutout" and "jedi" comments are just humor, because you literally have a Jedi style photoshop of Khamenei, and that literally is a Cardboard cutout of Khomeini. I didn't make them, nor did I post them. I hope you understand now. I'd appreciate if you answered the questions I posed, as they are serious questions. If you're confused about any of the questions let me know and I'll explain in detail with references, but I suspect you already know, so please let me know what your responses are.
  22. "Ya Ali, make Du'a for me, help me, I don't know what I need to do to become a better Mu'min, please give me the best du'a with your eloquence and knowledge which I can never hope to attain..." Allah grants 'Ali (as) permission to hear and respond to us 'Ali (as) supplicates to Allah on behalf of myself because he knows what I need and I don't know, and Allah knows but I haven't asked, so 'Ali (as) is going to ask Allah knows all of this before it happened Allah accepts 'Ali's (as) du'a and I benefit from it. If 'Ali (as) knows who his true followers are, then he knows who to make du'a for or not, he doesn't make du'a for someone who is destined for hell-fire, so Allah wouldn't deny him any du'a because he doesn't ask Allah except what Allah would already answer. This is very deep and one cannot understand it without proper context, but with the context it is very logical and real. You know the saying? "O Allah! turn the Haqq with him wherever he ('Ali) turns" So 'Ali (as) isn't going to make a Du'a which Allah would reject. So I may ask 'Ali (as) to make a Du'a for me, but that doesn't mean he makes it. But if he does, it can be very beneficial because of his position and knowledge. And this following hadith here is so profound I cannot even explain it: Salawat Muhammad wa alee Muhammad Allahumma sullee 3la Muhammad wa alee Muhammad wa 3jal farajahum
  23. Let's analyze it logically, and see a few possible reasons. Woman is not virgin. Woman gets married. Husband finds out woman is not virgin. Woman never asked permission to do Mutah. Woman is suspected of Zina (illegal sexual intercourse). Or Woman is not virgin. Woman gets married. Husband finds out woman is not virgin. Woman's father confirms halaal mutah. Woman is innocent. Or Woman is virgin. Woman gets married. All is fine.
  24. Have there been any demonstrations against Assad in Iran yet? Strange. Do you think Khamenei is just afraid of his own citizens following in suit and rebelling like all of the other nations are? Domino effect?
  25. I agree with the following summary of Wilayat al-Takweeni:
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