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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Im getting a bit confused here. Now the conclusion of thís thread is that asking hz Ali(as) directly for help is not allowed. Every shia says " YA Ali madad ", which means they are asking Ali(as) for help. Shouldnt it be then " YA Allah forgive me through the intercession of Ali "
  2. Umar said " Had there not been Ali, Umar would have perished " The " chosen caliph " had little command over Islamic Law, wonder why hz Abu Bakr chose Umar :huh:
  3. Unity does not mean accepting novel " Aqeedas " of other groups/sects, neither does it mean mingling of different ideas and extracting a perfect blend of " Aqeedas ". That is not possible, at least for the last 1400 years. Live and Let Live :angel:
  4. Unity can only be achieved through tolerance
  5. Why would the sunnis go to majalis when they have their own majalis dealing with the adventures of umar and mavia(la). It all goes back to the mullahs. Why would anyone bother to attend the majalis of someone who dont believe in the Quran :shaytan:
  6. Everybody is least interested to learn about a religion or sect apart from their own
  7. (salam) After the death of Umar, the next Caliph had to be " elected ". Abd ar-Rahman b. Awf first offered the caliphate to hz Ali(as) on two conditions : one, that he should rule in accordance with the Quran and Sunna of the Prophet(saw); and two, that he must follow the precedents established by two former calpihs. Accepting the first condition, hz Ali(as) declined to comply with the second. Tabari, 1, p.2793 Why whould hz Ali(as) not follow the precedents established by the former caliphs?
  8. what if I say only through wasila :) Everything created by Allah is a truth, proof of his existence :) . What about man quntu mola faha za ali un mola Love is Love. What do u mean by Allahs Love? We love Allah because he is Allah, and is the same way we love the ahle bait, because they are ahle bait. How does our Love for Ali lead to shirk?
  9. "Ali is the purest of flowers " Shows his love :) "Ali is the sword of truth" Again shows his love:) "He was born within the precincts of Ka’ba " A fact :) "When the infant opened his eyes he saw the Prophet " Again a fact :) "Ali is the light of the sun and moon" Again shows his love :) "He is the master of the destiny" maybe throgh his wasila we can change our destiny:) "He is the truth and master of all " Yes Ali is Haq and he the master of all believers, again a fact :) "Even in the stone he planted the banner of Islam" A fact :) "O my dear soul, r
  10. what exactly is shirk with his sig. please elaborate
  11. There is nothing wrong with fear There is also nothing wrong in being kafir and then becoming a muslim I agree :) But there is something wrong when you deny your prophet's daughter her right and that is a major blemish on his life.
  12. brother sabar has still not answered my question. What makes hz abu bakr the best after the prophet pbuh ? Im really interested in the arguments that you would bring up to justify your answer Only because some people at saqifa "selected" him does not make him the best. Ok let me put it this way = To what extent was hz abu bakr better than maula Ali?
  13. the followers of the ahlebait are on the right path. I dont say this but the prophet pbuh told us, as brother Carlos mentioned :)
  14. Salam Even if that hadith is recorded in your books, then i would like to know on what bases is hz abu bakr the greatest after the prophet? Had he knowledge? Was he from the ahle bait? Was he closer to the prophet than imam ali? Was he braver than imam ali(as)??
  15. the sunnis are always told that if there would have been a prophet after mohammad(pbuh) it would have been umar(nau)! They are told that once prophet said "I would have punished fatima(as) for comminting crime!!!!
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