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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. very sad but also happy to see that shias arguing the sinful killing of israeli children. sad because thousand of muslim children around the world are killed in respose to one israeli death happy because shias have kindness towards enemies children
  2. Praise be to Allah that He made Himself known to me so that I may not be blind by heart
  3. as I said it is highly possible that some guys in power are protected while a poor takes the blame and is killed to keep his mouth shut
  4. I would like to know if its allowed to condemn the whole bunch like what we say in our Duas send blessings upon Mohammed (saw) and his progeny and curse Marwan (la) and his progeny
  5. marbles not allowed to comment here. so please get off.
  6. A family in my area have gone through sufferings pain and anguish because of Pakistanis. Since for the past five years one of the member in the family has been cursing the Pakistanis, that they should all be destroyed, killed mercilessly and undergo pain and sufferings. Is this allowed or not? The irony of the matter is that all of his curses are becoming true? Does Allah accept the curses of such people? Is it acceptable in Shia Islam? Once I confronted the person politely he said that if there is a single good Pakistani than Allah will not accept his prayers against them. He says I should experience what he went through before advising him.
  7. The more faith a man has the more he is jealous for his wife.
  8. It sounds very fishy. Maybe he wasnt the real culprit but took the blame for some rich guy. Killed so the truth remains hidden.
  9. I have read Bhagavad Gita. Many places you get the hint of oneness of creator. The Holy Quran says all nations of the world at some point of time have received prophets and message of God. Overtime the people have changed the true message. There is also a tradition that says that Imam Ali was present physically by the mirace of Allah in certain events of the past prophets of Allah. In Nahjul Balagha Imam Ali praises Prophet Musa with his Physique and woolen clothing as if he had seen him. There is also a belief that says Shiva is Imam Ali (as). Imam Ali (as) appeared before his birth to aid the people by the miracle of God. Furthermore the Hindus have more respect for Imam Hussein (as) than some Muslims
  10. Certain sea creatures if eaten by men will have negative effect on environment. Imam Ali used to go around in the market to warn and advice people not to sell sea products that do not have scales. Allah is all knowing.
  11. For shia seafood allowed are those that have scales.Oysters have shells therefore haram. But for sunnis oysters, catfish, shelfish, octopus ,lobster is allowed. Pigs cannot be slaughtered Islamically. They dont have necks. They are filth eating animals. Their flesh have life threatening diseases and worms.
  12. Why dont u recite duas, quran, and namaaz for him and also fast for him. That will help both of u.
  13. That is a catch, I think its impossible
  14. Can a shia man, married to a shia woman do muta with a non muslim woman by making her recite shahada? (as per sistani)
  15. That is why all the ulemas and majalis reciters have stopped at the snatching of veils and not any further. And that is the reason I said any further debates on such issues is useless and disrespect and sinful (post no. #72). See below and stop before you commit more sins. For you and your other ids that want to discuss about this. If your family ladies, mothers, sisters, wives and daughters are looted, plundered, raped and taken as slaves, paraded publicly without coverings, than people would discuss and debate about it and someone would add salt to your wound by saying Islam is not based on emotions
  16. What you mentioned is after the acts of all the atrocities that had taken place. And I don't find any goodness of Yazid army (la) to believe it. The sacrifice was great in all sense. And the greatness is declared by Allah. Miracle happens by Allah's will and His will was to make the sacrifice Great. That is why we say the sufferings of Hussein (as) is above all sufferings. If in today's world atrocities against women is more than the womenfolk of Ashura than you are making the sacrifice look small. The narration also says that while Hussein was on the sand with wounds all over his body, he saw the army rushing towards the tents of womenfolk. And he addressed them as dogs to come and fight him and not to go near the tents as long as he is alive. The reason of miracle you are putting can be moved upper also during the time of sacrifice of Ali Asgar (as) or Hussein (as) or Abbas (as). So you see how shaytan (la) entraps us to slowly make the sacrifice look small. Today we are questioning and doubting the sacrifice of womenfolk and hijaab in Ashura. After some years our children will be talking about Ali Asgar and how a miracle saved him from the arrow. The event of Hussein(as) shows that everything was sacrificed for Islam. Because it is the true religion. And it is priceless.
  17. I am putting this for all people not to be mislead by the mischief of Shaytan. ie those people who are trying to make the sacrifice look small by arguing over historical evidence in books. Husseins (as) tragedy is preserved fully by the narration of the mouth from the day it happened up til now.. No one can bring it to stop by comparing it to fabricated historical books. Nothing you do for Hussein is extreme as long as there is pure intention out of love. Even 'acting' of sadness or grief or howling is allowed and recommended . Therefore those who recite majalis and add something to make it tragic is allowed and recommended. All sorts of atrocities were carried out against the womenfolk as it happens in war. We also have a narration that Bibi Sakina (4yo) (as) (may my children be sacrificed for her) was demanded by one man (la) to be a female slave for him. In short all sorts of sacrifices were demanded and given to save the Best Religion -Islam Therefore nothing we do for Hussein (as) is extreme as he gave all he had.
  18. @ 'Kaniz e Zahra' No use for further explanation sister. Love and hatred for Ahlulbayt is God given and only some understand it by logical debates. We might be hurting the holy people by further arguments here. Its his right and can follow the fatwas of mullah omar or osama or Fadhlulah.
  19. LOL sun would turn off for Zaynab (as) and Imam Hussein (as) is killed nothing happens???????????? Wat sort of arguments are you putiing forward mannnn First of all a marja would not do mistakes that even normal people don't. And would not talk about things he doesn't know. Check out how Sistani answers questions and how he remains quiet on things he doesn't want to talk about or doesn't know.
  20. Please read his fatwas properly and fully and put it here and then attribute it to him. Read yourself of what you are saying he was doing. That is enough evidence that he was a mischief maker and was disrupting society by misleading young people to revolt against family values and once again see my video of a a very grand personality of Iran and his advice regarding azadari practices. We should do exactly what our forefathers were doing as they were correct in every sense in all of their azadari practices. And you have a nerve to tell me that yazid was a decent person that he snatched only the naqab and not the hijab. Do you know what is happens in a war? Either you are naive or one of the agents of wahabis It is wajib to expose such people who try to belittle Ashura sufferings and that is not backbiting as you put it. and it is wajib to expose such people who bring social corruption by enticing young virgin girls to secret marriages by going against the parents and bring shame upon the families. 'without penetration as you put it' read your own words it makes me wonder at your wisdom.
  21. Joseph (as), Mary (as) and Jesus (as) are all considered holy in Islam. So please do not slander them as non muslims do about Islam holy personalities.
  22. Little knowledge is very dangerous No marja allow without fathers permission. "Only rare situation" but still not allowed with obligatory precaution.
  23. Please we are not talking about exceptional cases as you have put it. Sistani also allows with certain special cases. Mind you 'independent' is a very confusing and misleading word
  24. if u put it that way. the greatest threat to wahabism and imperialist is marjaiyat in shia islam No marJa allow it without fathers permission
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