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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. very sad but also happy to see that shias arguing the sinful killing of israeli children. sad because thousand of muslim children around the world are killed in respose to one israeli death happy because shias have kindness towards enemies children
  2. Praise be to Allah that He made Himself known to me so that I may not be blind by heart
  3. as I said it is highly possible that some guys in power are protected while a poor takes the blame and is killed to keep his mouth shut
  4. I would like to know if its allowed to condemn the whole bunch like what we say in our Duas send blessings upon Mohammed (saw) and his progeny and curse Marwan (la) and his progeny
  5. marbles not allowed to comment here. so please get off.
  6. A family in my area have gone through sufferings pain and anguish because of Pakistanis. Since for the past five years one of the member in the family has been cursing the Pakistanis, that they should all be destroyed, killed mercilessly and undergo pain and sufferings. Is this allowed or not? The irony of the matter is that all of his curses are becoming true? Does Allah accept the curses of such people? Is it acceptable in Shia Islam? Once I confronted the person politely he said that if there is a single good Pakistani than Allah will not accept his prayers against them. He says I should experience what he went through before advising him.
  7. The more faith a man has the more he is jealous for his wife.
  8. It sounds very fishy. Maybe he wasnt the real culprit but took the blame for some rich guy. Killed so the truth remains hidden.
  9. I have read Bhagavad Gita. Many places you get the hint of oneness of creator. The Holy Quran says all nations of the world at some point of time have received prophets and message of God. Overtime the people have changed the true message. There is also a tradition that says that Imam Ali was present physically by the mirace of Allah in certain events of the past prophets of Allah. In Nahjul Balagha Imam Ali praises Prophet Musa with his Physique and woolen clothing as if he had seen him. There is also a belief that says Shiva is Imam Ali (as). Imam Ali (as) appeared before his birth to aid the people by the miracle of God. Furthermore the Hindus have more respect for Imam Hussein (as) than some Muslims
  10. Certain sea creatures if eaten by men will have negative effect on environment. Imam Ali used to go around in the market to warn and advice people not to sell sea products that do not have scales. Allah is all knowing.
  11. For shia seafood allowed are those that have scales.Oysters have shells therefore haram. But for sunnis oysters, catfish, shelfish, octopus ,lobster is allowed. Pigs cannot be slaughtered Islamically. They dont have necks. They are filth eating animals. Their flesh have life threatening diseases and worms.
  12. Why dont u recite duas, quran, and namaaz for him and also fast for him. That will help both of u.
  13. That is a catch, I think its impossible
  14. Can a shia man, married to a shia woman do muta with a non muslim woman by making her recite shahada? (as per sistani)
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