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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. C'mon folks 23 views and not a single yes or no..for the love of god, answer me someone!!!
  2. Salam everyone Hard water is actually water with a relatively higher salt content than regular/water. I recently moved to a new area and we have hard water here. It tastes funny and leaves the hair all dried up and the scalp itchy. Although its not such a big problem, it has many solutions such as the ones listed above.
  3. Salam everybody! I was having this discussion with a Wahhabi friend of mine last night. He went on with the usual stuff why celebrate it?, whats the philosophy behind it?. He said people waste a lot of money in celebrating it which can be used to end hunger and so on. Now instead of debating on whether Islam allows it or not I asked what difference does it make and how is it against the principles of Islam. Its simply a way of remembering someone important and expressing our affection(if we have some) for him. We don't worship him or anything on that day, do we?. As far as the poor and hungry are concerned, they are the happiest people on that day. After all they do get free food that people give out in the name of Allah for the love of Muhammad(PBUHP). Wasalam
  4. Salam Are there any sunni references that state that the ziyarah of imam hussain a.s equals 70 or more hajj? Thanks
  5. I absolutely find no problem with that but Allah will definetly ease the animal of its pain through a medium and why cant that medium be the person responsible.
  6. I agree with RiseOrDie on this one. The animal should be treated and cured if there's a way. Otherwise killing it in one blow sound like a better option than leaving it to suffer alone in the wilderness. I mean its not gonna heal by itself. I was actually looking for a confirmation so a reference would be nice.
  7. What does islam say on killing an animal who is in a state of severe pain as a result of a car accident or something similar?
  8. Thanks mun3t...I wasnt acquainted with 7: 176 while I did mention that verse from Surah Maidah. He said ppl have translated it according to their own views and I just replied that you are hopeless...Thanks alot mate!!!
  9. Salam, There's a dude at my college who likes to argue alot. Recently he's come up with a view that theres a chance animals like snakes and dogs are halal and can be consumed. He says only pork has been openly made haram. He refuses to accept references from Ahadis as they are not direct enough. Any help in the form of logical reasoning or references will be greatly appreciated.
  10. Depends on what u r using it for? If ur using alcohol to get high, then its wrong...If not then its not a big problem. Now, Ive never heard of anyone using perfume for that very intention!
  11. Thanks but I already mentioned that. I dont mind going on google but why the extra step?
  12. Whats up with the search option on this site? Why do i have to put everything in quotes? and even then the results arent good enough. For this reason, I have to go up on google to find content from shiachat.com. This search option definetly needs alot of improvement!!!
  13. ipad has all the bells and whistles one could need but if u do a little research u could get the same stuff on an android tablet for a fraction of the price.
  14. filesonic.pk has also stopped its sharing services...who's next???
  15. Anytime pal!!...and ill be waiting for to read what u have in store for us. The relation established by you is pointless and is not in line with the topic.
  16. Nice research my friend. Iam not a huge scholar or anything but these are definetly points to ponder upon. I would personally say that "move away" or "seprerate" sounds more human and sensible than "beat".
  17. Wa alaikum as salam i dont have a complete idea of ur actual circumstances but for starters u should preferebly advise that 'someone' in person and not make a huge scene..try using words like 'i think what ur doing is wrong' and 'im ur friend saying whats best for u'. And if that person is really worth it, he'll understand. Good Luck and Khudahafiz!!
  18. Just out of curiosity, how many generations of cousin marriages are considered safe?
  19. Both shias and a vast majority of sunnis agree upon the event of Ghadir Khum when the Prophet(PBUHP) said "Whomsoever Iam Mawla of, Ali(AS) is his Mawla". Now both sects dispute on the meaning of Mawla. Sunnis correctly state that Mawla has about 25 different meanings. It may mean friend, teacher, master, guide and so on. So why would the Prophet create this confusion? Now upon closer inspection of this hadis, the Holy Prophet is also calling himself our Mawla and hence leaving no room for confusion or misintrepretation. If we believe that the prophet is our teacher, then Ali is our teacher...If we believe that the prophet is our friend, then ali is our friend...if we believe that the prophet is our guide, then ali is our guide and if the prophet is our master, then ali is our master too. Thus the meaning of mawla that we attribute to Hazrat Ali (as) must be the same as the one we attribute to Hazrat Muhammad (PBUHP). Even if we accept mawla in all 25 of its meanings, the position of Ali (A.S) cannot be disputed.
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