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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I wish u all a happy and prosperous ramazan! I intend to complete all my pending salats(about 50 days in number) during this month...what is the shortest possible way of offering them?
  2. yeah, i would like to know too...anyone?
  3. neither side should have to compromise their beliefs for the sake of the other....tolerance is the key here...live and let live!
  4. a little harsh but it does have some truth to it..... its a good thing to be optimistic and this is not impossible at all.....we should all have atleast a little faith in ourselves ,coz we never know when time could be on our sides..
  5. it does feel good when u put it that way....and again, there are a lot of bright minds here but just like the rest of Pakistan's valuable resources, they too remain untapped...like u, i also like to believe that change is inevitable but there are greater changes that must be brought first to make way for changes like these...
  6. Yeah, its them(atleast a faction amongst them)....although a majority of them isnt this irrational... both these groups believe in the finality of the prophethood...their disputes are rather petty(i,e: qawalis, the signifance of religious figures and vistitng their tombs, etc.)..As far as I know, a Deobandi and Barelvi can be members of the same family and could go on without ever finding out..As far as their view of the Shia is concerned, its pretty more or less the same....we cant say that one group is more hostile than the other..
  7. What kind of engineering should I take on in my Bachelor's? I mean to serve as a basis for the future......Civil engineering seems like a viable option but it would hurt to know if there are more options available... yeah...there's so much that can be done...for starters, a sewage treatment plant can be built for to clean the waters of River Ravi....clean water would encourage fish habitation which would lead to more job oppurtunities, more settlement....and this is just a brief overview of the good that can come...yet, our leaders fail to see the bigger picture..
  8. thats nice to hear...i know that Pakistan can greatly benefit from environmental engineers but for know they are a luxury that Pakistan just cant afford...Pakistan is seriously in need of stable government policies, and for that matter, a stable government.
  9. Salam everyone I'm in the last year of my A-Levels and plan on eventually becoming an Environmental engineer. Its the first profession that I've actually found appealing. The problem is I'm from Pakistan and there aren't great deal of opportunities here for environmental engineers. I was hoping if anyone here could guide me with regards to prerequisites and countries where there are opportunities. I'm personally inclined towards Belgium(most probably Brussels). It would be great if someone can direct me toward a good university with education in English. Any relevant suggestions are also welcome... Thanks
  10. Not all Wahabbis and Sunnis are brain-dead enough to call Shias Kafir...I have some great Wahabbi and Sunni friends who at many occasions have stood by me against their hostile kind..Hostility is not just confined to them. Ive heard many shias go that way as well..Tolerance is the key here...perhaps these differences were only created to teach us the true meaning of tolerance. Obviously, some people will never understand so there's not point in reasoning with them.
  11. are ppl really that desperate!!lol!
  12. That's clear hypocrisy, my friend...! He gives an entire lecture on the greatness of Hazrat Ali AS, providing references from the Sahah Sitta and then he concludes it by equating him with the other three caliphs. He prepares different speeches for different communities. When the Shia are in attendance, he rants about unity among both sects and when there are only sunnis, he says the only school of thought going heaven is the Hanafi school. The references,although,are pretty good...
  13. Much appreciated, all of you!
  14. Salam, Any Turks on this forum? I would really like to know how is life in Turkey? I mean is there any sectarian discrimination and does a shiite(twelver) community exist there, are there any big job oppurtunities, how are the developmental prospects over there? Thanks
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