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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I was curious as to why Shiachat members joined here and what they find interesting or engaging. How does it compare with other discussion groups?
  2. He just hasn't answered them yet. The circumstances around you haven't given God the chance, because of intereference from free will. When the circumstances are right, you will know instantly and meet up with the opportunity awaiting you, NYC boi. Please do not be discouraged or depressed. Sometimes the right thing for you takes time- not only for you to change within yourself but for others to change and be the kind of people who fill your needs. I have asked that many, many times. Nevertheless, I believe "despite my disbelief". It is the 'leap of faith'. You are in the "dark night of the soul". There are many of us there....those who trust and those who love a God who seems to hide. The muslims speak about their Imam who is in occultation. Sometimes we feel that God is likewise hard to find. Perhaps it is because we look within the recesses of our minds for Him, not outside ourselves. Please do not be rash. Besides- NYC? What a depressing place to live.
  3. One can find some level of fulfillment in this life without a belief in the NEED for God....especially if he has lost touch with his own individual soul. But when I myself doubt the relevancy of God (as sometimes happens), my soul drives me to tear apart heaven and earth seeking Him and His loving presence. I have a loud soul. God loves me and I must find Him, even daily, and love Him in return.
  4. I do not feel one should draw conclusions about Western women by what they see on TV or pictures on the mass media. In the general population of women, not so many of us dress immodestly, especially those of us who are mature enough to know better.
  5. What terrific answers, SF Taha and Narsis! So many have asked "Why is there evil and injustice even upon innocents?" Your answers are so succinct and clear. I wonder, though, are we created imperfect at birth, or do we become imperfect in time due to our own failings and limitations?
  6. I was unaware that Syyid Sistani said that. I admire him and trust what he says. He also makes a lot of sense. The more I learn of ISIS, the more I come to think that their leaders are irreligious, but use (misuse) Islam to attract an army of fighters. I think sometimes that those leaders are just interested in power and money and exploit others to their own advantage. ...like we see in many parts of the world.
  7. The setting of the movie is Roman Catholicism. The closest resemblance to the word "Illuminati" is the "Illuminative stage" of mysticism. These people are highly spiritual and not politically motivated, nor desirous of power. There was (may still be) a society within Catholicism called "Opus Dei" which does faintly resemble the "Illuminati" of the movie.
  8. Shia Muslims are opposed to mutilation. That is my understanding.
  9. I have not been at shiachat in a while, but returned because I want to understand more about ISIS- its origins, beliefs and goals. I thought perhaps it was a Sunni-led phenomenon. However, from Hamza TR's response, it appears that - once a cleansing is done, ridding the group of those who practice cruelty - that it is an effort for all Muslims to unite. (in a Caliphate-type structure, I assume). Is that correct?
  10. Does anyone know how I might get CDs by Ya Rouh (Rum) of Jordan? I can't find anyone who sells it in the US.
  11. Please pardon me for jumping in here because I am not Musim. However, I am following this topic with intense interest, as it represents one of just a few difficulties I have understanding Islam. For a different slant: If anyone here defends the Laws of Apostasy, who truly has the right to carry it out? Are they likewise willing to do it today? And, what if they are unwilling to do it? What does that mean?
  12. WOW! Thank you, Khadim! This verse and others in Surat 9 troubled me a lot. Around 8 years ago or so, I tripped across an interpretation of this Surat by another sect, and that interpretation was even more violent than the verses themselves. When I discovered Shiachat, I found Muslims who were studious and religious. They even communicated with non-Muslims in a kind and courteous manner, which was most refreshing. They were not at all like that other sect. This was confusing to me. On another thread here recently, I received a link which directed me to a number of Qu'ran translations http://www.islamawakened.com/quran/, and I found that the translation of Surat 9 by Wahiduddin Khan seemed to fill me in on the background context which Khadim provided above. It's not one of the regular Shia translations, but it helped me understand the context better, and cleared up any misunderstandings. Again, thank you, Khadim and thanks to the rest of you folks here at Shiachat.
  13. Excellent point, Al Mufeed. You place responsibility back upon the person and allow for the exercise of free will against the influence of Shaytan. So, are jinns the same as the "minions" of Satan, as some Christians believe, or are they hapless spirits that wander about making nuisances of themselves? Or both?
  14. Your comments and links are most helpful. Thank You.
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