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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to Martyrdom in The Tears Imam Hussain(as) Despises......   
    Ayatollah Nasir Makarem Shirazi on why do we mourn for Imam Hussain(AS) enjoy!
    Why Do We Mourn?

    It is asked that if Imam Hussain (a) was victorious why do we cry? Why don't we hold a celebration?
    Is it suitable to cry so much over a victory?
    Those who make this criticism do not understand the philosophy behind mourning. They mistake the
    tears that the mourners of Imam Hussain shed with the weeps of weak individuals.
    There are four types of crying or tears:
    1. Tears of Joy: For example, the tears of a mother who has just found her child years after he went
    missing, or the tears of a lover who has just gained the satisfaction of the loved after years of struggle.
    2. Tears of Compassion: Tears which stem from a healthy heart, not a heart that is as hard as a
    rock. These tears show the levels of compassion that a human has; for example, they are the tears
    that flow when one sees an orphan freezing in the cold and crying because he was separated from his
    father, or the tears that are seen when one witnesses the murder of an infant, such as the murder of
    the infant at Karbala.
    3. Tears of Success: Sometimes one cries when he reaches his goals. In regards to Karbala, these
    tears are the tears that announce one's loyalty to Imam Hussain and his companions, that announce
    one's loyalty to the struggle against oppression. Are such tears possible without knowing what the
    goals of Imam Hussain were?
    4. Tears of Defeat: These are the tears of weak individuals who did not reach their goals and who
    do not have the motivation to continue. Never shed such tears for Imam Hussain, because he despises
    such tears. If you cry, make sure the tears you are shedding are happy tears, compassion tears, or
    tears of success.
    However, knowing what Imam Hussain and his companions stood for is more important than
    mourning. Practically aligning oneself with those goals is also more important than mourning.
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to kim.tinkerbell in would u ever want to be a girl?   
    Sexist ? brother if you been hurt before doesnt mean were all evil...
    You own nothing and with that attudie your not going to own no human ......
    Not even a slave ( that doesnt exist)
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to Baka in would u ever want to be a girl?   
    behayaat, I am a man and I find what you say very offensive and sad. Wickedness is not restricted to a single gender.
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to ~Zee Zee~ in would u ever want to be a girl?   
    i bet guys would secretly love to be a girl for a day or two. but they will never admit it lol. As for ever wanting to be a boy--NEVER! Alhamduillah Allah created me as a girl that's a tom boy. I have that advantage! What's the equivalent to tomboy for guys? Metrosexual? LOL Ya3ni as a girl your blessed because your a walking masterpiece! We get to wear silk and lovely things. Women can withstand more pain than men and we have all sorts of other sweet advantages! Also I would never ever want to be a guy because I think men are amazingly wonderful! To want to be a guy when I have that kind of attitude would then be sort of... kind of too gay :S yuck. So Alhamduillah Allah made me into a girl... Total blessing :wub:
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to ImAli in would u ever want to be a girl?   
    I think some of the ones who are overly opinionated on the issues of women when they know nothing about being a woman should be transformed into a woman or have their soul transplanted into a woman for a period of no less than one year....then we can see if they have the same opinions on the issues of women after this year or more has completed.
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to ShiaBen in would u ever want to be a girl?   
    I'd only want to be a girl for one reason. To investigate what Stephen Hawking* was talking about. He said women are the most mysterious thing in the universe and that nobody can ever figure them out :!!!: :D
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to Chipkali in would u ever want to be a girl?   
    If all guys could be muslim females for a fixed time period, it's interesting to think about what type of Muslim girl they would be. How many would adapt to hijab, what kind of hijabi they would be etc.
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to ImAli in Young Polygamist Family   
    Well he put himself in that situation ROFL
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to ShiaBen in Lavish Life Of Syed Khamenei   
    What an elaborate video. I had no idea drawing on maps and stating random accusations constitute as facts nowadays.
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to Philip in Lavish Life Of Syed Khamenei   
    get ready for Imam Khamenei's PROPER LAVISH LUXURIOUS MEGA SUPER DUPER LIFESTYLE if he makes it to the reign of imam al zaman .. ya Rabb !! in sha Allah ya Rabb .. ya Allah
    .. and i don't think i need to go into the beloved :wub: Leader's lifestyle once he makes it to the highest levels of heaven insha Allah .. what a lovely man !!! masha Allah lovely !!
    i think he's like the most adorable man on earth .. !! subhan Allah !!!
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to Hameedeh in Lavish Life Of Syed Khamenei   
    Private hospital under his palace? Ridiculous. His own beloved wife will sit hours in a clinic to see a medical doctor, without telling anyone that she is the wife of Rahbar HA. She doesn't want to get ahead of other people who have been waiting longer than her. She doesn't want to use her relationship with Rahbar HA to get special treatment. :cry:
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    yellow billed magpie got a reaction from ireallywannaknow in How Much Older Is Your Husband Than You?   
    My friends husband is 61 and she is 36-this is one of the most peacefull relations I have ever witnessed, and with his deep knowledge,wisdom ,guidance and love of Islam,it has really brought my friend to the right path.I am happy for both of them-they are truly blessed so I personally see no problems in the realm of age, at least not for these 2.They are committed to Allah first,and I think this is why it works.
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    yellow billed magpie got a reaction from muslimah1 in Abstaining From Music... How Do You Do It?   
    Salam-there will be times and places in every Muslims life where we will be exposed to music-my understanding is that we are not to allow ourselves to experience any pleasure out of it-I have friends who absolutely believe that they MUST have music to drive their car, and unfortunaately, they listen to the same music I grew up with, so whenever a song comes on the radio that I used to listen to, (and this can be a challengse if it happens to be my favorite musician from my past) I remind my self that it is forbidden-I recite prayers to myself, or think about the Quran or Islam in general...Anything that will distract myself in a halal manner. I cant remember where I read it, but I read somewhere that the reward a Muslim receives from abstaining from music in this world is that they will be able to listen to beautiful songs of birds when we are in Heaven-BIRDS ARE MY FAVORITE ANIMALS ON THIS PLANET, so if I love to listen to them HERE, how much MORE beautiful will they sound in HEAVEN?! Hope this helps :) PEACE!Salam-point well made about it taking you further away from Allah-For me, I used to listen to music and it would keep me emotionally tied to people,places, things in my life that are no more-In other words, it kept me lost in the past, and attached to worldly things-how far away from Allah is THAT? As a new Muslim, I believe that its VERY important for me to be in the here and the now at all times in order to keep my perspective clear-I can recite duas in my head or do other types of things instead of listening to music that will ultimately bring me closer to Allah, and to keep my intentions and motivations towards Allahs will clear-Music just distracts! My husband said 2 things to me regarding music: "Music makes people stupid", and " Music on emotions is like alcohol on the body". Well said, I think! Also, get rid orf any C.D.'s you may have in your car or within your reach-replace them with Quranic C.D.'s...This I have also done...Hope this helps:) PEACE!
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    yellow billed magpie got a reaction from Ruq in Miracles Vs Normal Course Of Events   
    Salam-quote by EINSTEIN; There 2 ways to live life-as though NOTHING is a miracle,and as if EVERYTHING is a miracle. (may be slightly off on wording, but conveys the same message) Salams:)
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    yellow billed magpie got a reaction from Saintly_Jinn23 in Prophet Jesus (as) Ethics   
    I completely agree with you on this, as most things I "say" are said from within and silently as opposed to outloud-For some reason, I am quite preoccupied with not saying things as to attract the attention of others for I do not want it to be an act of show, rather one of sincerity,and Allah knows my intentions, of this I am sure...
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    yellow billed magpie got a reaction from Gotham in How To Concentrate During Namaz   
    Salam- I was wondering if soeone can give me some good ways of staying focused and concentrated while praying? I constantly have to bring my thoughts back into accordance with Allah, as they drift randomly to worldly thoughts while I am praying-they are distracting! Stupid things like,"wonder what so and so is doing?" or "Did my husband take his medication on time?" or "I wonder if my moms ok?" Just random thoughts :/ Thank you in advance:)
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    yellow billed magpie got a reaction from Shia_Debater in Splitting Of Moon!   
    Salam! HAHAHAHA! That is just the comic relief I needed at that moment:) I was kinda thinking the same thing, and my husbund just happened to say," Baby, we have kebob in the oven-go eat" and that made it even funnier! Hope I havent offended anyone:)
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