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    yellow billed magpie reacted to Nima in Shia Muslim With Many Doubts About Shia Aqeedah   
    Is there anyone here who can give me shia sahih hadiths that promotes tawasul practice?
    I would love to see a hadith which says that we can ask our imam anywhere.
    Our imams spoke so much about the power of Allah, so its very strange that they suddenly say: After my dead, you should ask me about everything...
    Yes, I know ultimately that it is God who decides. But why can we not pray directly to God?
    As long as no one gives me the hadiths that explicitly promotes this practice, then I prefer instead to pray directly to my creator.
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to Dina in The Obsession With White Skin   
    'Alaykum As Salaam Brother,
    I appreciate your contributions, thankyou for them. It would seem, however, that you have misunderstood and misinterpreted both the piece as well as its purpose. The following is a brief clarification:
    It is possible that this age-old obsession with white skin is a legacy of colonial rule: and it is also probable that preference for white skin reflects a deep-seated inferiority complex and, thus, a crisis of identity.
    If you read through the above, you will observe that I have made no categorical statement about colonialism and its effects. I merely suggested that the obsession with white skin may have its roots in colonial rule.
    You are suggesting that the recommendation to marry white-skinned females has its source in the Qur'an. With the greatest of respect, I reject that supposition as utterly ludicrous and absolutely contrary to the Message of Islam, and the life-example of the Prophet (pbuh) You have not provided a single Verse from the Qur'an in order to substantiate your claim. What you have done, however, is to completely ignore the Verse quoted in the piece, which clearly states that the differences in languages and complexions evident amongst humankind, constitutes a "sign" from Allah SWT. You are so intent upon proving your assertion, that you have completely failed to address this Verse and its Message.
    Regarding the word "Hur" - this surely has to be one of the most misinterpreted/mistranslated words from Kitaab-Allah Ta'aala. The Arabic word Hur is not gender specific, in other words, it is not referring exclusively to females. Rather, it is the plural of Ahwar - male - and Haura - female. It does not mean "white skin" nor does it have anything to do with skin tone. The following is its real meaning:
    Ahwar (m), Haura (f), plural Hur -
    having eyes with a marked contrast of white and black, (also, said of the eye) intensely white and deep black
    (Hans Wehr, A Dictionary Of Modern Standard Arabic, edited by J.Milton Cowan. Pg 212)
    Verses which deal with matters relating to Al-Ghayb - the Realm beyond perception - cannot be interpreted or understood in a literal sense. Descriptions of the Hereafter fall into the category of Al-Ghayb, naturally. Only Allah SWT Knows their true meaning.
    I maintain my position in respect of the subject of this piece: many Muslims are so obsessed with white skin that they are apt to reject their darker skinned co-religionists. If marriage is simply confined to outward appearance, then its innermost purpose has been lost. Wa Llahu 'Alam.
    As Salaamu 'Alaykum
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to Maryaam in The Obsession With White Skin   
    How can a physical attribute (in this case race when looking at skin colour) determine someone's character or indicate how virtuous or non-virtuous a person is? That is just racism.
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to Çåá ÇáÈíÊ in The Obsession With White Skin   
    I was thinking.
    If having blue eyes and being white was sooo 'virtuous' then the Ahlul Bayt (as) were most worthy having such traits. Yes, Prophet was White but didn't have blue eyes. Most playboy girls have blue eyes. So it didn't prove the goodness of anything.
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to Çåá ÇáÈíÊ in The Obsession With White Skin   
    Right. So what I take from this is that blue eyed, white people (Europeans, Americans etc) are more 'virtuous', 'blessed' and 'beautiful' than non-blue eyed people. No conditions. :dry:
    You want to throw in a fake Hadith about how virtuous blondes are, too? :lol:
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to Dina in The Obsession With White Skin   
    May I thank everyone for their contributions. The responses are informative, interesting and enlightening.
    A quick note: no offence was ever intended: I apologize if any has been caused.
    The purpose of this piece is to draw attention to a problem which exists amongst Muslims - it is not about me personally.
    It is an undeniable fact that Muslim girls and women - whether Iraqi, Pakistani, West Indian or African - are not considered for marriage on account of their skin tone. Here, we need to make the distinction between personal preference and racism. Of course human beings have different ideas about what constitutes beauty - and make life-choices based upon those differences. However, when personal preference causes a person - ie., a Muslim - to reject the possibility of marriage to another based upon no more than complexion, then the line between personal likes/dislikes and racism has been crossed.
    The reason I have emphasized Muslim attitudes, rather than those of other communities - though they are alluded to - is because Muslims have been assigned the task of "bearing witness to the Truth before humankind" - Q2:143, 22:78 - and as such, are required to set the standard of moral, ethical behaviour which transcends mere materialistic attachments and attractions. Since marriage is the bedrock of society, in order to create a properly-functioning, healthy, and peaceful society, marriage must be founded upon the lasting values of virtue and piety.
    That one must needs be attracted in the physical sense to the prospective bride/husband is a given. However, marriage thereafter is composed - not of instant gratification - but of mercy, compassion and love. Therein lies the truth about beauty. Q30:21
    In any case, as the Verse quoted in the piece reveals: the difference in languages and colour amongst humankind represents a clear Sign from Allah SWT. The secret of beauty lies in its diversity, not uniformity. Further, the transitory nature of physical beauty means that it, alone, is not - and can never be - the standard by which all beauty is measured. Wa Llahu Alam.
    As Salaamu 'Alaykum
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to asphyxiated in The Obsession With White Skin   
    There is a lot of truth to this. Men in general have a strong desire for sexual variety with the most beautiful women possible. This is a natural tendency. It is also why hijab is so important. Hijab, at least in part, allows a woman to conceal her physical traits so that the man doesn't notice her sexuality before anything else (and this is what men do--it is a natural function of sexual selection). Physical appearance is how men generally discriminate between mates/sexual partners. Obviously they can condition themselves otherwise (i.e., if they are Muslim and are looking to get married, they may conclude that physical appearance is less important than a wife he can build his life and family with). But to say that physical appearance will have no bearing is ridiculous.
    This gets us to the notion of skin colour. I don't think it's a surprise that the vast majority of men would prefer a Scandinavian girl over, say, a Khoja or South Indian. Or that other men would prefer a lightly tanned Mediterranean over an Ethiopian. The reasons for this are cultural, but populations will always have a tendency one way or another. I know there are cosmetics sold on the Sub Continent that give women a lighter skin tone. Then again, people in the West risk cancer by going to tanning parlours in order to make their skin darker. Pale white skin isn't desirable in the West at all. This is why you see such interest in tanning.
    But you can also flip the scenario. Don't women like men who are tall, dark and handsome? From what I've read, dark usually means tanned or a darker complexion. These are all forms of sexual preference. As Muslims, it is up to us to condition ourselves away from idealized sexual tastes and see the bigger picture. At the end of the day, the vast majority of men will not be able to satisfy their desire for sexual variety from as many beautiful women as they can, just as the vast majority of women will not be able to satisfy their desire to attract the highest quality male possible. These are the frustrations in which we live.
    It's better that you see the bigger picture and choose a mate that satisfies your religious criteria. While I may prefer the physical appearance of the Mediterranean or Scandinavian over, say, the South Asian, I would take the latter if it means there is a greater likelihood of establishing a successful marriage. But I would be lying if I said I didn't have preferences.
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to Haydar Husayn in The Problem Of The Monks And The Rabbis   
    Allah (swt) says in the Qur'an:
    They have taken their doctors of law and their monks for lords besides Allah, and (also) the Messiah son of Marium and they were enjoined that they should serve one Allah only, there is no god but He; far from His glory be what they set up (with Him). [9:31, Shakir]
    Tafsir of the Imams (as):
    1 – Muhammad b. Ya`qub from a number of our companions from Ahmad b. Muhammad b. Khalid [from his father – not in the masdar] from `Abdullah b. Yahya from Ibn Muskan from Abu Basir – meaning al-Muradi – from Abu `Abdillah عليه السلام. He said: I said to him: “They took their rabbis and their monks as lords apart from Allah”. (9:31) So he said: Indeed by Allah, they did not call them to worship themselves, rather they allowed (i.e. made halal) for them (something) forbidden (haram) and forbade (i.e. made haram) upon them something allowed (halal). So they worshiped them wherefrom they did not perceive.
    3 – And from Muhammad b. Isma`il from al-Fadl b. Shadhan from Hammad b. `Isa from Rib`i b. `Abdullah from Abu Basir from Abu `Abdillah عليه السلام regarding the saying of Allah عزّ وجلّ “They took their rabbis and their monks as lords apart from Allah”. So he said: By Allah, they did not fast for them, nor did they pray to them, rather they made allowed for them (something) forbidden, and forbade upon them (something) allowed, so they followed them.
    21 – Muhammad b. Ahmad b. `Ali in Rawdat al-Wa`izhin in regards to His تعالى saying “They took their rabbis and their monks as lords apart from Allah”. He said: It is narrated from him عليه السلام: Verily they did not take them as lords in reality; rather they entered under their obedience. So they attained a status from their taking of them as lords.
    25 – Ahmad b. Muhammad al-Barqi in al-Mahasin from his father from the one who he mentioned from `Amr b. Abi ‘l-Miqdam from a man from Abu Ja`far عليه السلام regarding the saying of Allah “they take their rabbis and their monks as lords besides Allah”. He said: By Allah, they did not pray to them nor did they fast, rather they obeyed them in sinning against Allah.
    28 – And from Jabir from Abu `Abdillah عليه السلام. He said: I asked him about the saying of Allah “they took their rabbis and their monks as lords apart from Allah”. He said: Indeed they did not take them as gods, however (they allowed for them (something) allowed and they took it, and they forbade them (something) forbidden) [they allowed for them (something) forbidden and they took it, and they forbade them (something) allowed – in the masdar] and they took it. So they were lords apart from Allah.
    29 – And from Hudhayfa. He said: I asked him about the saying of Allah عزّ وجلّ “they took their rabbis and their monks as lords apart from Allah”. So he said: They did not worship them, rather, when they permitted things for them they would deem it lawful, and when they would forbid (things) upon them they would forbid it.
    Abu ‘l-Jarud from Abu Ja`far عليه السلام regarding His saying “And they took their rabbis and their monks as lords apart from Allah and the Messiah the son of Maryam” As to the Messiah, they disobeyed him and glorified him in their selves until they claimed that he is a god, and that he is the son of Allah, and a sect from them said the third of three, and a sect from them said he is Allah. And as to their rabbis and their monks, then they obeyed them and went by their saying/doctrine and followed what they commanded them to and professed by them by what they called them to, so they took them as lords by their obedience to them and their abandonment of what Allah commanded and His books and His messengers. So they discarded it behind their backs, and what the rabbis and monks commanded them to they followed, and obeyed them and disobeyed Allah. And He only mentioned this in our book so that we may learn a lesson by them. So Allah humiliated the Banu Israel by what they did/produced, Allah saying “And they were not commanded but to worship one god, there is no god but Him, glorified be He from what they associate.
    So it appears that Allah is rebuking the people of the book for obeying their scholars in making the haram halal, and the halal haram. Now, the question is whether this is fair. How could the commoners among the people of the book be expected to know what was haram or halal? How could they be expected to contradict those who were much more learned than they were? How could they even be sure they were right? Presumably those scholars had some kind of argument to justify their actions, whether it was valid or not, and usually those with more knowledge or more skill in debates can always run rings around those with less knowledge. Just look at public debates, the skilled debater can often pick any position, and win. Who is right and who is wrong often doesn't matter.
    What would people nowadays have done in the position of the people of the book? I don't see any obvious solutions.
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to Lanatin in Why Is Slavery Allowed In Islam   
    Nowhere will you find in the Quran that slavery is seen as a 'necessary' class for society to function.
    In fact the general aim that we should all strive for with slaves is seen as the tough path to a high level of righteousness in the maxim contained in the following verse thus:
    "But he strove not unto the steep ascent {11} And what would make you know what the steep ascent is? {12} Freeing a slave {13} Or feeding in the day of hunger {14} To an orphan, being near of kin {15} Or to the poor one lying in the dust {16}" (Surat Al-Balad)
    As for the institutionalised slave trade, the Prophet (pbuh) has said: "Whites have no privelage over blacks, and the worst of people in the sight of God are slave traders " (Man la yahdhuruhul Faqih, Shaykh Al-Saduq, p.575)
    Of course in the ages of slavery the best option to free these slaves was to purchase them and then later free them, whilst giving them the best conditions possible during their days of servitude. It is estimated the Prophet (pbuh) freed over 60 slaves in his lifetime, and there are reports where the Imams would free hundreds of slaves during Ramadhan.
    The only form of servitude that is probably deemed a necessity (and continues to this age) is the position of prisoners of war. Of course they're attained after a legitemate Jihad against aggressors, and they're still to be given good treatment and converts are freed in many kaffara cases. Also Surat Al-Nur says if you find any good in your slaves, you should write a deed of liberation for them (called a Mukatabah ).
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to Çåá ÇáÈíÊ in Why Is Slavery Allowed In Islam   
    I don't know if this comparison is appropriate, but what about alcohol? Islam came to liberate the world from the consumption of alcohol. That didn't work, but does that in any way negate the aim?
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to Blissful in What Colour Is Your Prayer Rug ?   
    Couldn't explain the colours so a photo will do :)

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    yellow billed magpie reacted to muslimah1 in What Colour Is Your Prayer Rug ?   
    my ones green i love it ! i also have a purple one but i lost that one , i dont know how i lost a prayer rug but i did lol
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to Alejandro Sosa in Valentines Day   
    i don't get why people feel the need to imitate every act by Western people just because they were brought up here..i guess it's perfectly normal for us to give each other Christmas presents and have Christmas dinner with our family too?
    Have some pride
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to Saintly_Jinn23 in Valentines Day   
    Valentine's Day is another Christian holiday turned into a big corporate advertisement for lingerie, jewelries, and other frivolous consumer goods.
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to muslimah1 in Why Can't We Sit At A Table With Alcohol?   
    omg people at the masjid no comment loll, especially around our area (i saw your profile your from NSW)
    but hamdellah i survived my night , how was ur alcohol struggle lol
    when i was praying last night i sat and remembered imam hussein and i thought were would i be if i was at karballah ?
    partying with the enemy or praying with our imam ? and then i just repeated hamdellah , hamdellah that even though its a struggle its a beautiful struggle that brings us closer to Allah swt and allows us to inshallah be among the people he loves, actions speak louder then words its only when your actually put between halal and haram that you can see how strong your iman is
    May Allah swt reward you for your struggles brother !
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to thenamelessone in Why Can't We Sit At A Table With Alcohol?   
    Your family actually loves you, its honestly why they argue and fight over these issues. There is a view in the society in which you live of what is 'normal' and 'rational' and Islam doesn't fit into these categories. What your family sees in Islam is this; there are prohibitions against music, prohibitions against pork and alcohol, prohibitions against premarital sex and dating, prohibitions against women showing their bodies. They see a list of negatives. They don't see the positives because the positives in any of this aren't easily seen when the things being prohibited are believed in societal standards as 'normal'. Islam is portrayed, although these portrayals are better now than 10 years ago, as a death cult. Many still don't see much farther than that and it scares them, so your family in you sees this; You have just joined up with the largest death cult in the world and are no longer 'normal'. Of course they are going to fight you, tease you, try any means possible to get you to change your current choice.
    Of course Islam isn't a bunch of people who live only for death, and of course Islam is a beautiful religion teaching a more holistic, natural and in general a good way of life. It is the Islam you see that you will need to show them. Allah does not expect your life to change over night, HE expects you to gradually integrate the precepts of Islam into your daily life, eventually becoming the best you possible. Not only are you trying to work on changing your habits, but a convert has the added pressure of family at the same time, and their concerns and fears. This is my advice to you, rather than coming upon a situation and suddenly springing it on your family that you cant sit with them, for instance, a better way might be to talk to them about the teachings of Islam. Maybe some before the event and some more after but when you first tell them something is not allowed don't do it by saying I wont be sitting at the table with you. You can be helping your mother with putting groceries away and say to her "you know, this religion I feel sure is correct that I have started following, Islam, I think its really good for me. It teaches that alcohol is bad for you and you shouldn't be around it." Then give her (or other family members) the opportunity to say how they might feel and discuss with them, your feelings too, maybe you think to yourself that it is a difficult thing to do but you agree with the concept. In this manner you are not shoving a lot of what they perceive as negatives in their face, but a lot of dialogue and positives.
    In this way also you aren't burning yourself out. When you try to change a hundred things about your life and the way you are living it all in the same day you will eventually become overwhelmed and go back to you old lifestyle because the new is too hard. Then you will later feel guilty about that and go back to trying to change a hundred things all in the same day and thus begins a cycle of, for lack of a better word, failure. You are human, Allah knows your human, and all HE asks is one thing at a time, and an ongoing attempt to become what you were created to be.
    Pick out the most important things first, prayer in my opinion as a new convert is the most important, and also one of the hardest, there is a story about a convert to Islam who bought three alarm clocks and placed them between their bed and the bathroom all set at intervals and they would turn the first one off and go back to sleep then have to leave their bed to turn the other one off and fall back asleep on the floor and then the third one would go off and in the turning off of that alarm they would be so near the bathroom that they went ahead and made wudhu for the fajr prayer until one day they did not need all of those clocks. There are so many things that are difficult when you are not used to doing them, getting out of bed for a fajr prayer is only one, but you can work towards making these things habits. Speak to your family rather than announce, after several times of talking to your family about what Islam says concerning the prohibition of alcohol (and even eating a few times with them when alcohol is served) then you can say to them this time you would like to put this teaching into practice and not sit with them, maybe by then they will be open to the concept and tell you they simply wont serve alcohol with the meal so that you can eat with them.
    These are just some few advices, and I pray I was able to help somewhat. Remember, Muslims are not perfect, they are only a people who try their best everyday, it is all any of us can really do.\
    Ma'a Salaama
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to Aly ReZa in Islamic Perspective On Why Money Is Not Everything   
    money cannot buy my religion my faith my father
    My family
    My emotions.
    all this things for me is priceless and even for you.
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to Dawud Miqdad al-Amriki in Why Does Allah (swt) Not Talk 2 Us Directly?   
    Because akhi, Allah SWT has given us free will.
    If Allah SWT spoke to all of us directly, the everyone would be a believer, and it would completely change how we behave.
    Think of life as a classroom.
    When the strict teacher is present in the classroom, all of the children behave or get punished... they know.
    But, when the teacher leaves, and the children are alone, then they show their true colours. Some of them behave, even without certainty as to whether they're being monitored or not, and others just act wild with their new found freedom.
    Life is just like this, bro, it's a test, and a lot of us are failing it. That's the importance of taqwah-- living your life as if you see Allah every moment, so that you never do any wrong and act like the children who think they're left alone... We're not alone, we're just ignorant.

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    yellow billed magpie reacted to 5a49 in Gambling   
    Music & Lottery
    Two haram things that have infiltrated each household, and made people think its normal because "everyone" does it.
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to Dawud Miqdad al-Amriki in [LAWS]Sharing A House With Strangers (a Female Also)   
    There should not be any problem if you have your own separate room akhi and are not forced to interact with the female in any imposing way.
    The houses of today are not like the houses during the Prophet (sawa)'s life. They were not big houses with multiple bedrooms, they were humbler.
    Your bedroom is your house, when you exit your bedroom you're out of your house, therefore you should be clothed properly and so should everyone else. If they are non-Muslim not respecting it, the woman is running around half naked or something, then no.
    Now adays, rent is so expensive, it's hard to have private accomodation, so what can we do? Make the best out of what you can as long as you're not doing the haraam, and inshallah increase your imaan during this so that you can fight against Waswas from Shaytan.
    But if you fear that you will not be able to control yourself and it will be a source of fitnah for you, then don't do it.
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to Dawud1UK in Wudu Differences Between Shia/sunni   
    @La fata illa Ali
    Thanks for the evidence brother.
    Thanks for the response brother. However I find it a bit segregation-al that you openly call us (Sunni's) disbelievers brother. At the end of the day we both believe in Allah and Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) first of all. We all Sunni's aren't the same just as all you Shia's are not the same, individuals tend to have different perspectives on things.
    Also I've been looking into Shianism and its interesting and most parts of it in my view seem to be more valid than our Sunni view. For example, the important of the Ahlul Bayt, I myself consider them as important also the differences in prayer and this subject of wudu. However I need to look into both views, although so far the evidence from the Shia perspective has been proven to be correct.
    Allah knows best, and inshAllah that he guides me to the true path.
    (Sorry for going off topic)
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to BillyJo in Wudu Differences Between Shia/sunni   
    You are 100% correct mashella
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to Christianlady in Some Questions Concerning Women   
    Hello Al-Muntadha,
    it is a very interesting thread you have started. I would like to comment please on your questions.
    If you and your wife live in a Western country where freedom of religion is a right, then if you force her to wear a covering when she does not want to, she can go to a women's shelter and can file charges against you. Forcing a person to perform a religious activity goes against one's right to freedom of religion.
    It is a common stereotype in the West that Muslim men force their women to wear coverings and that Muslim women are "slaves" to the whims of the men in their lives. Now, while many NonMuslims know that this is not true for the vast majority of cases, the idea that some Muslim men force Muslim women to act or dress in a certain way, just reinforces this stereotype.
    Doing something (which in this case is wearing something) to please a stronger human and to avoid not getting hurt by that stronger human is just a way for a weaker human to survive in their frigid environment.
    However, when a Muslim woman has the freedom to decide whether to wear a covering or not (and not through force of a male human who is naturally stronger than her) then this shows that she is not a victim trapped in a religion.When I lived in Chicago, I met some wonderful Muslim people with whom I became friends. A few of the women wore hijab. When I asked them if they were forced to, they thought it was a funny question and said absolutely not. One of them told me that her husband actually would rather she didn't wear the hijab, but that due to her (not his, which is very important) convictions, that she wears the hijab to please God. This is good!
    Wearing something to please God because she (the wearer) 100% believes that pleases God... that is wonderful and I very much respect Muslim women who wear a covering because of that reason. I also respect the Muslim women I know who do not wear a covering, because they dress modesty and becuase they are genuinely caring and good people.
    Yes, a husband can force because most husbands are stronger than their wives, but that does not mean he should. If a woman doesn't want to sleep with her husband, then the husband needs to talk with her, see what is the matter, and help her feel comfortable and feel loved by him. Some women can feel used if they do not feel like their husband truly loves them. So, a husband should not force because that is detrimental to the soul connection God made between a husband and wife. (The connection God gave to a husband and wife is not just a physical one, but spiritual, emotional, and mental as well.)
    If a married couple are living in the West, a husband can most definitely be charged with sexual abuse and rape if the wife decides to press charges. Although sad to say, many cases of spousal sexual abuse go uncharged (because the wife is afraid), if she becomes brave enough and gets help, the husband could most definitely be in huge trouble and could lose custody of children too. If there is a woman who is experiencing abuse from her husband, I do strongly recommend that she goes to a women's shelter and gets help, because from the stories I have heard, life with a horrible husband is hell.
    God gave people voices and the ability to sing (to some) :) I enjoy hearing my husband sing (though when we sing, we sing praises to God, not so much songs of love to each other.) However, my favorite aunt and her husband sang to each other in their wedding; it was so beautiful! What God created is not bad; it's just how one uses it that can be bad. For example, singing is not bad unless it is used for singing about immorality. Sex is not bad if it is between a husband and wife, but is bad outside of God's plan for it. The internet is not bad if used for good purposes, but is bad if used for evil purporses.
    Peace and God bless you
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    yellow billed magpie got a reaction from ImAli in Make-up Is Disgusting   
    Salam-try http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/ I accessed the site from my favorites and the actuall address that came up was this-it should work as I was just on the site-Peace:)
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    yellow billed magpie got a reaction from lalala123 in Make-up Is Disgusting   
    Salam-try http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/ I accessed the site from my favorites and the actuall address that came up was this-it should work as I was just on the site-Peace:)
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