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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    yellow billed magpie got a reaction from Hameedeh in Would You Dye Your Hair When Your Gray   
    Salam:) I had already been dying my hair for such a long time, I didnt even know what my natural color even was anymore, lol! When I converted to Islam, I decided to accept whatever color it was that Allah had given me-AND IT LOOKS NOTHING LIKE ANY OF MY FAMILY MEMBERS :wacko: Very strange! Either way, I am through with dying it- it is a pain to keep up and I can do something better with my money, like help a hungry person:) But this is just my opinion. And because I was SO traumatized by what just happened to me, I can not resist mentioning it here-My husband came home the other day and he had dyed his beard AND his hair! I was like"NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! What did you DOOOOO????? He had salt and pepper colored hair and it was SO beautiful to me...Coupled with his wisdom and knowledge and beautiful smile and brown eyes and aklaq...MashAllah! But now he dyed it :no: Oh well...At least thats the only thing that changed,and none of the other aspects of himself:) It will grow back eventually,and he is still beautifiul to me:) Peace!
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to amatolah in Tatbir - Okay Or Not?   
    Salam alaikum,
     Please watch and share this educational video with others.
    Fi amanillah
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    yellow billed magpie got a reaction from Dawud1UK in Good Luck / Bad Luck   
    Salam Aleikum-The question of luck was explained to me as this-There is no such thng as luck/chance as EVERYTHING that happens has a mathematical equation behind it,and therefore can be explained mathematically. Take a coin toss for example. You choose heads, and I choose tails. The result is heads. I lose, and I walk away figuring that it was just my bad luck,but if I had ALL the necessary knowledge regarding the situation, such as the weight of the coin, the amount of force applied to the coin when flipped, how many times it rotated in the air, the air resistance,the amount of the pull gravity on the coin,etc.I would be able to know the outcome.NOTHING happens on this Earth or anywhere else in the universe that does not have Allahs wisdom and knowledge behind it, nor does anything occur that goes against Allahs established rules. Luck is a made up idea used to explain the things that occur when we have no way of explaining them, because we lack the necessary knowledge behind the situation.
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to ImAli in 1/2 Human 1/2 Jinn   
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to Waiting for HIM in 1/2 Human 1/2 Jinn   
    Hillary Clinton........
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to Quranist in Second Mutah?   
    u just pushing limits
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to ThE-Samz in Second Mutah?   
    well ploygamy in permanent marriage is allowed, but not too sure for temporary.
    but still, isnt one enough for you.
    like seriously bro, im guessing their white and their christian, so it wont go down well with them that ur having relations with both at the same time.
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    yellow billed magpie reacted in Deceased Pets...   
    Salaam sis
    aahw sorry for your loss! It's not easy losing a pet. I remember I was brokenhearted and burst out to tears when my little friend died. My father buried him in the backyard.
    I had one of these :wub: I miss him, but I'm not allowed to get another one :(

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    yellow billed magpie reacted to ImAli in Deceased Pets...   
    this has to be one of the cutest threads ever
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to Waiting for HIM in Deceased Pets...   
    Ay Sistani says its makrooh to eat your pet. Say you raised a pet goat, it is makrooh to eat it. To me it makes sense as it takes away a part of your humanity.
    Treat it respectfully the same way you are told in Islam to treat your broken tooth or nails that you cut. "Bury it" and move on. It was a creature of Allah who was born to swim freely in waters. You captured it in your personal aquarium. Its sole purpose became to be pleasing to your eyes. It deserves at least this respect. Be sure to thank to Allah (swt) afterwards that he made your dust a human, and her dust a fish, and gave you wilayah over it so you could keep it without writing a sin for you in its capturing (purchasing) and keeping in a small fish tank.
    More than fatihah, thank Allah (swt) that a whole creature of Allah was dedicated to you alone all this time. She served the command of her Lord well, and became pleasing to you all this time. Ask yourself, are you serving your Lord fully "exactly the way he wants"? and "are you submitted to your WALI [12th Imam] the way she was submitted to you"?
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to Mahdiyah in Deceased Pets...   
    I gave my goldfish' final farewell in the river, as she was a water creature I thought it better sent off in that way... incase anyone was concerned thats all.
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to Mahdiyah in Deceased Pets...   
    Cloie died while I was out and my sister ruthlesly threw her to the vicious cat nextdoor who rejected it - cats here are used to high-class meals! I came home to find poor Cloie on the doorstep like an abandoned body. I picked her up andbrought her in. Pets for whatever reason are domesticated for our purpose be it help, company or love and deserve to be appreciated and given some consideration. Cloie was given to me as a free gift and over the two years she had grown from being tiny flimsy thing to a healthy plump beautiful fish. I couldnt believe it when I came home to find her like that.
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to Thurston in Defending Sodomy   
    Now we know how these scum penetrate.............er..............highly secured buildings and installations and blow themselves up.
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to ~RuQaYaH~ in Tears In Prayers   
    I have often wondered this myself so if anyone has a fiqhi answer it would be very much appreciated. Also aside from during qunoot when personal duas are expressly allowed, I am wondering if tears for personal reasons within the context of asking Allah (swt) for help with them is allowed or if it also invalidates the prayer. So for example, your mother is in hospital and during your prayer you are mentally begging Allah (swt) to cure her and are crying in the process, as opposed to crying simply because you are thinking about her plight (in isolation from asking Allah (swt) to help the situation). Obviously during prayers we are not really supposed to be thinking about personal affairs in the first place, but I'd like to know whether tears within that sort of context actually operate to invalidate the prayer. I am guessing that it still might, but I'd like to get a definitive answer.
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to mkazmi in Brightly Coloured Designer Hijabs - Real Islam?   
    I dont know the official ruling, but in my opinion, if women want to wear a colored hijab, let them. you know what attracts negative attention to Islam, its salafi clerics bad mouthing Alhul bayt, as well as the rest of the world. Thugs in Muslim countries killing shia's that get off buses, the youth not knowing even the names of the 12 Imams, thinking its "ok" to be gay lesbian, not praying/fasting/going to majalises during muharram, drinking/debauchery humiliating themselves and there friends and family etc...
    brothers and sisters colored hijabs are the least of our problems believe me
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    yellow billed magpie reacted in Brightly Coloured Designer Hijabs - Real Islam?   
    You're welcome. This brings me to the question, then what is the male hijaab? Just the beard? What are the requirements for clothes, or aren't there any?
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    yellow billed magpie reacted in Brightly Coloured Designer Hijabs - Real Islam?   
    I think we have to look for the middle way. It's not like we have to wear all black/grey/navy all the time. But sometimes girls with hijaab have too much going on. For example a very colorful hijaab with dazzlings prints, and then lots of jewellery and make up and loaded with perfume like mentioned before. I think we can all agree that these ornaments will attract attention and will make the girl prettier. I've noticed even non-muslims are complimenting the hijabis saying they look so beautiful. Then what's the point?
    I remember watching a seyed in Iraq speaking during Muharram about hijaab. He says any of the things that girls wear to make themselves 'prettier' are actually haraam. Oh, I forgot to mention the camel hump. Anyway, I think the soft colors with a decent print matched with appropriate loose clothing and not too much of the make up and all the other stuff are ok. And the manner in which a girl represents herself plays a big role. Walk decent, talk decent, laugh decent etc.
    But I have noticed a lot of the brothers walking around in tights jeans, showing underwear, tight shirts, lots of hairgel and perfume etc. They literally have the girls running after them and giggling. Where is their hijaab?
    Inshallah khair :) wassalaam
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to Noura_Shi'a in Brightly Coloured Designer Hijabs - Real Islam?   
    Couldnt explain it much better, brother.
    Girls that use tights and tight tops while wearing hijab, letting their bangs hanging out from the forehead while using hijab + 100 kg make up and high high high heal shoes. Trust me, i have seen many, and im just terrified.
    Better for them to not use hijab if they want to do all these!
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to Haydar Karrar in Brightly Coloured Designer Hijabs - Real Islam?   
    These Hijab are absolutely unlawful....they end up attracting more attention than walking without a Hijab! All these colors, pink, purple, sky blue, light green, bright red, yellow etc. And all these accessories, little diamonds, mirrors, huge shiny pins, PERFUME!!! Women who do this might as well parade around in shorts...
    And there are those who were Hijab with skinny jeans.....WHAT THE HELL!?!?!?! It would be better for them to take off there Hijab and tie it around their waist....
    Women are stupid
    Men are just as stupid
    Men and women can go to hell.
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to ThE-Samz in How Bad Is Oral Sex?   
    just when you think you've seen it all on shiachat... -_-
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to The Green Knight in How Bad Is Oral Sex?   
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to kadhim in How Bad Is Oral Sex?   
    Hey, maybe it's a community service, scare them away from too-early risky sexual activity.
    Kids, listen up: sex is not poetry and butterflies - it is really gross with all kinds of weird fluids and mucus and secretions and stuff. Adults only do it because it feels nice and because hormones drive them crazy.
    It's a clever joke God played on us to make sure the species continues. Sex is proof that God has a healthy sense of humor.
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to The Green Knight in How Bad Is Oral Sex?   
    I think bum sex, foot sex, oral sex and similar unnatural things are not allowed and are very dangerous perversions. I've read ahadith about bum sex at least. Abu Bakr and Co. used to do it until they were sternly told not to with the words: "I put a curse on those who practice this and this curse sticks with them even in their graves." This perversion was first done by Lot's (as) nation. Of course when you deviate from intended design and practice you will run into trouble. Touching is something else, it is not only allowed but kind of recommended during intercourse according to ahadith.
    I think I've never come across a hadith explicitly about other latest forms of sexual practices. Perhaps because this wasn't an old practice. Why use anything else when the best and halal thing is available. Whats the use of "oral sex on bum" any way?? Thats sick. Its made for defecating you nincompoops.
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to Parto in How Bad Is Oral Sex?   
    :sick: we call name of God with our mouth we pray and say holly words through it, I can't imagine how people do such a thing with their mouth. we need to respect our body.
    I think these guys who ask for such a thing, just want to repeat porn movies which they have watched.
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    yellow billed magpie reacted to Tima in Touching Younger Boys And Chatting With Them   
    ^ You can't touch your sons or brothers? Lol
    I squeeze the life out of my 9 year old brother
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